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  1. mote. Dust Particle 01. - Dust Particle 02. - Widachi 03. - Life is Large Floating through the atmosphere, unnoticed, a microcosm of particles exists in the space that the human perceives as nothingness. So too, in the macroscopic universe, the human is an infinitely small speck, a particle, a mote. Dust Particle is the free debut EP release from mote from Brisbane, Australia; a carefully crafted sonic sculpture inspired by the journey of space dust floating through the atmosphere. With melodies shimmering like dust glinting in the morning sun, and orchestration that lulls you into a sweet melancholia; dust particle leaves you with a taste of things to come. Artwork by Lewis Smart (AsylumSeaker) Mastering by Felix Greenlees (Terrafractyl) Released 22/01/2012 http://www.mote-music.bandcamp.com also now available on Ektoplazm! http://www.ektoplazm...e-dust-particle
  2. Artist: Scopes Title: Glass of Water EP Label: Psyderweb Records Date: September, 2011 01 - Glass Of Water (70 BPM) 02 - Daze (59.5 BPM) 03 - Astronauts (70 BPM) 04 - After The Break (70 BPM) "This is a glass of water. Colorless...tasteless." The country known for windmills, tulips, and wooden shoes brings us Marcel Hartholt with a nice 4 track EP that makes me want a glass of water. It's slow downtempo beats and soft synth touches that make me feel like I'm swimming in the deep blue. Mellow isn't a strong enough word for how this goes down. I was curious to hear what 59.5 BPM sounded like and it's a whisker away from comatose. None of the tracks are over 6 minutes so it's easy to digest. Favorite? Probably After the Break because it just takes me away to a nice place. As always free to download from our friend at Ekto. Ektoplazm Mdk
  3. Artist: Auma Title: Interacting Processing Label: Enig'matik Records Date: August, 2011 01 - That Old Magick (100 BPM) 02 - Settle And Release (105 BPM) 03 - Machromatic (100 BPM) 04 - A Collision Of Craniums (100 BPM) 05 - Nude (95 BPM) This is Luke Peart based in Melbourne with an EP that sounds different than most. He makes downtempo but with influences that range from hip-hop to smooth jazz to glitch it definitely makes it's mark. It's free so there isn't any excuse not to check this out. Unless you are a bitter soul with popeye face. The Old Magick- This reeks of Ultimae quality with the cold percussion and skittering sounds. Perfect music for a rainy day with detuned tones and a funky break beat. The bass does the heavy lifting but all the effects create the spooky atmosphere. My favorite part is when the beat drops out for a second. Slick. If you're riding a train home from work and it's raining outside...this is your soundtrack. Settle and Release- Electric piano smoothness with rolling bass sweeps make this pull your coat closer to you as you cross the street in a rain shower kinda music. The hip-hop influence is on full display with the beat and the chopped up percussive funkiness. Music like this could make Steve Carell seem street. On second thought.... Machromatic- The BPM is only 100 but it sounds twice as fast as that with glitchy electronics. Soft pads float in sharp contrast to the hectic chaos below. It's like a weird melodic dream sequence. Catch the drill? A Collision of Craniums- "Here we see Mark and John taking a traditional hug and adding a more personal touch. Watch...how the foreheads gently collide." "Damnit b*tch, I said gently! We're not insured for that!" More gentle melodies that caress your head and tell you that everything is gonna be all right. What is that sound, a kid's piano? The layers are stacked and this is a very happy track. He transitions into a reverse sounding break and then you hear that cool sample. More smiles here than a dentist's office. Nude- This sounds like something Radiohead would do. Screechy, unintelligable vocals about some boy that doesn't understand him over strings and a break beat. Not my cup of tea. Good EP with the exception of that last track. Smooth music that deserves a listen. Ektoplazm Mdk
  4. Artist: Erode Title: Horizon Label: Tympanik Audio Date: July, 2011 1. 10950 2. Detect 3. Approach 4. Horizon 5. Overcome 6. Wither 7. - 8. Annoy 9. Disengage 10. Horizon (Kadrage Remix) 11. Brutal Romance (Erode Remix) - Deadlock This one goes out to Ivan because he likes Death Metal. And I'm afraid of it. I cannot recall how I came to know about this release, but here it is. This is Alexander Dietz and he used to be (is he still in it? Somehow I let my subscription to Kerrang lapse.) in a German metal band called Heaven Shall Burn. How uplifting and holy. Well now he shows his...umm, softer side I guess and presents us with his debut electronic album. It's filled with droning pads, repeated chords full of ambience as well as crunchy percussion. Most of it is downtempo and all of it sounds like the beautiful cover art looks. Done by Colin Marks of Rain Sound Design. Just thought I would give him a plug since he did such a great job. It's cloudy day music with an industrial bent as well as some haunting melodies. You can tell it was made by a guy who was into metal with the angry/dark track titles. But the music vassilates between pensive downtempo and outright rage with a remix of a Deadlock track at the end complete with the industrial screams that remind me a lot of FLA. Standouts? Well, I liked the track Wither with its soft pads and at times chaotic percussion. Gave me a feel of post apocalyptic regret. The interlude (-? What the f*ck is up with that title? That's what you came up with? How about...I dunno, B*tch gave me herpes or something.) sounded nice in its simplicity and the electronic scraping of Annoy was backed by a beautiful pad set that devolved into a drum n' bass hum. Pretty cool. Disengage had a nice soft synth pad before it devolved into a glitchy rhythm set. While not very deep it does stay within the confines of it's dark and mysterious theme. I say good for him for stepping outside his comfort zone and trying something different. I hope he continues in this vein as I would love to see how his music evolves. Not the metal though. I don't need my music screaming at me. I have a wife for that. You can get it here. Mdk
