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Found 7 results

  1. Psylicious Radio presents: Retrospective with Rigel - Talamasca - EarthAlien Psylicious Radio presents this special show, dedicated to the sound of retro psychedelic trance. Taking you as far back as 1994 and into 2009 will no doubt evoke many trance floor memories of the past. Enjoy! LISTEN TO THE SHOW: CLICK HERE RADIO SHOW RUNNING ORDER... Rigel (DJ Set) A real wizard when it comes to electronic music and live performance. He loves to travel to other spaces, which we can feel through his musical journeys, so it's no wonder his artist name was chosen after the brightest star in our local region of the Milky Way. 2019 has been a phenomenal year for Rigel, but look out 2020, the brightest stars portal has just opened for something incredibly special… Follow Rigel Rigel | Bandcamp Rigel | Facebook Rigel | Soundcloud Rigel | Youtube Rigel | Twitter Talamasca (Live set) Known as one of the most talented musicians of the electronic music scene, and specialist in Trance music, Talamasca is the solo project of Cedric Dassulle, based in Paris. After more than 18 years traveling all over the world in more than 40 countries to play his own music, Talamasca has released more than 150 tracks on the most prestigious labels of this genre. Follow Talamasca Talamasca | Website Talamasca | Facebook EarthAlien (DJ set) EarthAlien is the founder, face and driving force behind Psylicious, an established name in today's psychedelic trance music scene. EarthAlien executes a non pigeon holed, underground full on driving sound, taking the trance floor into a full on psychedelic experience.... Follow EarthAlien Psylicious | Website EarthAlien | Facebook Psylicious Links Psylicious | Website Psylicious | Subscribe Psylicious | Instagram Psylicious | Facebook Psylicious | Soundcloud Psylicious | Mixcloud Psylicious Radio Links Psylicious Radio | Soundcloud Psylicious Radio | Mixcloud Psylicious Radio | Facebook Psylicious Radio | Instagram
  2. Illuminacja 6 - KoxBox 30 Year Anniversary Tour Date: Friday October 4th '19 Time: 21:00 - 06:00 Venue: Bunkier, Olejarna 3, 80-843 Gdansk, Poland https://bunkierclub.pl Tickets: 45 zl - 55 zl Main KOXBOX (Zer01 Dania) 30 Year Anniversary set! EarthAlien (Psylicious, UK) Elf (SCC) Meff (Egodrop / Goadupa Arts, Culture & Music Festival) Remo Klein (Be psychedelic) Silicium Acid Orange Crew Sterling Moss (Rebeltek / Stay Up Forever Collective UK) Dusha (Absurd Squad / Goadupa Arts, Culture & Music Festival) Pako (Acid Orange Crew / PAKO AOC) R-miX (Acid Orange Crew) Robo (Acid Orange Crew) Chillout Asphodel (Moon Unity) Daclee (Be psychedelic) Korn L (Be psychedelic) Kuczer (Shiva Space Technology) Kudlaty (Be psychedelic) Muzyczny Krawiec Décor 2Deko (Goadupa Arts, Culture & Music Festival) Swierszcz (Dance For Life) Przemek Kryszk Architipi (Be psychedelic) Baba Yaga's Masks (Be psychedelic) Psyday art (Be psychedelic) Party Info: Be Psychedelic Party Info
  3. Bill

    Koxbox - The Scanner

