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Found 15 results

  1. Artist: James Murray Title: Eyes To The Height Label: Ultimae Records Date: December, 2016 1. The Black and The Grey 2. Holloways 3. What Can Be Done 4. Particles (Part 1) 5. Eyes To The Height 6. Ghostwalking 7. Passing Places 8. Laterisers 9. Particles (Part 2) 10. Copestone Ultimae has had a long history of quality downtempo and ambient releases and one could argue also defined the sound itself. Their albums are often dreamy, melancholy dances with the spirit world. Sometimes warm, but often cold and dreary they rarely fail to evoke strong emotions. I've been out of the Ultimae loop for awhile, but thought I would jump in with this release from James Murray. I have to say it ticks all the boxes on the checklist with it's slow, ponderous drift. And even though the album is of short length it is a slow plod. Not necessarily a bad thing yet I find it rather boring and uneventful without any drama. It's more a soundtrack to someone's personal loss or wilderness through which they must journey. It's ethereal without being overly melodic, but it does have that pensive, retrospective feel. It's not until the title track that it wakes from it's catatonia and shows a little motion and positivity. The tracks are relatively short which helps, but I cannot label this a standout by any means. I liked it but feel it works better as a full listen through rather than cherry picking tracks. I get the sense that it can be a grower because of this as it doesn't wow right out of the box. In fact I am warming up to it on multiple listens. Yeah, but I'm sure there's something else out there. Ultimae Bandcamp Ultimae Bandcamp (24 bit) Psyshop
  2. Artist: Scann-Tec Title: Unyt Label: Ultimae Records Date: June, 2016 1. Snova I Snova 2. Unyt 3. Quantum Evo 4. Ne Viden 5. Svet 6. Kinostat 7. Parsec 8. Delta-V 9. Nadezhd 10. Turgenev Russian artist Vladislav Isaev has released his third album and if you read his Discogs blurb the man loves sounds. All sounds. Any sounds. He'd probably record the conversation between you and your mother telling you to visit more. And what he's done with his sound collection is quintessential Ultimae. The booming bass contrasted with the twinkling highs on Snova I Snova is a magnificent contrast and what you can expect to hear throughout the album. The 24 bit sound is incredible filling the room with glorious imagery. Unyt lopes along in a dreamy haze while Quantum Evo drops the slow hammer while a melancholy vocal soars above. The juicy and sneaky bass amidst the high, puffy clouds of Svet is the stuff of dreams. Parsec may be the pinnacle of lush, vibrant downtempo with its driving yet calming sound. Delta-V is the most uptempo track here and has a long ambient buildup before the thumping kick arrives with authority. None of the tracks are in any hurry to get where they're going. Matter of fact it's life in slow motion. This truly is an example of the journey being more important than the destination. Each sound is crystal clear with many layers and works well whether you're looking for a deep, meaningful trip or just some background music. The whole thing is floaty and relaxing and isn't that what this type of music is supposed to do? Nailed it. Ultimae Bandcamp
  3. Artist: Aes Dana & Miktek Title: Far & Off Label: Ultimae Records Date: March, 2016 1. Far & Off 2. Diffraction Protocol 3. Cut. 4. Small Things Matter 5. Alkaline 6. Parenthesis 7. 6 am 8. Sulfur 9. Evenfall 10. The Unexpected Hours Just wanted to write a little blurb about this release. It's a collaboration between two very good artists on the Ultimae label that deserves your attention. Collecting tracks from three Ep's (Alkaline, Cut., and The Unexpected Hours) it's dark and very introspective, perfect for overcast and rainy days. Glitchy sounds and percussion abound; vehicles for daydreaming and listening to time dissolve away. Futuristic and cold with a firm grasp of the melancholy. The sound is rich throughout and rarely have I felt such a feeling of isolation. To me all the tracks flow together into one fluid production which prevent me from discerning whether one was better than another. Nicely done. Ultimae Bandcamp - Only 5E for digital Ultimae Bandcamp CD and 24 bit digital
