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Found 4 results

  1. Suns Of Arqa All Is Not Lost, But Where Is It? Liquid Sound Design Tracklist: 1. Mother Tongue 2. Sadrayama 3. Erasmus Dub 4. The Fool Ascends 5. Discordant Dawn 6. The Truth Lies Therein 7. Pablo's Lament Suns of Arqa (Michael Wadada) have been around for a very, very long time. Since the 1970s, in fact, and the goal of the music is a fusion between world beat, dub, electronic and just about everything in between to create sounds that are trippy, cerebral and experimental. All Is Not Lost, But Where Is It? is an album title dripping with Shpongle-isms. It makes sense because in the tradition of Suns of Arqa hundreds of guest musicians have been invited in to take part in these weird compositions over the past decades. This time around the legend Raja Ram makes many a contribution (as does The Orb and Youth). The result of the album, from old-schoolers like Wadada and Raja and The Orb, is very much an old-school chill and dub album. Old-school in flavor, definitely, but also a trip back to the beginnings of electronic psychedelic music where the definition of the sound was not clearly defined, where deeply interesting albums such as this were the norm and experimenting to see where something new like goa and psytrance were going were readily accepted. Where is goa and psytrance going? No one knows so why not fuck with it and see where it all leads, the mindset back then seemed to be. All Is Not Lost, But Where Is It? is an album lost in time, perhaps. We know now where goa and psytrance have gone, we know now what they mean and how they are defined. In part, the album does not work because in the here and now it does not go far enough to lend any additional meanings to any established definitions. That's not to say this is a bad album. It is a good one, it is sometimes wildly intriguing and I'll be the first to say that my heart is warmed every single time I hear Raja Ram's flute come through the deep and hazy dub. Sometimes these compositions work and sometimes they just do not seem to go anywhere at all, like it's just a jam session between old friends who are still in the planning stages of what these tracks will eventually sound like. If All Is Not Lost, But Where Is It? were more cerebral, it would be a better album. But this may be twenty years beyond its time. It's a pleasant album, it's an interesting album but it is not a wildly fascinating album. The best track here is "Pablo's Lament," a fine encore, where the musicianship comes together in a celebration of sound. It is also a track where the experimentation on the rest of the album does not make an appearance. Suns of Arqa
  2. BrightLight - The Focus EP - TIP RECORDS Tracklist: 1. BrightLight - What are you looking for? 2. BrightLight - The right amount of focus. 3. ManMadeMan & BrightLight - Make up your mind. Get it here Preview: https://soundcloud.com/brightlightpsytrance/sets/the-focus-ep-tip-records
  3. Artist: The Infinity Project Album: Feeling Very Weird [single] Release date: 2013-10-22 Label: Tip Records Format: Digital Tracks: 3 Listen samples/Buy release here. Tracklist: 01. Feeling Very Weird [06:21] 02. Feeling Very Weird Feat. Raja Ram (Astral Projection Remix) [11:00] 03. Feeling Very Weird Feat. Raja Ram (Astral Projection High Freakage Cut) [10:20] I think Astral Projection, TIP Records or The Infinity Project doesn't need any introduction, anybody who is familiar with goa and psychedelic trance should know about these goa super-groups and legendary label. It's really hard job to do a any proper reviewing without going back into time and golden age of projects mentioned above. This release got three tracks, first one is orginal mix while 2nd and 3rd are lenghty remixes by Astral Projection. It's not a strange thing to see TIP Records going back into their early catalogue and release remastered material, they had even compilations with remastered tracks, and now they're offering Feeling Very Weird single alongside with 2 remixes. Firstly I must say that I was pleasntly suprised by these remixes, not because Astral Projection finally released something, but more with the sounding of the remixes, it certanly got that unique/retro vibe and atmosphere of good old Astral Projection, and believe it or not, it's a first time I've felt it since In The Mix. I know that there are people who actually love their new sound aswell started with Amen, but I still prefer their trademark sound more. Both remixes got psytrance and full-on influences but not in the rhythmic structure, or on basslines, but more on various background effects which is kinda cool, it's good to see they're doing good balance between 2 crucial elements and doing something like this will please more people. Conclusion: I mentioned that both AP remixes are lenghty and I don't have a problem with that, but I do have a problem with the fact that they sound somehow too similar, and it would be much better if they decided to do more relaxed or downtempo version and place it on number 3, and that is a minus for this release. But overall, I'm really positivley shocked (or should I say I'm feeling very weird, but in positive way?) and this release brings hope and faith for the eventually new Astral Projection album, but we all know that we could maybe wait for it another 10 years. Let's hope that Avi and Lior will keep this formula and stick to good old Astral Projection sound! Rating: 4 out of 5 * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MvCKBuWeC8
  4. Martian Arts, one of the hottest underground new acts from Greece debut on Tip Records. All the DJ´s in the know have been playing his tracks for the last year. Get onto it now, pleasure guaranteed by TIP Records: https://soundcloud.com/tiprecords/martian-arts-chaos-before#t=0:00
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