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Found 14 results

  1. [DISCLAIMER] I received the .wav files prior to the release from Nectarios for review, but I also ordered my own copy from Arabesque. I encourage you do the same! Track list 01. Martian Arts - Dali Mountains 02. Martian Arts & Eat Static - Giant Locusts 03. Martian Arts & Radical Frequencies - There Is No Time 04. Martian Arts - Assagao 05. Martian Arts - Velos 06. The Rave Commission - Skunk Funk 07. Martian Arts - Discrete Circuit 08. Martian Arts & Ingrained Instincts - Downward Dog 09. Martian Arts - We Get Out Review Full-on music has always been there within the wider psychedelic trance genre, as a bridge between the “lighter” styles of prog, morning and goa; and the “darker” ones: forest, hi-tech, darkpsy. Over the years that sub-genre took a lot of shapes and forms, but the common denominator was constant: fast tempo, hard sounds, sparse - but present - melodic content and focus on short riffs and patterns. For my personal taste, the British brand of full-on - which I always conveniently labelled just as “true psychedelic trance” - was ticking the most boxes: it was full of funky grooves, acid lines, sonic experiments and …humour! Check back the releases of Green Nuns, Cosmosis from their Synergy / Intergalactic years, OOOD / Voice of Cod, early EVP or Sean ‘Process’ Williams sound design to see what I mean. Today’s full-on either borders on darkpsy (e.g. releases from Sangoma, Wildthings, Bom Shanka), gets dangerously close to prog or ‘normal’ melodic trance (e.g. Dacru, Ovnimoon) or turned itself into a homogeneous pulp, with no redeeming character (Nano Rec.). It was refreshing then, to find out that Nectarios Meidanis aka Martian Arts will finally release an album on TIP Records! Those that followed his career, will likely remember him from two free full-lengths on Ektoplazm as Disco Hooligans (with Jordan Bonyo) released in 2009 and 2010 and over the last 6 years numerous collaborations with the likes of Eat Static, Manmademan and others. His sound fills exactly the gap in today's full-on landscape: it's charmingly funky, groovy and contains the right amount of good melodic riffs, to balance the light and the dark. For those in-the-know there’s an additional twist, because Nectarios is a huge fan of analog modular synths and is eagerly incorporating those sounds in his music, making it very alive, fluid, organic and at the same time otherworldly alien and bizarre. Lots of artist try to recreate that sound via digital software, but there's simply no faking it - the sound of electrons flowing through circuits, tamed by analog gates, shaped by self-oscillating filters and orchestrated by voltage-controlled sequencers is like no other. There's chaos and randomness, there's imperfections and there's life. The album doesn't seem to have any main theme or thread, making it more of a collection of dance(able) tunes - some are more melodic, some are slightly more focused on sound experimentations, but all of them are of very high caliber: usually start with beat and ‘chaotic’ analog sequences, leading into some melodic riffs - either in-your-face or very vague, almost subsurface. In contrast to the British artists I mentioned earlier, it's not very acidic and instead relies more on the scratchy, skipping and stuttering sounds and effects to build the tension. It sounds very cybernetic, but because of the analog gear it's also very gentle, smooth and pleasant, unlike a lot of ear-drilling digital-only music out there. The melodic bits are really well done as well - short and concise (it not goa-trance by any means), but add a lot of lushness to the otherwise aggressive music and take advantage of the hardware, i.e. are cleverly modulated over time, emerge organically from the sonic chaos, are chopped up mercilessly, but beautifully. The music is also varied in terms of feeling and texture - after 2-3 listens I could already tell the tracks apart, which nowadays is rare and praiseworthy. Is it perfect? Not quite - sometimes the arrangements do not work to their fullest and the momentum / energy is lost in second half or last third, other times some sounds are not fully in tune with the rest (an inherent beauty and curse of analog circuitry…). But it's really, REALLY damn close! Favourite tracks? Difficult to tell, because they're all very good, but to my taste “There Is No Time”, “Skunk Funk”, “Velos”, “Discrete Circuit” and "Downward Dog" take the cake for being the closest to that old-school trippiness of Cosmosis & Green Nuns, with just perfect balance between sonic experimentation, twisted acid lines, patchwork-y melodic riffs