  4. Artist: Asura Title: Radio Universe Label: Ultimae Records Date: November, 2014 1. Overture 2. Interlude Sky 3. Oblivion Gravity 4. Gaea (Transit) 5. Ascension In Blue 6. Farscape 7 7. Lonely Star 8. Illuminations 9. Back To Earth 10. Everlasting (Album Edit) You think that Trump can't say dumber things, but then it becomes tomorrow. So the reaction above is either his latest piece of verbal bile or you just listened to the last album from Asura. Mouth meet floor in both cases. And that was just the first track. What a stunning piece of music this is. Look Ultimae and Charles are well established as the premier leaders in ambient and downtempo music, but this is unbelievable. It's traveling through space on a massive star freighter in the distant future. Sweeping pads provide stunning views of celestial glory. It's ultra HD immersive theater that crawls at a snails pace sweeping up everything in its path. Melodies are cold and warm simultaneously and you feel just how insignificant you are in the vast cosmos. At times he channels his inner Vangelis and Kitaro giving you a front row seat as ambient images take shape excruciatingly slowly. Blade Runner meet Silk Road. Oblivion Gravity is so vivid I felt joy and terror at the same time. It was deliciously slow torture that brought out emotions and made me...feel. It's not all dark though as Ascension in Blue let's the solar rays stream through the rugby sized pitch window. Ayten's voice is haunting on Farscape 7 and Lonely Star with its piano and measured pace seem to be another nod in the direction of Vangelis. Charles made a beautiful downtempo track incorporating a little bit of dubstep. That sh*t is epic and brings a smile to my face every time. Alas nobody is perfect and for this album that is due to the plodding and uninteresting Illuminations. It doesn't come close to the gravity and grandeur exhibited by the rest of the tracks. No surprises as it slowly drips like the last bit of maple syrup. Back To Earth isn't a song at all, but merely a night spent amongst the frogs and crickets during a rainstorm. Perhaps that's where the escape pod landed after ejecting from the spacecraft upon Earth re-entry. The final track is a very positive one with a vibe that lets you know that everything will be all right. So there you have it. True quality from Ultimae and Asura like you would expect. Not perfect, but the tracks that are good are stellar. Interstellar if you will. Take a ride into space. You won't be disappointed. Btw...I ordered the FLAC from Ultimae, but it seems that the CD comes with a 16 page booklet. Don't know what's in the booklet. Could be porn, so you might wanna check it out. Ultimae
  5. Artist: Circular Title: Moon Pool Label: Ultimae Records Date: July, 2014 1. Lunokhod 2. Selenic Light 3. Theory of Tides 4. Ashlands 5. Three Moons 6. Imbrium (featuring AES Dana) 7. Synchronous 8. Meteorites "You think you're safe? You are not." The wizards at Ultimae strike again with the latest album from this Norwegian duo. I usually only collect goa, but this label has produced so much quality music that I'm thinking of jumping on the Ultimae bandwagon. That loud "F*ck you!" was from my wallet. And probably my wife also if she ever finds out. Just a few notes... Lunokhod begins as an ambient piece with drifting sounds and emotions for most of it's 13 minute length before a steady thumping kick drives it home. Great opener that blends real world instruments, electronics, and nature sounds. Selenic Light is a massive glacier of shimmering sound reflecting the sunlight right into your eyes. Nary a beat to be found. Theory of Tides is another atmospheric gem that tickles the abstract before it also delivers a steady kick after a lengthy ambient beginning. Deliciously long and satisfying. Ashlands is the most aggressive track yet with a churning, bubbling cauldron of forlorn melodies and electronic sounds. 3 Moons has a deep bass that provides the framework for the smile inducing melody and the bubbling 303 rumbling underneath. You have to strain to hear it, but that draws me deeper into the music. Imbrium featuring Aes Dana is a glitchy track with strong dub overtones. Distorted almost, but it became more enjoyable once the beat disappeared. Imbrium flows right into Synchronous and at the outset is cosmic ambient at its finest. All the layers are perfect, a true front row seat to the moving galaxy. The beat kind of ruins it for me though and it becomes too cluttered. Meteorites closes it out with a very positive and hopeful track that combines the cosmic atmosphere and the sounds of nature. A very good album that I will certainly come back too. Relaxing and thought provoking. Ultimae Psyshop
  6. Artist: Sync24 Title: Comfortable Void Label: Ultimae Records Date: June, 2012 1. Comfortable Void 2. Inadvertent 3. Dance of the Droids 4. 1N50MN14 5. Nanites 6. Sequor 7. Something Something 8. Oomph 9. Wake (Live Edit) 10. There is No Spoon "It's beautiful here." I love listening to downtempo music in the wee hours of the morning. It's ultra quiet with nary a distraction allowing the full power of the music to wash over you in palpable waves. This is Daniel Ringstrom with an absolute diamond from Ultimae Records. The CD is mixed so each track flows gently into the next like the slow rising of the sun on a winter's dawn. It floats, perpetually slowly with soft touches buffering the listener from all that is intrusive. Crawling with a sloth like measured calm the album is peaceful and relaxing moving across the chill landscape. Shifting from ambient to the delicate notes of trance sometimes within the same track this is a security blanket. Never in a hurry it unfolds precisely on time. Glacial pads form the backdrop as tones ring gently amidst real instruments. Yes it certainly is beautiful here. Can't find Cd, but you can get the digital album from Ultimae. Mdk
