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Found 8 results

  1. Released: https://dvsm.bandcamp.com/album/silent-horror-hex
  2. MAAN - SWARM ROBOTICS EP DVSM Records / DVSMDIG004 / 2014.12.25 Mastered by Colin Bennun (OOOD) Artwork by ShivaOm. Fractal background by C-91. Poem by Håvard J. Nilsen All revenue donated to the A21 campaign whose aim is to fight trafficking. A glimpse of the rising sun between the trees. It is 6 am and sequences characterised in part by analogue warmth, in part by digital resonance, emanate from the speakers. Hailing form Norway, Frode Ungar has pieced together his debut EP, the mood of which is contemplative, floaty and in some ways reminiscent of Scandinavian get-togethers long past. We are therefore pleased to present you with our latest release, Maan – Swarm Robotics EP. AVAILABLE Bandcamp: https://dvsm.bandcamp.com/album/swarm-robotics-ep (get it directly from us) iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/swarm-robotics/id948715295?l=en Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/2HRQSFc4NLdTCYEAW7ErZH Juno Download: http://www.junodownload.com/products/maan-swarm-robotics-ep/2659788-02/ Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Swarm-Robotics-Ep-Maan/dp/B00QN2C9PI
  3. Artist: Maan Title: Robotic Swarm EP Label: DVSM Records Date: December, 2014 1. Swarms 2. Fleur de Synchrotron 3. Bionic Binoculars 4. Entomophobic Droid What's the biggest problem with darkpsy? "Ummm...it sucks?" No, that would be your mom. No, really what's the biggest problem with darkpsy? Inaccessibility. It's either over saturated with screechy sound effects, has a conspicuous absence of melody, or just devolves into a cacophony of noise and goes nowhere. Perhaps all three. Now I'm not picking on darkpsy here, but the darkpsy sound is what this label has focused on in the past. It has a devoted following, but at the same time it's hard for those that don't follow it to jump in and embrace it. But if you've been paying attention they've shifted gears and changed (or evolved) as all music eventually does. Releases like Kiriyama's Reach Escape Velocity and the compilation 71 degrees have kept it dark, but added some light and thereby attracted new listeners. Those two releases alone have shed some light on this label where I would've all but ignored it before. So here is one of their latest projects. Maan is Frode Ungar and his ep is a very varied mix of styles blended together with a dark atmosphere. Maybe darkpsy lite? Layered with sounds of the forest this is an ep any psychedelic fan can sink his teeth into. The darkness is well represented, but instead of being overbearing it's just a piece of the puzzle. That atmosphere enhances the sound and the listening experience. Goa touches are sprinkled within and melodies are heard, but all within the backdrop of a Norwegian forest. It's very well produced (mastered by Colin Oood) and all the subtleties are fully audible. I know it's a digital EP, but the cover done by Shiva3 is beautiful to look at. So perhaps this is a new direction for the DVSM label? It's been coming for awhile now and this release is an example of how to keep the tone dark while also allowing for the productions to have more depth. It's interesting to say the least and I would recommend this to anyone who is put off by the usual darkpsy sound. Good job. DVSM Bandcamp Mdk
  4. Artist: Various Title: 71 Degrees North Label: DVSM Records Date: May, 2014 1. Phobium - Calyx 2. Bloomen - Echodroplets 3. Time For Slime - Apparater 4. Zoon - Dreamer 5. Scope - ElecTroll 6. Silent Horror - Itami 7. Terratech - Crystal Cascade 8. Paranoiac - Peace From Other Space (Part II) 9. Sundance Kid - Tesla 10. Yggdrasil - Ratatosk 11. Phobium - Bulb "Today we talked about turning your daydreams into reality. Tonight I want each one of you to go home and do just that!" c'mon, c'mon, c'mon.... 71 degrees north? The parallel? Like the Arctic and sh*t? Sounds desolate. I can already hear the f bombs an alien would drop if that's where he crash landed. "Mother...f*cker! Why the f*ck did you drop us here? There's nothing! Zero! F*cking nobody! I swear if you weren't my sister's kid I would've vaporized you!" If aliens were so advanced they'd stop landing in the middle of nowhere and start prepping for splashdown in Bermuda. Let's see what countries inhabit that area...Norway, Canada, USA (Alaska of course why wouldn't is be?) Greenland (ain't no green there) and Russia. What could these countries possibly have in common? That's once you get into the parking garage. I mean really? This is a place where hard on's go to die and shrinkage is a perpetual state. A place that is denied the sun for 3 months straight, cut off from the outside world due to storms like arctic hurricanes. I mean what the f*ck those two words aren't even supposed to go together! But just when you'd think that all is lost and the vampires would rule the eternal darkness, the sun comes back and the people celebrate with hot chocolate. DVSM is back with their latest compilation and what a varied effort it is. You've got everything in here. Darkpsy, forest, ambient...and the artwork is a perfect partner to the music inside. Calyx- Cold and vast the tundra sprawls before me. I force