and funk. The (slight) let downs? Probably “Dali Mountains” and “Assagao” for offloading their - otherwise awesome! - stuff a bit too early and then meandering aimlessly until the end (they’d be perfect at 6:00 duration). Similarly, the titular “Giant Locusts” with Eat Static while instantly recognisable from the lumbering, mechanical and droning acid-housey stabs; seems slightly unfocused - neither here nor there. Incidentally, “Parallel World” with Martian Arts on Eat Static’s latest album was top notch, so I'm looking forward to their albums as Strontium Dogs scheduled for release later this year. TL;DR - if, like me, you appreciate creative, analog sound design and are longing for the trippy sound of British psychedelic trance, defined by funky and groovy rhythms, sprinkled with good melodic riffs, acid lines and emergent beauty found in sonic ‘accidents’; then you owe it to yourself to purchase it this instant! Go now!!! Otherwise, take a listen as well - in my book it stands proudly next to the recent(ish) full-on heavyweights like Master Blasters, Hypnocoustics or PsiloCybian. Extra points for the cover - it's beautiful, colorful and charmingly tacky, in the best tradition of TIP Records 4/5 Samples Purchase here https://tiprecords1.bandcamp.com/album/giant-locusts https://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/tip/tip1cd819.html http://www.beatspace.com/9998/Tip+World/MARTIAN+ARTS/Giant+Locusts+/detail.aspx
  2. Track list: 1. Prolegomenon 2. Bubble Drum 3. Arabian Lights 4. Extraordinarium 5. Ripples in Blue 6. Anima Mundi 7. Entangled 8. Spira Mirabilis 9. Stage Left Review: Looking at Ajja S. F. Leu’s release history under his ‘Ajja’ moniker, one could easily be fooled into expecting this new album to be a high-tempo, banging and atonal screech-fest like “Psychogenica” and “Tulpa” released in 2007 and 2012 respectively were before it. However, there’s much more to the guy: his early musical experiences were forged playing guitar in various rock and funk bands, while he also followed his family and worked as a tattoo artist. In early noughties, with his friends Master Margherita, Flooting Grooves and Dymons he created and then managed a label: Peak Records, which was known for its quirky and diverse music catalogue: from trippy band-like ambient (Peaking Goddess Collective, Peak… V/A’s), through mid-tempo proggy stuff (Flooting Grooves, Tangri) to relentless, night-time and driving floor-fillers (Electrypnose, Yab Yum, Ajja). Knowing the above, it’s becoming obvious how “Spira Mirabilis” came to be. The template is quite straightforward: take guitar noodling, some violins, pianos and flutes, ethereal voices; mix that with soothing, gentle acid lines and add a lots of sound mangling and glitch effects. In some tracks Ajja plays with the pace, starting from half-tempo and going to full-on later on, while others are firmly rooted in either of the opposite ends. But while the recipe sounds “easy”, it’s in how those components are mixed and matched together and here it’s pretty obvious that Ajja is a skilled and experienced musician, able to tell a complex story with the sound – taking the listener through ups and downs, effortlessly leading him from quieter and lush parts into more energetic, vibrant ones. Seasoned psytrancers will hear a lot of similarities to PGC’s “Organika” and Ajja & Cosmosis’ “The Alien Jams”, but the biggest surprise for me was how much it resembled of Shpongle’s “Museum of Consciousness”. Like that album, it’s also very soothing, gentle and un-aggressive, despite very often running at over 140BPM and being full of acid lines. There’s a lot of space, reverbs and contrasting elements that “smooth out” the overall sound, like e.g. the long, stretched-out, melancholic strings that enter in the opening track and few others later on as soon as they switch the tempo up. There’s also a lot of Shpongliness – which I mean as a compliment and not a critique! – in small sound effects and sequences, dreamy voice samples and above all in the deceiving simplicity of it all: it’s never flashy trying to mask lack of musical ideas with clever sound-design or technical tricks. It just confidently and effortlessly IS a very good music, expressed through the means of psychedelic trance. What elevates it above many contemporary releases is the mastering, done by the legendary Kevin Metcalfe (he worked with David Bowie, The Who, The Police, Paul McCartney, Queen, Depeche Mode, Shpongle… the list goes on). It is noticeably quieter, but much more spacious, breathing and warm, letting all the detail to come through without overly emphasizing any particular frequency band. As a result, it's