  7. Artist: Various Title: Passages Label: Ultimae Records Date: April, 2014 1. James Murray - Passing Through Walls 2. Fingers In The Noise - Delicate 3. Cygna - Within 4. Brando Lupi - Opal 5. Miktek - Kinematics 6. Murya - Der Blaue Engel 7. Martin Nonstatic - Moments 8. Lars Leonhard - Deeper Direction 9. Aes Dana - Units 10. Connect Ohm - 9980 (Cell Remix) 11. Max Million - Skying 12. Zinovia - Northern Wind For those of us that don't worship at the altar of Ultimae this compilation appears to be nothing special. Typical cover art presentation with a nice photo. At first glance there are only a few recognizable names (for me anyway) and I was filing this under just the next album in the release train. You would think I'd know better by now. True the artists aren't the household names we've become accustomed to, but treat that as a negative at your own peril. This compilation does what Ultimae does. Soft, gentle downtempo with somber melodies and glitchy grooves. After the opening track (didn't like it, went nowhere) we're treated to relaxing grey day music. Delicate is just that; wispy tones as rain streams down the window. Within is open mouth discovery as I journey through a hidden ice cave. The strings give it a very cold feeling as percussive sounds ping off the walls. Opal is the exit from that cave bringing a vast frozen vista into view. Kinematics is a lush march that takes its time as does Der Blaue Engel, but the latter has more melodies and glitch. Shortest here, but more memorable. The rain falls during Moments and Deeper Direction picks up the tempo. Unlit by the guy I'm actually familiar with is rich and melancholy with some haunting piano. The Cell remix didn't do anything for me and I found it a tad boring. Skying has a full and hopeful sound and Northern Wind closes it out with some nice ambient piano. Ready for me to trot out the often used maxim? While none of the tracks themselves are stellar can't do without, the flow itself is the star. Very relaxing all the way through with rich sounds echoing the hallmark of Ultimae artists. It's not my favorite Ultimae release by far, but it's soothing, quality chill. If you buy the Flac version from Ultimae I think you get the continuous mix. Ultimae Psyshop
  8. Artist: Various Title: Greenosophy Label: Ultimae Records Date: February, 2012 1. Initial - MNNSK AND MIZOO FEAT ANA GOLDIN 2. Tear-blind eyes - Rildrim 3. Minimum - Liquid Stranger 4. Emerge - Sesen 5. Idea Spiral (Ozora Festival 2011 live edit) - Cell 6. Nubian Sandstone - Ajja 7. Subzero - Tripswitch 8. Cobalt 2.0 - Solar Fields 9. Flying Dots - Miktek 10. Folding Pattern - James Murray 11. Brokenm dream of little snail - Cygna Ultimae is the name in chill out or psybient music that creates the perfect soundtrack for any mood. Each release seems to shine with quality and this is no exception. Compiled by Mizoo this mixed journey mirrors the mood of the cover. The opener is an extended intro really, but Tear Blind Eyes burrows deep into the eerie with echoing tones. Listening to this while atop a mountain staring down into the thick green forest reminds me of all that's hidden from view. Long ambient with obvious comparisons to Soil Festivities by Vangelis. Minimum travels in the same gloomy vein but now with a steady cadence until even that drops out. The sounds of water breathe life into the track. Emerge has a slow lamenting opening rife with regret as it slides into progressive territory. Lush layers ensure that it doesn't lose any of its storytelling ability Idea Spiral by Cell is a slow motion flyby of the awesome splendor of the Himalayan mountains. It's one of those tracks that rides the same melody for its entire length even with the tempo increase. The view is breathtaking. Nubian Sandstone is comprised of delicate alien textures coupled with a smooth jazzy groove. The sounds echoing in my headphones make me smile as I feel if I were to touch them they would dissipate like vapor. Half the length of the previous track, but twice the emotion. Subzero awakens like a dazzling dawn with the most driving beat yet. A snapshot into a new age full of wonder and promise; as if a breath of energy restored the husk of a depleted city. But lest you believe this to be a utopia Solar Fields reminds the listener dark days lie ahead. Cobalt 2.0 is in the ambient trance style with wailing synth spirits and gentle pads. Leads run softly beside an imposing mood. Flying Dots slows things down again with head nodding percussion as the