    Koxbox The Scanner Zer01 Music Tracklist: 1. The Scanner 2. Tropical 3. Spinning Far Away 4. We're Not Who We Think We Are 5. Color Rain 6. Little Grays 7. Sky Candy 8. Bubble Frog 9. Inside Outside Twenty years after the debut of Forever After, Koxbox has delivered another masterwork. The Scanner is sort of difficult to define by contemporary standards because it is so Koxbox-ian and albums rarely get this psychedelic or weird in psytrance anymore. Stylistically, let's say it's full-on if a more modern term is required to fit this thing in a neat little box. But to be most accurate this album is vintage psytrance, of an era where the lines were not so clearly defined, where an artist very much wrote their own rules on what their music meant or what sort of odd-shaped box it should be fit into. This album is very much on par with their early classics (Forever After and Dragon Tales) but I'll pick this one as a favorite because it is not limited in the least by the scope of the technology used to make it. Those two early albums sound pretty dated by today's standards and if you've listened to those and wondered at what it would sound like through today's music-making abilities, well, here it is! (And by no means am I suggesting this is a goa work like Forever After because it isn't. This is good old-fashioned psytrance with that good old-fashioned psytrance spirit. Even that awesome cover art screams old-school!) I'm hesitant to pick a favorite because that sort of honor will probably change quite often with an album this diverse in artistic vision. The title track, "Tropical" and "Bubble Frog" are odd little mind-fucks. "Spinning Far Away," "Little Grays" and "Inside Outside" are awesome groovers with great layers of Koxbox oddness, the sort of sharp numbers that could get a dancefloor bouncing along while achieving an identical effect on the at-home listener. My favorite, though, at least for now, is "We're Not Who We Think We Are," which is immediately awesome with full-on groove, dripping psychedelic effects and thick melodies that make the track instantly memorable. The Scanner sounds like it could be a remaster, a crisp-sounding awesome artist album of ridiculously well-made and imagined psytrance, the type to be found only during the 1990s. This sounds like something from a vault where some kind-hearted soul decided to polish up the original DATs so they would sound nice and crisp for today's technology. The fact that this is 2015 producing is just simply awesome. In a too-long line of old-school legends who have forgotten their signature sounds and dumbed things down for a wider appeal (look no further than Hux Flux' Circle Sine Sound from earlier this year) it's pretty damn cool to have one of those legends who remembers and is willing to make psytrance just like it used to be. Koxbox Music
  4. Mainstage: Abys Ooze (ARG) - Anoebis (BE) - Astral Projection (IL) - Atmos (SE) - Atriohm (MK) - Back To Mars (NL) - Chakra (IL) - Chuckles (BE) - Derango ft Purosurpo & Ghostscent (SE) - Digicult (BE) - Elowinz (BR) - Fabio Leal (BR) - Hux Flux (SE) - Jahbo (DK) - Kasadelica (IL) - Kashyyyk (MX) - KoxBox (DK) - Krumelur (SE) - Logic Bomb (SE) - Logic Flux (SE) - LOUD (IL) - Megalopsy (ARG) - Millivolt (CH) - Norion (BE) - Orestis (GR) - Sasha (DE) - Ticon (SE) - Transwave (FR) - Union Jack (UK) - Whrikk (NL) Space Deck: Anoebis (BE) - Bayawaka (BE) - Bliepertronic (NL) - Charris (BE) - Fabio Léal (BR) - Hans (NL) - Harmonique Frequency (NL) - Kepukku (BE) - Krumelur (SE) - Leftchest (BE) - Lugus (BE) - NGE Duo (SE) - Norion (BE) - Prisma (ARG) - Psygasus (BE) - Rubberdubbie (NL) - Trala Lama (NL) - WHRK (NL) - Yani (BE) - pHaSeBonG (NL) Dub Forest: By Digitron Soundsystem (HR) www.space-safari.com