equally pleasing and balanced while playing silently or loudly. I’m so happy that album like this exists and – looking at Psyshop and Beatport charts – is doing really well! Artists shouldn’t be afraid to experiment, to express their musical ideas and personality. In time where most of them are doing their damnedest to cater to very specific, narrow-tasted audience, Ajja does the opposite and is boldly straddling the (fairly) uncharted space between instrumental chill/downtempo and night-time electronic music, mixing the two to a great effect. Maybe it’s not perfect (I still cringe at the slap bass samples, because they sound like General MIDI patches or the electric feedback hum in last track), but it’s so very refreshing and non-conformist that it’s difficult to be indifferent to it. And I personally love it! 5/5 Full album to stream on TIP Record's YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLF_JLOo4y5mFlDzbXVwzXb8FAnQbuJIr Purchase here: https://tiprecords1.bandcamp.com/album/spira-mirabilis https://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/tip/tip1cd820.html http://www.beatspace.com/10074/Tip+Records/AJJA/Spira+Mirabilis+/detail.aspx
  3. Artist: Shpongle & Mad Tribe Title: Stoned Remixes EP Label: TIP Records Date: May, 2016 1. Out Here We Are Stoned (Mad Tribe Remix) 2. Out Here We Are Stoned (Shpongle Remix) A remix of a remix? Can you do that? Won't that create a rift in the time space continuum? Oy TIP. Good to see you employing the "just throw some sh*t together" method of album art. This is a short 2-track EP that attempts to remix the X-dream remix of E-rection's Out Here We Are Stoned. It's a classic track and the fact that Shpongle did one of these will probably have all the Shpongle bunnies emerging from their hidey holes. Ok we know how this goes. Take a classic track and usually make an inferior full-on sounding remix. Mad Tribe (Space Tribe + Mad Maxx) did just that. What did you actually add that made the track better? You full-oned it surely, but didn't even throw any of that sticky acid both projects love to use in there. Yeah you kept the iconic signature melody, but... Fail. Now I was surprised with the uptempo Shpongle mix. It wasn't better or transformative, but from the middle of the track onward was pretty bouncy. The promo said this was from the deleted vaults (whatever that means), but perhaps the most intriguing statement: "Essential release and a taster of an exciting project we will be releasing news on very soon!!!" The first part of that statement is an outright lie, and the second part...well we'll have to see won't we? TIP we all want to see you back on top, but you're gonna have to do better than this. Beatport
  4. Artist: Various Title: Avant Garden Label: TIP Records Date: October, 2015 1. Avalon & Electric Universe - One Giant Leap 2. Lucas & Laughing Buddha - Revel With The Devil 3. Lucas & Mechanimal - The Impossible (Imaginarium Remix) 4. Tristan & Groove Addict - Feel The Light 5. Circuit Breakers - Rumblicious 6. Martian Arts & Radical Frequencies - 808 Space 7. Psilocybian - Scatterbrain 8. Outside The Universe - Electric Memories 9. Earthling & Ajja - Puddle Jumpers 10. Hypnocoustics & Cosmosis - Dark Matter The way TIP is going is this going to be there next album cover? Sigh. I'm kind of torn on this one. I love (perhaps loved is more accurate) TIP Records even though they've begun to resemble Nano, but man you've got to give me more if you want this relationship to work. Trying to catch lightning in a bottle after the massive goodness that was Tales of Heads (the promo says this is a follow up to God Save the Machine) is proving a wee bit difficult. Lucas brings together a list of the usual suspects in a lineup that is heavy on unrealized potential. There are too many stripped down stretches where the bass line is very prominent and doesn't allow other parts to shine. Gone are the lush details and constantly morphing synth lines we saw on those other two albums. There is nothing that draws me in and therefore I don't feel invested in the tracks. This was the same problem with the Laughing Buddha, Dickster, and Tristan albums. Good parts are there yet they are outweighed by the longer and less imaginative ones. I don't want you to get the impression that this was a bad album because it's not. But when the bar you yourself set so high isn't reached me makey sad face. Plenty of tracks are more than good. 808 Space featuring half of Goasia and the final track pairing Hypnocoustics with Cosmosis were the best tracks for me just to name a couple. Overall the compilation is good and at times great, but certainly a tad disappointing considering what came before it. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's a good album, but fell short of what I was hoping for. Psyshop Beatspace