movement retreats to the underground. Heavy casualties were suffered and it's time for the resistance to lick its wounds. Better to live to fight another day. Folding Pattern is drone style ambient with a rhythmic clicking that while atmospheric doesn't hold the depth and gravitas found in the other tracks. Think of it as a long interlude. Broken Dream of a Little Snail could be the trailer for the upcoming Disney movie Turbo, but I doubt it. With heavenly voices it seems too lofty for a snail, but I don't know any snails so...Or maybe that's the point. If you're gonna dream...dream big. Melancholy acoustic guitars and violins make this an evolving and lush closer. Good job Ultimae you've once again created something that is ideal for daydreaming. Highly recommended. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  9. Artist: Various Title: Enfold 01 Label: Ultimae Records Date: December, 2014 1. Scann-Tec - Rewind 2. Fingers In the Noise - Sensitive Mind 3. I Awake - Winter Shell 4. Martin Nonstatic - Oak Branches 5. Lars Leonhard - Frost 6. Miktek - Serene 7. Circular - Lunokhod (Winter Mix) 8. Master Margherita & Ermetico - Blue Fish (Winter Mix) 9. Asura - Lumiere Noire 10. Aes Dana - Beneath Celebrating 15 years of relaxing chill music Ultimae released a gift for fans of the label. This freely downloadable compilation is available on their website in 12 or 24 bit format and showcases a who's who of artists. Let's begin with the cover of a flower encased in ice. It was certainly apropos for my area when we got two feet of snow dumped on us. My son hadn't gone to school in a week and the temperature was hovering around -1F. What the f*ck Canada? The album begins chilled with frozen pads and slow percussive beats. And that's where it stays not unlike that flower attempting to escape its ice prison. Cold winds blow on Winter Shell as sunlight reflects off the snow covered landscape, but instead of being dark and depressing, it offers hope. Hope in the knowledge that warmer temps and spring blooms will soon arrive. You can hear the foliage attempting to push forth through cracking ice on Oak Branches. Lunokhod harnesses the spectacle of sunlight gleaming off of icy surfaces with lush pads and smooth female vocals. Blue Fish...hmmmm. It doesn't seem to belong even if it's the Winter Mix, but it's still a mellow enjoyable track. Asura gets things back on the desolate and frozen track with his long ambient soundscapes revealing how vast the Antarctic mountainous desert really is. If aliens took up residence in the frozen wasteland this would be their soundtrack. Aes Dana closes with bubbles trapped in ice just in case you didn't know it was winter. This is a great album that captures the winter atmosphere and is helped along by being mixed. It's one long frozen journey with some great tracks and some that seem like place holders. But put it all together and it works. The sound is top notch and Ultimae's gift succeeds in putting the listener smack dab into the music. A free gift that is greatly appreciated, but... Now I'm f*cking cold. Free at Ultimae Records Website Mdk
  10. Artist: Aes Dana Title: Aftermath Archives of Peace Label: Ultimae Records Date: November, 2013 1. Aftermath #1 2. Aftermath #2 3. Aftermath #3 4. Aftermath #4 5. Aftermath #5 6. Aftermath #6 7. Aftermath #7 $450.00 Are you f*cking kidding me. Must be Canadian dollars. Nope, still too f*cking high. What do they use in Poland? Zloty? Even that's too high. Got it...Iraqi Dinars. 450 Dinars = ...32 cents. All right that's too low, but we're getting closer. Obviously that seller is going to retain possession of that used copy of this album. Unless Beyonce decides she's into ambient in which case Jay-Z is going to f*ck it all up. Is there anyone who is more identified with quality downtempo and ambient music? Who is Vincent Vilius? How about co-founder of arguably the best downtempo label, founding member of Asura, contributor to H.U.V.A. Network, and of course electronic activist. What the hell does that last bit mean? Does he travel to exotic locations and protest acoustic festivals? Demand more government spending on electronic bass line research? I'm being silly of course as he has made his mark and become an icon in the genre. This was his second album as Aes Dana and there seem to be those that think this is better than chocolate sex. Not me. I love chocolate. This is now 10 years old and while it still sounds fresh as the day it was made, I believe that he has gotten better with age. Recounting a tale of life after a great cataclysm it is one of those that demands a straight through listening to fully absorb its message. He weaves through vignettes of ambient and downtempo with floating pads and melancholic textures putting the listener in a relaxed state. The story is expertly told and I think it is a great piece of work, but there were times I found it