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Found 7 results

  1. When the pace of everyday life becomes too much, we all need a moment to slow down, disconnect and relax. Kaiju Lounge presents a meditative, droning mix of ambient atmospheres for relaxation, sleep, and quiet contemplation. Tracklist Heavenly Music Corporation - Bioscape II 00:00 The Orb - Blue Room (Excerpt 605) 05:40 Ambient Temple of Imagination - The Age of Maat 10:00 Future Sound of London - A Study of Six Guitars 14:00 Vidna Obmana - Equal Distance 17:20 Rhythm & Noise - A Filament in Strata 26:15 Biosphere - En Trance 29:00 SETI - Beacon (Universal Remix by Adham Shaikh) 33:20 Adham Shaikh - Liquid Evolution (Sinking Canoe Remix by Terre Thaemiltz) 43:30
  2. Artist: Xerxes the Dark Title: Transmutation Label: Kalpamantra Date: November, 2016 1. Proma Materia 2. Insomare 3. Limbo (MMVIII) 4. Tabula Smaragdina 5. Cold Sanctum 6. Xtra Terrestrial 7. Aeon (Bonus) I came across this awhile back and it stayed with me. Kinda like witnessing an exorcism would stay with me. Please allow me to introduce to you Iranian Morego Dimmer an electronic music maestro that has been around since 2005. This album is reminiscent of the Atrium Carceri style of dark ambient intent on scaring the sh*t out of you if you decide to listen to this at night. Dark Ambient and drone, sounds of things crawling and cracking and whispers echoing across an abandoned castle while nightmarish pads rise and fall in a sea of darkness. An evil presence lurks behind every corner. There is zero light to be found here. Zero. It's a slow, hopeless march into oblivion as demons herd you through the gates of hell. It's enjoyable (insert irony after last sentence) in the sense of trying to focus on all of the individual sounds that make up this slow descent into madness undoubtedly enhanced by the many horror movies I've watched. The vocals on Limbo are wet with the possibility of demonic possession or is that my own imagination? All the tracks are long to make sure you get wrapped up in the horror. My feelings about evil drone like this are similar to my daughter's. "It sounds creepy." Yes it does. A perfect soundtrack for passing out candy on Halloween night. But if you listen to this while you take your kids to school or pick up the dry cleaning....seek professional help. Xerxes the Dark Bandcamp
  3. 1.Morning Poem. 2.Fading Light(live mix). 3.THe Healer(live mix). 4.Oblivion. E-Mantra / Emanuel Carpus - Constanta -Romania Hailing from Constanta, a port city on the Black Sea of Romania, E-Mantra is a seasoned veteran and prolific composer, with several releases on respected labels such as Suntrip and Altar, under a variety of aliases (E-Mantra, Emanuel Carpus, Neurosect, and Night Hex, to name a few). E-Mantra is always upping his game with each release,making him one of the most revered and respected producers from Eastern Europe, with several thousand followers on Soundcloud, and excellent reviews over the span of his career. One of the reasons he’s so popular is he represented Goa Trance at a time when Psytrance was on the upswing, so for fans of the old-school he became a sort of musical saviour. And while he’s moved on to other sounds to satisfy his artistic needs, he still maintains that respect for his roots, all with a polished, modern production that really allows the listener to get into a state of trance. "I always had in mind to make a drone ambient related release During my years of music making i placed one drone ambient track in most of my chill out albums; Now its the time to explore more this universe. Put your headphones on and discover the beauty of this digital EP " Mastering: Zsolt Peter (Artifact303) Cover Art by Emanuel Carpus (E-Mantra) Samples/Buy link -- https://melusinerecords.bandcamp.com/album/oblivion-24bits
  4. Label: soo.su Catalog#: su004 Artist: DR Title: January Recordings Genre, Style: Ambient, Drone, Field Recordings, Soundscape Release Date: 26 February 2016 Country of Artist: Germany Format: Album Tracklist: 1. 26_01_2016 06:01 2. More Compression (But not a Brick) 05:44 3. Untitled Tape Loop 08:06 4. Five Chords With Tremolo & Distortion 06:04 5. Coffee & Cigarettes 07:25 http://soo.su/news/dr-january-recordings/2016-02-26-6
  5. Epicuros - Cosmic Hibernaculum (Psybient, Dark Ambient, Psy-Chill) "When ships to sail the void between the stars have been built, there will step forth men to sail these ships." ― Johannes Kepler (1571--1630) Mixcloud 01. Phobium - Distant Sol 02. Jaja - Mintaka 03. Vangelis- Bounty 04. Atrium carceri - ERASER 05. Julien H Mulder- Fragments 06. Mystery Of The Yeti - The Call; The Journey 07. Altus - Black Hole 08. Al-pha-X - Operatic Meow Prelude 09. Solar Fields - Dust 10. Mank - Dijima 11.Hollan Holmes - Zero-Point Energy 12. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Endospore 13. Global Communication - 4 14 14. Hollan Holmes - Outskirts 15.Cell - Under your mind 16. Jose Amnesia - Eternal (Sunrise Remix)
  6. Artist: Senzar Title: Before the Morning Sun Label: Lookinglook Records Date: April, 2011 01 - Intro (feat. Ariel Electron) (0 BPM) 02 - Deep Sea Civilization (0 BPM) 03 - Before The Morning Sun (66-132 BPM) 04 - Power Of Light (75 BPM) 05 - Mos På Træerne (75 BPM) 06 - Finsteraarhorn (Erot Remix) (85 BPM) 07 - Sun Dance (90 BPM) 08 - Path Of Dhyana (60-120 BPM) 09 - Book Of Dzyan (120 BPM) 10 - Before The Morning Sun (NASA Remix) (128 BPM) This is Denmark's own Thoke Fillip Anders Thomsen with his debut album originally released a year earlier. Ever wonder what it would be like to do maintenance on the International Space Station with 21st century CGI camera angles? That's how I would describe this. The melodies and pads are extremely soft and gentle as the beats move from drone to ambient to deep trance territory. The album is aptly named as each track promotes images of dawn across the globe. With the samples and long drifting pads there is a heavy sci-fi feel to the entire album. Futuristic without being threatening. I don't know how to even write that Danish track (I think if I tried to copy paste it I would unknowingly open the gates of hell), but it sounds like the soundtrack to the movie Gravity. Positively uplifting fitting in well with that morning cup of coffee. Ready to go to your boss and ask for that raise? Take this with you. Time to confront your husband on why it takes an hour and a half to drop off the babysitter when she lives down the street? You go girl. Working up the courage to ask little Johnny why he spends an hour in the john "combing his hair?" Now you're talkin'. If I have one gripe with this album it's that there isn't much evolution. He finds a melody or groove and rides that puppy all the way to the end. With tracks floating around the nine minute mark it can get slightly tedious. Oh and one more thing. Sometimes it was so positive and uplifting that it felt cheesy at times. That said if you can't imagine performing a spacewalk to this then maybe it's time to stop sniffing paint. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  7. Trance2MoveU