  5. Artist: Various Title: TIP Records Goa Classics 1 Label: TIP Records Date: September, 2010 1. The Infinity Project - The Law 2. The Overlords - Sundown (Ionizer Remix) 3. Voodoo People - Drop The Bomb 4. Voodoof - Thru 5. The Infinity Project - Feeling Very Weird 6. Total Eclipse - Waiting For A New Life 7. Doof - Mars Needs Women 8. E-Rection - Out Here We Are Stoned (X-Dream Remix) 9. Green Nuns of the Revolution - Conflict 10. X-Dream - Panic In Paradise "If I could just discover one of these things...I wouldn't care if they did think I was crazy!" Ah, seeing all these classic tracks is like putting on an old, comfortable shoe. Whenever you see pale face you know your about to be treated to quality. The tracklist says 10, but 1 and 3 add nothing to the glory days of TIP Records, so realistically you've got 8 tracks to carry you down memory lane. The tracks are re mastered and I'll tell you the Ionizer remix of Sundown benefits the most with sounds that are so crisp and clear like a mountain stream. You can hear everything. Thru has an eerie slink that also sounds super clear. As good as the last track was we are now knee deep in classic town. These next goa standards have stood the test of time and should be on most goa head's short list of super tracks. Now here's the rub. These tracks are so superb and so well known that I would be stunned if you didn't already have them, thereby calling into question whether or not this is actually essential. As mentioned the tracks have been remastered so that might push you towards purchasing it. I did and for a nice price you have all these beauties in one place. Psyshop
  6. Imaginarium Origins EP Tip Records Tracklist: 1. Origins 2. Colliding Orbits The icnoic Shiva continues to be a wonderful deity over great psytrance. Imaginarium is the full-on project of Sonic Entity, the sometimes good, sometimes not-great, popular progressive act. The results, for a guy not usually associated with this full-on thing, are fantastic! "Origins" is everything you should expect from Tip at this point in their storied history, it is short, it is damn good, it is nice old-fashioned psytrance. No bells-and-whistles, nothing fancy or ground-breaking, just nice old-fashioned psytrance. Where the pace is brisk without being intense, where the imagination is sparked the moment the tracks begin, where the versatility makes it a dance-floor filler, day or night, where your evening out should not be considered complete unless magic of this sort is projected from the sound system you find yourself standing in front of. Imaginarium makes crisp and clear productions here with "Colliding Orbits" being the more magical of the two. However, the title track is not one that I will be booting out of my collection, either. The down point is that, unfortunately, there are only two tracks. Well, quality over quantity, I suppose. From the legendary Tip Records, where so much great music has come from, where so many great artists have called their home, after twenty-plus years in the game, this is the high quality we should expect from them. This is great, down-to-basics, back to the "Origins," good old-fashioned psytrance. ()
  7. Artist: Various Title: Yellow Label: TIP Records Date: March, 1995 1. The Infinity Project - Stimuli 2. Doof - Let's Turn On 3. Slinky Wizard - Lunar Juice 4. Man With No Name - Teleport 5. Voodoo People - Drop The Bomb 6. The Infinity Project - Oscillator 7. Total Eclipse - Waiting For A New Life 8. Hallucinogen - Shamanix 9. The Infinity Project - Uforica 10. Space Tribe - Machine Elf 11. Mandra Gora - Everything's Going Fine "If I could discover just one of these things, I wouldn't care if they did think I was crazy." Are you f*cking kidding me? No really... Is the review for one of the most complete and comprehensive goa trance compilations located on the dark internet? I'd have an easier time believing Let it Go was written by Pantera. LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!! LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!! How in the name of all that is holy has this not been put up here? This IS goa trance. Bubbling sounds and rolling melodies provide the alien and mystical atmosphere that goa heads clamor for. It's a who's who of all the great masters from back in the day. This was the Dream Team versus Angola. Such a strong lineup that delivers. And your boy Simon Posford is all over this thing. If they threw in an Etnica and D5 track instead of Mandra Gora and Voodoo people all