less engaging than it could've been. It was good ambient, but this is Aes Dana we're talking about. I want better than good. I want great. It's my opinion that with successive albums his productions became deeper and more challenging. Then I realized I was judging this album based on his later works and where he's taken his music. And that's not fair. Like anything else he has grown and matured with time spent perfecting his craft. Each album is part of the puzzle and the picture cannot be completed without it. That's all you can ask of an artist. So with repeated listening I found myself enjoying it more and more. The beatless ambient is supremely ethereal and while I still believe he has gone on to produce better albums I can appreciate this album for what it is. Mdk
  11. Artist: Aes Dana Title: Aftermath 2.0 Archives of Peace Label: Ultimae Records Date: April 2013 1. Aftermath #1 2. Aftermath #2 3. Aftermath #3 4. You get the rest...there's 8 of these tracks so if you can't figure out the next in sequence, I don't know...you're a f*cking idiot. So this isn't anything new. It's a remastered version of his 2003 album Aftermath which I reviewed here. Aside from being remastered it comes with 14 HD wallpapers if you're into that. Also Aftermath #8 which wasn't on the original (only on the Albedo compilation from 2005) is included. Cool thing is if you already bought the original then all you have to do is send them a picture of the cover atop your naked girlfriend and they'll send you the download link for free. Ok you got me...naked grandmother. Bunch a weird f*cks over there. Bandcamp Mdk
  12. Sometimes I dream I'm a trance producer. Sometimes I dream that I know the function of all the knobs on the most expensive and creative hardware synths. In those dreams I have visions of making the perfect trance album. I would create warm sounds, extremely hypnotizing with a profound bass. But I'm not a trance producer. Hardly. I just like listening to deep trance and I admire all those artists who have the talent and vision to create wonderful trance masterpieces. Masterpieces that can be be put on repeat on any time of day and night into infinity. September 2012. I'm reading a review of Solar Fields - Random Friday on this blog. I started reading this blog as the writer says he loves deep trance sounds. Hey, so do I! As I read, it seems Solar Fields has made a fantastic uptempo trance album. His second. I have now listened about 10 times to this album in 1 week. And I still can't get enough of it. This should do it as a review, but I'm so in love with all these tracks Magnus has created, that I've decided to tell you some more about them. I'm gonna go deeper in some tracks because this music really actively plays with my mind, mood and ears. Enjoy. Solar Fields - Random Friday 1. Light Control 2. Random Friday 3. Cobalt 2.5 4. In Motion 5. Daydreaming 6. Swoosh 7. Landing Party 8. Lift Off 9. Perception 10. Polarity Lightcontrol doesn't really need an introduction. It's an easy, warm, ambient beginning to a great journey. Slowly the bass comes in and we're off to Random Friday, the title track. Very gently more bass is introduced to fire up Solar Fields' uptempo album around the 2 min mark. Trance pads, as you will hear them all across the album, clearly were made to grab you and not letting you go anymore. Very few artists have this talent. At least, on this high level. The track is over before you know it, but it was fantastic and refreshing. The power surge in the end is the cherry. Cobalt 2.5 is probably a remix or remake of Cobalt 2.0. I admit I'm too lazy to go listen to Cobalt 2.0 again, but Cobalt 2.5 doesn't need a comparison. It's just a high quality progressive trance track which evolves slowly but effectively. It oozes trance, but the kick is prominent throughout the track. It lets you know it's there. And it bangs! In motion is the perfect example of a perfect trance buildup made to hypnotize you and those in 1 km from where you are listening. The track is divided in climactic sections, where each section builds up to a climax and the next begins with a fine power boost that keeps me nodding my head up and down. Daydreaming has a jumpy bassline indicating that this track is intended to spice things up a notch. Trance pads and synths all around. Pads grow thicker while the bassline comes back in. A second bassline grows steadily from the background to give the track more body, man this is interesting. Suddenly subtle psy elements fly around and it makes me smile. Again, the hypnotic element feels so natural, it's incredible. Some deeper pads add mysticism and a tad of darkness leading to the break. And back to jump! 6 minutes and all sounds seem to melt together to form a fantastic atmosphere. And now it's melody time! What can I say? The finale includes some goa influenced indian flutes and they blend in perfectly with the