    Om - Altona

    Artist: Om Title: Altona Label: Ovnimoon Records Date: November, 2011 1. Te Extrano 2. Lost Look 3. La Esperanza 4. Desesperacion 5. Revivir 6. Earthquake Feelings 7. Enjoy the meditation 8. La Duda 9. Hijos 10. Viene Ovnimoon must be a label with deep pockets because they seem to churn out an album every week. Hector Stuardo is the jefe there and his psy-gressive style usually yields positive results. But here he adopts a personality that moves in an entirely different direction. Slowly. Very slowly. Seems Hector decided to try his hand at the drone/ambient style of things. Now drone, at least for me, has a negative connotation. As in "My wife continued to drone on and on about nothing in particular." Words that you never say to your wife chapter 7. Anyways, the main thing this will do is relax you. Long and I do mean long pads float slowly by like cotton candy clouds and before you know it 5 minutes went by. Because a lot isn't happening with the music it allows your mind becomes the storyteller to weave a tale to which even you don't know the ending. Or at least think of all the sh*t you need to do today. Desesperacion was more dark ambient with a creepy feel, but even that one had him just turning the volume down in the middle and then turning it back up. I might not be the best person to review drone music. But because I don't normally travel in that genre maybe I am precisely what you need. There's music that is relaxing and engaging. Altona was a lot of the former and not enough of the latter. You know what this is...background noise. Meditation music. Hell, he even names one of his tracks Enjoy the meditation. If the mind is not challenged or stimulated then it shall wander. I expect to hear this music when I'm getting a hot stone massage by a nude Salma Hayek. A guy can dream can't he? "OMG Hector tried to kill the vice president!!!" Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
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