you would hear was the sound of a microphone dropping ending all discussion on what was the greatest goa trance compilation of all time. Subsequent "face" compilations delivered powerful selections as well, but this was the first and I imagine opened the world's eyes to where electronic music could go. It's not all inclusive, no single compilation could be, but if you want to hear what mid nineties pure goa trance sounds like then this is a superb introduction. I imagine that the hippie to native resident ratio exploded when this came out. "Hurry, it's brown Woodstock man!" But put away your sitar and tablas there's no need to go to Goa these days. It's changed. Too many tranny hookers and yuppies. Mdk
  8. BrightLight - The Focus EP - TIP RECORDS Tracklist: 1. BrightLight - What are you looking for? 2. BrightLight - The right amount of focus. 3. ManMadeMan & BrightLight - Make up your mind. Get it here Preview: https://soundcloud.com/brightlightpsytrance/sets/the-focus-ep-tip-records
  9. Artist: The Infinity Project Album: Feeling Very Weird [single] Release date: 2013-10-22 Label: Tip Records Format: Digital Tracks: 3 Listen samples/Buy release here. Tracklist: 01. Feeling Very Weird [06:21] 02. Feeling Very Weird Feat. Raja Ram (Astral Projection Remix) [11:00] 03. Feeling Very Weird Feat. Raja Ram (Astral Projection High Freakage Cut) [10:20] I think Astral Projection, TIP Records or The Infinity Project doesn't need any introduction, anybody who is familiar with goa and psychedelic trance should know about these goa super-groups and legendary label. It's really hard job to do a any proper reviewing without going back into time and golden age of projects mentioned above. This release got three tracks, first one is orginal mix while 2nd and 3rd are lenghty remixes by Astral Projection. It's not a strange thing to see TIP Records going back into their early catalogue and release remastered material, they had even compilations with remastered tracks, and now they're offering Feeling Very Weird single alongside with 2 remixes. Firstly I must say that I was pleasntly suprised by these remixes, not because Astral Projection finally released something, but more with the sounding of the remixes, it certanly got that unique/retro vibe and atmosphere of good old Astral Projection, and believe it or not, it's a first time I've felt it since In The Mix. I know that there are people who actually love their new sound aswell started with Amen, but I still prefer their trademark sound more. Both remixes got psytrance and full-on influences but not in the rhythmic structure, or on basslines, but more on various background effects which is kinda cool, it's good to see they're doing good balance between 2 crucial elements and doing something like this will please more people. Conclusion: I mentioned that both AP remixes are lenghty and I don't have a problem with that, but I do have a problem with the fact that they sound somehow too similar, and it would be much better if they decided to do more relaxed or downtempo version and place it on number 3, and that is a minus for this release. But overall, I'm really positivley shocked (or should I say I'm feeling very weird, but in positive way?) and this release brings hope and faith for the eventually new Astral Projection album, but we all know that we could maybe wait for it another 10 years. Let's hope that Avi and Lior will keep this formula and stick to good old Astral Projection sound! Rating: 4 out of 5 * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MvCKBuWeC8
  10. Martian Arts, one of the hottest underground new acts from Greece debut on Tip Records. All the DJ´s in the know have been playing his tracks for the last year. Get onto it now, pleasure guaranteed by TIP Records: https://soundcloud.com/tiprecords/martian-arts-chaos-before#t=0:00
  11. Artist: Various Title: Orange Compilation Label: TIP Records Date: July, 1995 1. Doof - Mars Needs Women 2. GNOTR - Conflict 3. Astral Projection - Let There Be Light 4. Total Eclipse - A Little Bit of Heaven 5. Psychaos - Intellect 6. Hallucinogen - Angelic Particles 7. The Infinity Project - Alien Airport 8. Einstein - Einstein's Nightlife 9. Voodoo People - People Are Strange 10. Voodoof - Thru "Do we really want to know about the future?" From the label that is now the face of Indian diplomat body cavity searches (at least to me) comes one of the best psychedelic goa trance albums made. All the titans of the genre make an appearance with tracks that have become classics of the golden era of goa trance. Wanna taste of that era? Then this is for you! Even the names that might not be familiar do not disappoint. Well maybe Einstein, but f*ck him what did he ever do? What, no gold chain? No hat cocked obnoxiously to the side? You ain't gangsta. From the corny but cool Mars Needs Women to the sinister track with a chip on its shoulder Thru this is a great window into what made goa fantastic at the time. The Nuns come out with the blistering Conflict and probably one of my favorite tracks by some outfit known as Astral Projection. But the track that screams psychedelic goa madness is the Hallucinogen opus Angelic Particles. Mind melting wizardry is what that is. The only way this could've been better is if it came with a hand job. Mdk