other trance sounds. This man has a clear vision for each track. Swoosh introduces an extremely deep bassline defining the start. But already after 30 seconds, it's all trance you hear. Little blips and wonderful effects fly around. Trance pads come in and this is pure bliss. Being a normal trance fan, I'm in total heaven right now. Hypnotic, warm, deep, it's all here. And boom! The bass thickens and we're off. Where to? I don't know, but I'm eager to find out. This is the suspense Magnus creates. Some low acid lines add to the experience. Again, all goes to a little climax and the melody is back. I don't want this to end, ever. This is so entrancing, it's ridiculous. Sounds moving up and down, yet you feel this is the perfect arrangement. I'll stop writing now, I wanna listen and enjoy. 4:45, it doesn't get much better than this. Ready for the finale where everything comes together to make the perfect trance track. I would lve this track to take 20 minutes, it's so damn sexy. Yep, this is my favorite of the album. Back to earth now. Landing party. What a perfect track to follow Swoosh. Ambient sounds but with a certain heavyness factor. Etnic sounds join the party and then .... some synths hinting... there is the fast paced kick. A jumpy track that speeds up the whole album right here. The 5 minute mark finally starts the track. It's an uplifting piece of art that is so rare to find these days. Magnificent. Beautiful trance pads carrying the melody to finish the track in style. Lift off is the same style of track as landing party, but faster and heavier. I can't help that it reminds me of a Wizzy Noise track from Sabotage Part 1. From 3:30 on it's all systems go! I can best compare it with me (or us) sitting in a space ship flying at ludicrous speed through the galaxy (allthough I have no idea how it must feel like, I think something like this) passing by the stars and flying in colorful nebulas. Hell yeah! Faster dammit! Psy elements are thrown in to make the track more aggressive. The key of this track remains its punchy kick and it is addictive untill the very end. Perception. The beginning of the track is already one to remember. The soft sounds and synth horns are the interlude of something big. This just has to evolve into a trance masterpiece. I don't know, but you can feel the energy already. The intro takes about 3 minutes before you can feel the basskick coming in accompanied by an Underworld - Rez kind of background trance element. The melody, if you can call it so, is a synth flute going up and down, but you will be humming it as the track progresses. Spirals of trance sounds come in like fireflies while the bassline drives everything forward. Already at the 5:30 mark and I want this to go on for hours. A short break preps you for what's coming. Hypnosis, hypnosis and more hypnosis. Very deep and trancy, man, how I have been craving for such beautiful music. From 7m on it's just letting go and enjoy the best of Solar Fields. The ambient Polarity, as usual, blends in perfectly with Perception. This is a genius producer marking the end of his best uptempo album. Of the best uptempo album in years. No, ever. Conclusion I'm gonna keep it short, as you probably know by now I love this album. I wanna have sex with it. It's just so damn good. What's always there is the pure hypnotic effect. Magnus manages to pull out the best of his hard- and software and use it to make wonderful music. These are not stand-alone tracks put together blindly. It's an album, with a capital A. A journey with a capital J. The music is deep, but at the same time uplifting and it will make you smile. I have been waiting for a genuine, honest, pure trance album and Solar Fields has brought it to me. Thank you Magnus. Thank you. Buy links Ultimae Records Psyshop
  13. Artist: Aes Dana Title: Pollen Label: Ultimae Date: December, 2012 1. Jetlag Corporation 2. Borderline 3. Conditioned (Album Edit) 4. Tree.Some 5. A carmine day 6. 101 Clouds 7. Riven 8. The meeting point 9. Horizontal Rain 10. Low tide explorations "I am, for the first time...optimistic." Some people just know how to get it right. Consistently. Vincent Villuis is the mind behind this project and he has left a string of superb albums in his wake. Dude's like King Midas. Founding member of Asura, part of H.U.V.A. Network...the guy just pumps out quality. I wonder when he pees in the toilet if you hear the sound of gold ingots sprinkling the bowl. I think he runs his software through a solid gold laptop. I've seen it. His latest effort deals with pollen, a decidedly springtime endeavor, but right now it's freezing outside with snow on the ground. And that works perfectly. He starts with Jetlag Corporation which drops the dub bass as it slogs through quicksand. Perfect for a walk in the snow. Borderline is a cold, dark track with dubby bass and industrial sounds that weeps with regret. The