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Found 7 results

  1. UNIKORP - URBAN RIDDLES EP DVSM RECORDS - http://www.dvsmrecords.org Artwork by Benjamin Littin, Chile. Mastering by Maxim 'makus' Kurushyn' @ Overdream Studio. Cat#: DVSMDIG007 Renato Moreira, also known as LAB, has prepared some new Unikorp beats to accompany you this summer: a touch of lounge, experimental electronics and intelligent drum'n'bass. Enjoy! Samples & Download: https://dvsm.bandcamp.com/album/urban-riddles-ep Will also be available on iTunes, Spotify, Juno and other platforms on August 4. Wish you all a wonderful summer! /Alex @ DVSM
  2. Keen to have some fun in the studio while the summer is still here? Why not remix a track by LAB from his 2012 science-fiction blast Clean Air Turbulence EP? Two remix files are up and ready to be downloaded onto your hard drive, packed with sounds from the title track and Ascendant Stars. Any remix to which the jury takes a liking will be considered for release on DVSM Records. Click the link below for instructions on how to enter the competition and get the packs. MDK here on Psynews used the following words to describe C.A.T: "My favorite is the title track with so much going on it reminded me of a John Woo fight scene." Get full instructions and download the remix packs here: http://www.dvsmrecords.org/?page_id=3163 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch: info (at) dvsmrecords.org Closing date: October 1, 2014. Would be fun to discover both new and old talents out there in cyberspace! :-) Have fun!
  3. Hey everyone, It's getting darker and darker up here in the north as we're approaching winter. The first snow fell in the Dalecarlian mountains just last week and what better way to celebrate the beginning of the skiing season than releasing something fresh that'll keep you warm this winter? UNIKORP - WORLD TRAVELLER EP DVSMDIG003 / DVSM RECORDS OUT: October 14, 2013 Six tracks ranging from ambient, intelligent dance music and d&b showcasing a different side of Renato Moreira's (LAB) output. Mastered by Colin Bennun (OOOD). Design by Rusty Psyflyart. Online experience: http://www.dvsmrecords.org/dvsmdig003 Get: http://dvsm.bandcamp.com - every penny goes to the artist. We're stoked about this release and hope you'll enjoy it just as much as we do. :-) All the best, Alex @ DVSM http://www.dvsmrecords.org (updated design)
  4. SILENT HORROR - PATTERNS II EP DVSM RECORDS, SWEDEN/INDIA Cat#: DVSMDIG002 Mastered by: Dark Elf Artwork by: Rusty Psyflyart In 2009, we put out Silent Horror’s first EP, Patterns, a three-track collection which despite its age we still feel passionated about. Four years down, it still feels fresh, we still get that rush listening to it. We are therefore particularly pleased to present you with our latest release, which, as always, feels very special to us: Patterns II EP by Silent Horror. Hand on heart, we believe that you know what you are in for. Enjoy the ride. 01 - Variables 02 - Pan'd Labyrinth 03 - Atomic Structures Status: OUT NOW! Grab it from our Band Camp page: http://dvsm.bandcamp.com/album/patterns-ii-ep Hope you'll like it as much as we do! All the best, Alex, Jigar and the DVSM family www.dvsmrecords.org info (at) dvsmrecords (dot) org
  5. LAB - CLEAN AIR TURBULENCE EP DEVILS MIND RECORDS Science-fiction is the name of the game! Format: Download Cat#: DVSMDIG001 Mastered by: Colin Bennun (OOOD) Artwork by: Rusty Psyflyart LAB’s first EP on DVSM Records is a tribute to science-fiction and in particular great writers of space opera, whose visions have inspired generations, predicting the future as it were. ‘Clean Air Turbulence’ is also our take on an online exhibition in the spirit of DVSM. Hit up the online experience website and plunge into the world of LAB. If you like this concept and appreciate the work we’ve put in, in particular Renato’s since the music is his serving, please feel free to read more and find out how you can support this release, LAB, and our future projects. Track list: 01 - Ascendant Stars (6:11) 02 - Clean Air Turbulence (7:28) 03 - Consider Phlebas (7:05) Available on September 7. If you're interested in reviewing this release, please get in touch by e-mailing us at info (at) dvsmrecords.org , thank you. Hear one of the three tracks FULL VERSION @ soundcloud: http://soundcloud.co...vilsmindrecords *****Special online experience***** ----------------------------------------------------- http://www.dvsmrecords.org/dvsmdig001/ Samples and purchase links: http://dvsmrecords.org/?page_id=7 All the best, Alex@DVSM