  12. Artist: Various Title: Phosphorescent Label: TIP Records Date: October, 1996 1. Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins 2. Psychopod - Psychopod 3. ManMadeMan & Tristan - Purple Merlin 4. Hallucinogen - Soothsayer (The Lysurgeon Warning Remix) 5. X-Dream - Panic In Paradise 6. The Infinity Project - Phosphoressence 7. Doof - People In UFO's 8. Orichalum - Alien Homes 9. The Antidote - Sunrise How the hell was XXL reviewed, but not this? "Ummm, Mike...that was you. You did that." Yeah, well...look, a T-Rex! *runs away* Seriously though the fact that one of the most psychedelic goa trance releases of all time never got recognition here is mind boggling. It's the perfect storm of awesome. Well known artists putting their best foot forward creating some of the most hypnotic goa trance of an era. Normally when you see a face this close there are numbers underneath it and the reason people never smile in those photos is because the body cavity search they were just subjected to was a little more vigorous than they were probably used to. It's not a first date, Shaquita skips the movie and dinner and heads right for where the magic happens. Waitaminute... Holy sh*t TIP Records predicted the future. They were trying to warn us. Well, Indian diplomats anyway. So she got arrested, strip searched, and a body cavity search all because she brought the caste system to America and didn't drop enough rupees on an untouchable? Look, you can do a lot of things in NYC. You want a slice of pizza at 3:47 in the morning, we'll ask you what toppings you want. Want to see a show with two Saudi grandmothers dressed as anime school girls having sex with a donkey? We call that Tuesday uptown. But one thing we won't tolerate is under paying hard working employees that keep this city running. Oh, that. Hey mistakes were made, let's not point any fingers. Especially that one you just...ah...you know. Look, a T-Rex! Ahem. If I may address the Indian government. Please accept our apologies for my country's rough treatment of the good doctor. Perhaps it was a little overkill and the parties involved could've been a tad overzealous. That said, maybe just maybe, we'll stop fingerf*cking your diplomats when you begin to crack down on your rather sizeable gang rape problem. But I digress. This album is a juggernaut. An absolute beast showcasing the best of goa and psychedelia and trance. There aren't many albums that are perfect, but this one is a It's a worthy addition to any goa enthusiasts collection. It's just track after track of mind numbing dream trips. Now if you'll excuse me, I heard there were a few T-Rexes around here. Mdk
  13. Artist: Loud / Loud & Domestic Title: Pipeworm / 303 Tool EP Label: TIP Records Date: January, 2013 1. Pipeworm (Loud &Domestic Remix) 2. 303 Tool - Loud "The words mana from heaven actually means mushrooms from heaven." Mushrooms make everything better. Ahh...the first review of a new year. It's like virgin snow or, well...a virgin. Thanks to the Artist News and Labels Announcements forum this caught my attention. And what we have here is something quite psychedelic. Loud (Israeli duo Eitan Reiter & Kobi Toledano) & Domestic (Ido Ophir) take on a track from the legendary Simon Posford that first appeared on the 2006 compilation God Save the Machine. Beatport says it was made in 2009, but how could that be if it's on a compilation from 3 years earlier? Unless they were on some Marty McFly sh*t. It's pumping with deep bass drops and oscillating synth waves. Sonic manipulation and tempo changes that makes you question just what was in that teacup that guy with the stupid f*cking hat gave you. 303 Tool features the revered instrument of the Gods, growling to life with a house like hi-hat and soul clap. It scratches that itch that seems to be just out of reach. Nice EP to start off the year. Beatport Mdk
  14. Tip Records starting 2013 with a LOUD bang. Click here for info and preview! http://www.tiprecords.com/promo/loud/
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