myself to move a little faster as the sun slowly attempts to reach the horizon. Superbly descriptive opener. As I begin to hunker down for the night I notice a penguin remains close. Echodroplets- This track sounds like the artists name. Cool slow downs and synths that are in kind of goa motion. Apparater- Time for slime? Don't mind if I do. Over 13 minutes of delicious forest psychedelia. Not in a dark way either. Outstandingly done with sounds that tumble over each other as if they where water molecules in slow motion. Dreamer- Very BOTFB hallucinogenic goa trance. Scando-goa if you will. And that's all right by me. Pretty intense and dripping like a Salvador Dali painting. Dali-goa I guess. Electroll- This is what happens when you don't make it back to base camp before sundown. Stuck in a thick forest with only the northern lights for illumination. Every sound makes me jump as the sound of tortured souls break the silence. Well layered bubbly stuff of horror movies. I can't find my penguin friend at all. Itami- I just need a window in, something to make the darkpsy more accessible and the lush detail here provides it. Echoing tones and eerie melodies make this my absolute favorite track from Mr. Shah. It's otherworldly and bursting at the seams with effects. Crystal Cascade- Another rapid and pummeling darkpsy track where tones sound like tumbling crystals as the bass rumbles and hammers away at your sanity. This is darkness incarnate. The wind is still blowing and you begin to question your decision to outlast the arctic hurricane. Those two words together are still frightening. Peace From Other Space (Part II)- After the last track has flayed the sinew from your body the aliens with a poor sense of direction arrive and well, I guess it's time for the probing. This is not as mind numbing with a little more melody work. Harsh sounds of machinery screech above the deep bass and yeah that big pointy thing is about to enter your business end. But it's definitely on the lighter side. Tesla- We are in the much softer portion of the album with glacial pads. I survived the hurricane and looking forward to the hot chocolate. Light and airy, but ultimately not that interesting to me. Tatatosk- Dubby beats to let you drift away. Staring at the horizon sipping my hot chocolate I can't help but wonder if my penguin friend made it out ok. Bulb- A wary closing bit of ambient reminding you to not underestimate nature's power and the 71st parallel. I'm not a darkpsy guy, but I appreciate the talent and skill it takes to put the mass of sounds and detail together into a cohesive structure. And this was some of the most enjoyable dark stuff I've listened to. The Phobium tracks are also some of his best work for me; as lush and moving as I've heard from him. The flow of the album really stands out and it's very fluid. Even though I may not have liked every track,without being partially mixed this was smooth. As I mentioned you get a little bit of everything and it's the closest you can come to being in this fascinating ecosystem without strapping on the cold weather gear and snowshoes. Well done guys, it's not perfect, but I believe this to be your best release yet. Hey what's that? *sees penguin with one wing tucked into Kate Upton's bikini bottom* You sonofa... DVSM Bandcamp Mdk
  5. Artist: Unikorp Title: World Traveller EP Label: DVSM Records Date: October, 2013 1. World Traveller 2. Low Gardens 3. India 4. A New Journey 5. Far Sight Thank God I don't have to be subjected to music from this assclown. There is no amount of nut punching that would allow me to atone for being a fan of his. Think his mom would mind if we tried to shove him back up her uterus? She could keep the money, but I'd say we'd have to weld that portal closed in return. I'm so glad that I listen to this music. I'd sooner crawl across broken glass soaked in the AIDS virus than have to be subjected to the crap that seems popular these days. Yeah this music has been kind to me. Not just for the music but for the incredible people I've "met" around the globe. I'm pretty good at geography, but let's be honest since that ugliness in what was once Yugoslavia occurred, I couldn't find Serbia or Croatia on a map if you pointed to it. Nonetheless, I have met more than enough people from that region and they've all been fantastic. Alex Ortegren is another one of those kind souls. Otherwise known as Kiriyama he's from Sweden and everyone knows where that is (thank you Swedish Bikini Team). Thanks to his album Reach Escape Velocity (one of the best forest/goa albums ever) I wrote him and we've kept in contact. Nothing but kindness from that guy. So when he sent me some tracks to give a listen I was only too happy to oblige. This is Renato Moreira from Portugal who also is the brains behind the LAB project. Check out his Clean Air Turbulence EP...good stuff. Now DVSM records is known primarily for the dark stuff, but this EP is a full 180 degree turn from that. I love seeing labels experiment with different genres. First thing you'll pick up on is the short track times. Aside from the 1st and third track nothing is over 4 minutes, so a sampling you shall have. World Traveller is all about the dub and the Indian chanting, mid tempo stuff. Low Garden