fact that he can maintain that when the kick comes in is remarkable. Conditioned is a thumping progressive house track that is like watching traffic go by in a perpetual drizzle. Gloomy with pulsing electronica the ending pads gleam like foreign ice fields. I told you it was cold. You would think you couldn't be disappointed with a Tree Some, but here we are. It's another moody progressive trance track that felt kind of empty to me. So yes I wasn't thrilled with this Tree Some. But at least I ain't that guy. It's like Shallow Hal but with grandmothers. Where the hell was the wingman on this one? A Carmine Day has frequent knocking percussion and a hard kick and if there was any filler it would be this track. But because the whole is greater than the individual parts it kinda works. He gets back on track with the wide open 101 Clouds. They float slowly by taking their time, forming and reforming countless shapes, speaking just to me. "God what does this mean? So...am I gay now? Or are you telling me to stop playing with myself?" Riven has a bass that reverberates through your chest as the world slowly loses itself. Long pads stretch across an unforgiving sky as I watch the snow continue to fall, wrapped tightly in my heavy jacket. The Meeting Point bubbles and slowly makes it's sad melody known. It's not the deepest track, but it serves as a guide to some Horizontal Rain. And n*gga if you see horizontal rain you're standing in a hurricane. But this doesn't have the force of a hurricane...more of a soft drizzle. It's the type of rain that will force you to look back on a maybe questionable decision. The glitchy melody fits like a glove with the freezing pads. Oh look...it's snowing again. The final track Low Tide Explorations is a long story that moves through ambient textures and dubby breakbeats. Like a lot of fans I was prepared to give this the rubber stamp of approval. I mean, it's Aes Dana. But after several listens I didn't think it was as good as Leylines or Perimeters. So I went for a walk in the snow at dusk. And I began to smile. This is a wonderful album with perpetually overcast skies. There is a foot of snow on the ground with no end in sight. The music is cold and dark with sounds that wouldn't be out of place on a Depeche Mode or NIN album. He traverses boundaries frequently, often within the same track, but never loses his melancholic flow. Glacial pads hover above glitchy electronica as a kick thunders below. So do you have to go out into the elements to enjoy this? Nah, but it certainly helped me. It's a glorious journey of mournful tones that is best appreciated listening all the way through. Congratulations you magnificent bastard, you've done it again. Mood altered. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  14. Artist: Various Title: Ambrosia Label: Ultimae Records Date: November, 2011 1. Sub Strat MAX MILLION AND GUSK 2. Light Tails MIKTEK 3. Distant Industries ONE ARC DEGREE 4. Principles of Gravity AES DANA 5. Homo Imperceptibilis SYGNALS 6. Sun Ritual SESEN 7. Hyades ALPHA TEK 8. V.A.N.T.A ASURA 9. Why MEMPHIDOS 10. Ominous Ride MIKTEK Ultimae. Nuff said? Sub Stata- Love that breakbeat they open up with. That sh*t is gritty. Which of course is the perfect yin to the yang of all the layers in this pig. Strumming guitar, pads that reach from horizon to horizon, and a memorable lead melody make this an ideal opener. Full...so full. . I would breast feed until I was 70. Light Tails- This track is aptly named because sparkling synths float behind the ever present churning bass. It's slow and drifting. There is a hypnotizing quality about it like how some spiders mesmerize their prey or Dave Chapelle does battle with Gochira... So hypnotic.... Distant Industries- One Arc Degree delivers a massive track with a big breakbeat and shimmering leads that become more distorted as they're filtered. People are talking in the background and I gotta wonder if he recorded this in a coffee shop. Hey, shut the f*ck up, I'm just here to get my danish. It doesn't impact the track thankfully, but with nice layering and flow it is very pleasing. It has floating qualities with vocal harmony and even a slight operatic riff. Principles of Gravity- Soft choir, stuttering synths, and the classic click and pop percussion and you know you are listening to an Aes Dana track. It's mid-tempo with pads ruling the atmosphere as it echoes with breakbeats. The choir gives it an overcast Propehecy feel where Christopher Walken does battle with the good angels. Moody sumb*tch. Homo Imperceptibilis- "You have 48 hours. That's the length of time it needs to adapt itself to our living conditions. Then it will be too late." The piano arpeggio is the focus as the effects and beat crowd around. Once that's gone, it's whizzing and whirring rivulets of electronica as the bass wobbles. The break has some cool percussive sounds and then it gains