  5. Artist: Mindex Title: The Neverland Label: Time Resonance Music Genre: Downtempo, IDM, Jazzy, Psychedelic Time Resonance Music and Acidsamover records presents new work from Mindex. The new album has gathered together elements of many styles and genres, from gentle IDM and pensive TripHop to dynamic Drum and Bass and Funk. All tracks united with Chillout mood. The sounds from this album will involve your mind on a journey through the fairy-tale world where you can enjoy the crystalline landscapes of fantastic shapes, and get acquainted with its inhabitants and heroes. You will look at the past and future, inward. In the end you will be carried through the expanses of infinity in a super comfortable time machine with a soft chair and a huge viewport. FREE Download: (enter zero price for free download) http://timeresonance...m/the-neverland Buy digital: http://www.beatport....everland/436457 PURCHASE CD: http://beatspace.com/6256/Acidsamovar Records/MINDEX/The Neverland/detail.aspx
  6. Hello there, Here is a fresh downtempo mix, it was featured in the Winter Solstice event on difm: http://www.di.fm/cal...php?event=32625 Yizé - Sueños Inconclusos (Downtempo/63min/320kbps) 01. Krill Minima - Nautica 02. Rena Jones - Helix (Evac remix) 03. Perfect Blind - Nimbus Two 04. Greg Hunter and Mauxuam - Cirrus Neptuna 05. Oxya - Tile 06. Yarema - Long Way 07. Erofex - Big Guys Dub 08. Sync24 - Adrift In Time (Drumatix Edit) 09. Carbon Based Lifeforms - T Rex Echoes 10. Maurizio Piazza - Hundred Miles 11. Field Rotation - Gedanken Wie Diese 12. Field Rotation - Zeitreise 13. Interlect 3000 - What's Going on in the world 14. Saiko Pod - Going Down in Chinatown http://soundcloud.co...nos-inconclusos http://www.megaupload.com/?d=09X3W3VR
  7. Here we are with a fresh mix for you all . I think this one is quite nice as I went through many different styles and vibes, I hope you would enjoy. http://www.sendspace.com/file/c4h5bs Best!
  8. http://www.altar-records.com/alwoods.html What a nice surprise, this album comes out today courtesy of Altar Records and it is a very nice piece of work. At first I was a bit skeptic because I have never heard the name of the artist before and after a quick check online i couldn't really find much, but i decided to give it a go and listened to it anyway. It opens smoothly and progress into what we can define as a beautiful journey into the lands of progressive trance and downtempo vibes. The production is good as well as the mastering and the artwork, Zen did it as usual and it looks pretty brilliant! Let's go through the tracks: 1 The opener is great, has the beat but is somehow relaxing and that sets the mood for the whole album, nice. 2 The first of my favorites, excellent use of a voice in the background, dreamy and psychedelic, the way it should be. A superb track with an oriental touch, bravo! 3 Near Light: Good solid track, could have been a little longer maybe but it prepares you for the nice journey that is about to begin with the next track. 4 Psychedelic Dream: is a very relaxing track, possibly my most favorite on the whole album, really floating out there and that gave me a sense of inner peace. 5 Low Red Moon, it's an OK track, actually is the only track that I don't like too much, but it has an interesting moment right before the end. 6 Sun Trap is the most "positive vibe feeling" track of the whole album, it feels like summer, a great track that would be surely reserved to melodic and joyful sets. 7 Samo8raki: Is another favorite, it is entrancing and captivating, with the repetition of the word used in different ways so that it creates a deep connection with the rest of the music, mystical atmospheres and excellent use of pads. 8 Kerkini Lake: The closing track is a middle tempo acidic track that tells a story, it has its apex in the middle where an intriguing melody appears in the background, a great closure to a very nice album. Another solid release from Altar!
  9. Release Info: Label: Underground Alien Factory (UAF) Format: Album, 320kbit, WAV, FLAC Genre: Goa Trance, Downtempo Style: New School Tracks: 9 Playtime: 54:27 min Catalog#: UAFR024 URL: http://uafrecords.com/artists/goahuman Release Date: 30. October 2011. Release notes: Underground Alien Factory Records is proud to present a truly unique goa ambient/downtempo release, a debut album by talented Macedonian musician - GoaHuman (Denis Bogdanovski). Esoteric Journey is exactly this, a true spiritual insight, composed as pure artistic musical vision that will lead you deep into beauty of yourself, with capabilities to reactivate the very core of your individual spirituality. From highest uplifiting moments to deepest psychedelic dives, you 'll be driven by finest goa melodies and easy hypnotic acid lines, all this spiced by soft and mysterious quitar themes. For all who seek for something different and ultimately spiritual, Esoteric Journey is ticket to travel into endlessness of inner light. Tracklist: 01. GoaHuman - Intro (2:00) 02. GoaHuman - Gacina (6:18) 03. GoaHuman - Voyage (6:24) 04. GoaHuman - Denes Go Gledam Istoto (6:31) 05. GoaHuman - 5th Element (7:06) 06. GoaHuman vs CoaGoa - Magic (6:36) 07. GoaHuman vs Sirius - Solar System (6:57) 08. GoaHuman - Morning [Remix] (6:44) 09. GoaHuman - Outro (5:51) Credits: Mastering by Keamia @ www.keamia.com Artwork: photography & coverart by Boo Row additional works by Imba Download release: http://www.ektoplazm...soteric-journey
  10. complete lemonchill discography is now uploaded and updated on bandcamp. all files are wave files. some tracks are free downloads. prices are 5$ for an album link: http://lemonchill.bandcamp.com/ enjoy....
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