  5. 15-19/08/2013 ::LOST THEORY FESTIVAL:: 4 STAGES • 6 DAYS • ART INSTALATIONS • PERFORMANCE • LECTURES • WORKSHOPS • HEALING GARDEN • CINEMA • FUNKTION ONE SOUND • EXPLORATION • MARKETS • CHILDREN AREA • FULL NATURE The Lost Theory festival crew is currently cooking the edition of 2013. The new chapter of this extraordinary adventure will again take place on the grassy banks of a gently flowing river. ❋PSYCHEDELIC❋ ANKUR (Lost Theory | Germany) ANNOYINGNINJAS (Parvati | Denmark) ANOEBIS (Suntrip | Belgium) ATRIOHM (Parvati | Macedonia) D-WAUW (Lost Theory | Israel) DARK EL KANTE (6-Dimension Sound, Random Rec | Spain) DARSHAN (Flying Rhino | UK) Oldskool set DERANGO ft PUROSURPO (Sanaton | Sweden) DICKSTER (Nano | UK) DIMENSION 5 (Suntrip | UK) Oldskool set EAT STATIC (Solstice Music | UK) ENCEPHALOPATICYS (Parvati | Macedonia) EPHEDRIX (Dacru | Belgium) FAREBI JALEBI (Lost Theory | India) GOCH (Mighty Quin | Macedonia) GREEN NUNS OF THE REVOLUTION (Flying Rhino | UK) Oldskool set GROUCH (Zenon | New Zealand) HUX FLUX (Spiral Trax | Sweden) IANUARIA (Blue Hours | Austria) IGOR SWAMP (Antiscarp | Finland) JAIRAM (Real Vision, Lost Theory | Germany) JUSTIN CHAOS (Ozora | UK) KOXBOX (Twisted | Denmark) Oldskool set LAUGHING BUDDHA (Nano | UK) LEPTON (Lost Theory | Belgium) LOOPUS IN FABULA (Fabula Records | Italy) LYNOXOD (Sonic Chakras | Russia) M-RUN (Cronomi | Croatia) MAGIC SEEDS (Sonic Chakras | Macedonia) MAKADAM (Sanaton | Sweden) MERKABA (Zenon | New Zealand) MIRROR ME (Zenon | Poland) NA-TI (Zenon | Israel) NIKI (Mighty Quin | Russia) OCELOT (Avatar Records | USA) PICK (Zenon | Israel) PILA (Ministarstvo Psihodelije | Croatia) PROCS (Lost Theory | Sweden) PSPIRALIFE (Zenon | Australia) PSYCHAOS (Atomic | UK) Oldskool set PSYKOVSKY (Osom Music | Russia) REALITY PIXIE (Vertigo | Australia) SALAKAVALA (Hippie Killer Prod. | Finland) SCOPE (Lost Theory | Belgium) SENSIENT (Zenon | Australia) STEALTH (Sonic Chakras | Russia) STEVO (Suntrip | Croatia) VAL VASHAR (Zenon | Croatia) WHRIKK (Sanaton | Netherlands) YANI (Suntrip | Belgium) ZOOLOG (Parvati | Danmark) ZUMI (Insomnia | Russia) 604FX (Sonic Chakras | Russia) ❋MINIMAL & PROGRESSIVE STAGE❋ ANTIX (Iboga, Sprout | New Zealand) BANEL (Iboga | Denmark) BEHIND BLUE EYES (Iboga | Denmark) BORIS BREJCHA (Hearthouse | Germany) COETER ONE (Frucht | Germany) DOVLA (Interchill | Croatia) EMOK (Iboga | Denmark) EXTRAWELT live (Cocoon | Germany) FRECHBAX (Electric Power Pole | Germany) ISHTAR (Tribal Vision, Feestgedruis | Belgium) KAIRON (Neurobiotic, Feestgedruis | Belgium) MAELSTROM (Iboga | Denmark) MISS SUNSHINE (Frucht | Croatia) SIOPIS (Get Physical Music | Mangali) SLATER (Tribal Vision | Czech) SPLATTER (Frucht | Mexico) THE GLITZ (Voltage Musique | Germany) & many more ❋CHILL-OUT & EXPERIMENTAL❋ BAYAWAKA (Enig’matic | Israel) BOXCUTTER | THE HOST (Planet Mu | Ireland) CÉDRIC STÉVENS (Acid Kirk, Comphusion | Belgium) DOVLA (Interchill | Croatia) KALYA SCINTILLA (Merkaba | New Zealand) KUDJO ( Ajnavision | Croatia) MAHAON & THE CYBERIANS (Inner Space Lab, Ajna vision | Russia) MANTISMASH (Independent | Israel) MOTE. (Ajnavision | Australia) NGE.Duo (Derango | Sweden) OCELOT (Avatar | USA) ORKE (LooneyMoonExperiment | Israel) STEALTH (Sonic Chakras | Russia) STELLAR INK PONY (Retort Records,Procs | Sweden) TENGRI (Peak | Macedonia) & many more • Online Tickets: http://bit.ly/13jnNwv until 21st of december: 50€ until 15th of february: 70€ until 15th of april: 80€ until 19th of june: 90€ until 1st of august: 100€ • Visit our webpage for all information: http://www.losttheoryfestival.com/
  6. Check my list on Discogs http://www.discogs.com/seller/psypras Both CD and Vinyl + Im open to offers Cheers
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