  6. DVSM RECORDS COMPETITION Would you like to get a free copy of Séance? Join our new competition! Up for grabs are five copies of Silent Horror's new album and you could be one of the lucky few. All you have to do is to answer the three questions below and send your answers to info (at) devilsmindrecords (dot) org (don't forget to change the (at) and (dot) ) The competition will run throughout 22 March. Winners will be randomly selected provided they have answered all the questions correctly, just like at the airport these days. NB! Don't forget to include your name and where you'd like us to ship your CD! Good luck! Question 1: DVSM was founded in... a ) Late summer of 2004 b ) Early spring of 2005 c ) A few weeks before the release of the first compilation, Refused Question 2: Jigar 'Silent Horror' has released quite a few tracks on various compilations and made guest appearances on artist albums. How many, roughly speaking? a ) About 20 tracks b ) About 30 tracks c ) More than 40 tracks Question 3: The track Drums In The Deep was originally not supposed to be featured on the album Masters of Outhouse. Nevertheless, it was featured on the final version of the album. Why? a ) There was another track that was supposed to be the first one on the album, but there was a glitch in the recording that could not be fixed. Thus, Drums In The Deep filled the slot. b ) Lulle 'Ka-Sol' included Drums In The Deep by accident when he mastered the CD. Upon discovering the new track, Alex was adamant that they keep Drums In The Deep instead of the original first track, and David 'Buddha' and Lulle took his advice. c ) This is a trick question. Drums In the Deep was thought to be a track that had a solid, given place on the CD already when the first discussions on the track list took place.
  7. We at DVSM Records are excited to have a new Swedish DJ with us - Infra - who's been spinning records since 1993. Not only will he share his sets with us, but he'll also showcase his personal work on the new DVSM compilation which is scheduled to come out next year. Check out his new set Forest Escapades, which was recorded last Saturday. http://soundcloud.co...orest-escapades Psytrance/Scandinavian psytrance Track list: Purosurpo - Suncheck & Soundset (Sanaton Records) Encephalopaticys - Error 11 (Parvati Records) Kiriyama - Congratulations (Crawl Into My Mouth) (Devils Mind Records) Goch - Immerge (Chronicle of Mystery Records) Cenotes - Gnomadelic (Silent Existence) Attoya - Forest Dreams (Treetrolla Records) Attoya - Paradise Found (Inpsyde Media) Derango - Sonic Circumstances (Devils Mind Records) Silent Horror - The Calling (Devils Mind Records) Purosurpo - Inside The Outskirts (Sanaton Records) Schoiroideairis – Birth (Chronicle of Mystery Records) Taigan Sunset - Barbro (Inpsyde Media) Oneiromanix - The Valenzetti Equation (Sanaton Records) Skydda Skogen - Oneiro (Real Vision Music) Derango - Ginnungagap (Yggdrasil Records) Taigan Sun - Look At Your... (Devils Mind Records) Derango - No Thing (Stoneage Records) Derango - We Are All Mad Here (Remix) (Inpsyde Media) Enjoy! Also, please feel free to sign up for our newsletter (just started) by visiting our website http://www.devilsmindrecords.org . In the newsletter we plunge into our work to give you access to information that isn't made available anywhere else. Want to know what's going on? When the next release is coming? What our plans are? Win prizes? Be sure to sign up. Thanks for reading. All the best, Alex @ the DVSMcollective
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