picks up the pace and still has that dubby bass. India as you would expect has a female Indian vocal as well as instruments recognizable from that region. Near the end there is a slight flirtation with goa and that makes me smile. A New Journey has a cool break beat and clever percussion to go along with its moody atmosphere. Far Sight brings the DnB and even though I don't follow that genre at all it still sounded lush and very competent. My favorite is the bonus track called 3rd Generation as it seems nicely chaotic and warm. Totally different from what I was expecting from this label. Eerie at times, but not dark at all. He's all over the place on this one touching on numerous styles. Because of the short track times I'm not certain whether he's just experimenting with stuff to see what he likes or throwing stuff on the wall to see what appeals to people. The sound quality is top notch as it was mastered by none other than Colin "OOOD" Benunm. Another cool aspect is the interactive site which has a really good design. Thanks for the listen gentlemen. DVSM Records Mdk
  6. SILENT HORROR - PATTERNS II EP DVSM RECORDS, SWEDEN/INDIA Cat#: DVSMDIG002 Mastered by: Dark Elf Artwork by: Rusty Psyflyart In 2009, we put out Silent Horror’s first EP, Patterns, a three-track collection which despite its age we still feel passionated about. Four years down, it still feels fresh, we still get that rush listening to it. We are therefore particularly pleased to present you with our latest release, which, as always, feels very special to us: Patterns II EP by Silent Horror. Hand on heart, we believe that you know what you are in for. Enjoy the ride. 01 - Variables 02 - Pan'd Labyrinth 03 - Atomic Structures Status: OUT NOW! Grab it from our Band Camp page: http://dvsm.bandcamp.com/album/patterns-ii-ep Hope you'll like it as much as we do! All the best, Alex, Jigar and the DVSM family www.dvsmrecords.org info (at) dvsmrecords (dot) org
  7. LAB - CLEAN AIR TURBULENCE EP DEVILS MIND RECORDS Science-fiction is the name of the game! Format: Download Cat#: DVSMDIG001 Mastered by: Colin Bennun (OOOD) Artwork by: Rusty Psyflyart LAB’s first EP on DVSM Records is a tribute to science-fiction and in particular great writers of space opera, whose visions have inspired generations, predicting the future as it were. ‘Clean Air Turbulence’ is also our take on an online exhibition in the spirit of DVSM. Hit up the online experience website and plunge into the world of LAB. If you like this concept and appreciate the work we’ve put in, in particular Renato’s since the music is his serving, please feel free to read more and find out how you can support this release, LAB, and our future projects. Track list: 01 - Ascendant Stars (6:11) 02 - Clean Air Turbulence (7:28) 03 - Consider Phlebas (7:05) Available on September 7. If you're interested in reviewing this release, please get in touch by e-mailing us at info (at) dvsmrecords.org , thank you. Hear one of the three tracks FULL VERSION @ soundcloud: http://soundcloud.co...vilsmindrecords *****Special online experience***** ----------------------------------------------------- http://www.dvsmrecords.org/dvsmdig001/ Samples and purchase links: http://dvsmrecords.org/?page_id=7 All the best, Alex@DVSM
  8. Artist: LAB Title: Clean Air Turbulence EP Label: DVSM Records Date: September, 2012 1. Ascendant Stars 2. Clean Air Turbulence 3. Consider Phelbas "You think you're a better man, do ya?" Let me just say that when you are deep frying fish on the stove, this all sounds like one long track. So don't do that, you just can't get a sense of how detailed this thing is. Oh, and one more thing, I can't stress this enough. Always deep fry with a shirt on. Madre de Dios that f*cking oil burns. This is LAB aka Renato Moreira out with a brief 3 track digital only release. Think of it as darkpsy with a heavy sci-fi chip on its shoulder. But lest you write it off as another in the ever growing pile of noise with high bpms, know this. He is friends with Kiriyama. Yeah, that one. So you know this is going to be deep. And man it is. It's very fast with metallic leads and psychedelic atmosphere. The bass lines are super crisp and reign terror over the tracks. Thick sound effects wash over the grey matter in descriptive layers and f*ck me I think I even heard Vin Diesel. The sound is awesomely produced (thank you Colin) and invites you in. My favorite is the title track with so much going on it reminded me of a John Woo fight scene. Like a horror movie on acid it manages to get the blood flowing with some twilight groove. Consider Phelbas is the darkest and perhaps heaviest of the tracks, but even this one hit all the right spots. This was dark and thumping with more science fiction cred than a room full of trekkies. Definitely on the radar now. Also Kiriyama mentioned to me that as a record collector he didn't just want to release tracks with a cover. Would get lost in all the others right? So they made a website to go along with the release. Like a digital exhibition room. Put your pants back on freakshow, not like that. It's more an image per track with a description of what I imagine the artist's vision. Cool idea. Buy Here! Mdk
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