mid tempo status with a cello that sounds like Rena Jones is in the house. Long track that has a lot of phases so a good amount to chew on. Sun Ritual- Dawn breaking over the Himalayas perhaps? What began as a party of 5 is now whittled down to 3. Quite the mysterious intro at 20,000 feet. No beat until almost 3 minutes and it was worth the wait. It's a cross between hip-hop funky and soaring pads that leave you without oxygen. There is so many little touches here that they all add up to brilliance. It's unbelievable. There is talent and then there's, uh...talent. Yes, yes, that's really impressive. Hey fatty, when was the last time you saw your penis? Hyades- How do you follow up a brilliant track? With another one my dear Watson. This bubbles and meanders like a snake on the hunt for that dumb mouse who didn't see the writing on the wall. It's stand offish with attitude, bass growls and layers drip with atmosphere. This is the darkest track that oozes malevolence. Annnnnnnnd.....I crapped myself. V.A.N.T.A.- Am I the only one who starts singing the FANTA commercial when I see this track name? I am aren't I? Besides Aes Dana, this is the only other artist that I am familiar with. After all the great tracks from the "newbies" I never thought I would have to wonder if Asura could keep up. Well, I'm afraid he was outclassed on this one. I thought it was going to be a classic becuase the first 4 minutes are awesome downtempo with chopped up chants and deep pads, but I don't think it could run with the complexity of previous tracks here. Whereas the beginning was all dark mood, the melody is light and doesn't fit for me. Still good? Yes, of course. Why- With the brightest track on the compilation Memphidos proves that sunshine always follows the rain. It's a break beat with dream sequence synths. I was diggin' on the beat too. Real thumping. Nice, but I think it's misplaced on this compilation. It's like inviting a vegan to a barbecue. Yeah, nobody wants to stare, but we're wondering why the f*ck you didn't bring any carcass to the party. Ominous Ride- Miktek with another go and he's going crazy with the rain stick. But thankfully it's back to the dreary after that previous bright hiccup. Slowly evolving with pads and a sad piano melody pretty much descirbes this final effort. The story closes as the hero stares off into an uncertain future. This was really dark. Not dark in a satanic or get me the hell out of this forest way. More in a gloomy are we ever gonna see the sun again way. Composed mainly of Greek artists it's ironic that a land known for it's beautiful sunshine can deliver such moody and dark music. And I loved it. I believe all will agree that too much happy sunshine music is just as annoying as too much heavy dark stuff. This was wonderful and I have come to expect nothing less from Ultimae. Layer intensive, great effects and atmosphere, with a varied set of rhythms. Some artists you know and some you probably don't. Comgatulations to Fishimself for compiling, Mr. Vilius for the mastering, and the artists for their great work. Do not hesitate to get this if you like your chill on the darker side of things. I don't think I'm telling tales out of school by suggesting this could be downtempo album of the year. Psyshop Beatspace GoaStore Mdk
  15. Artist: Various Title: Fahrenheit Project Part 7 Label: Ultimae Records Date: May, 2011 1. Silenzio delle Sirene (album edit) GAIANA 2. Millenium 3 ASURA 3. Memories Maze (Flashbacks SE) ASTROPILOT 4. Feller Buncher CIRCULAR 5. Signals SCANN-TEC 6. Final (Max Million rmx) HOL BAUMANN 7. Su Abir CYGNA 8. Gedanken wie diese FIELD ROTATION 9. Hundred Miles MAURIZIO PIAZZA 10. OnFlow SOLAR FIELDS Ultimae Records is back with part 7 of their Fahrenheit series. Must be pretty good if they made it all the way to seven. Although I believe the Police Academy series kinda puts that theory to bed, don't you? It's a who's who of downtempo artists chosen and mixed by none other than Mr. Aes Dana. The letterbox is back baby! Silenzio Delle Sirene (Album Edit)- This is Lithuanian duo Adomas Juozapavicius & Robin Graat who crafted a beautiful track to open the compilation. So rich in detail and atmosphere you would think they were doing this for 10 years. The bass line gurgles in an endless rotation as effects give it some freedom. Forlorn leads wail expectantly with some shimmering qualities as pads weep with regret. This is a track where you can sit back in your easy chair and play with your balls. Millenium 3- With a stomping beat right away Charles blends smooth, soft pads with throbbing synths that oscillate. The break is one of breathtaking beauty as waves lap against the shore. Deep thunderous booms make me think of entering the water from great heights as it all plays out in slow motion. Very nice. Memories Maze (Flashbacks SE)- The very prolific Dmitry Redko continues the trend of rapid fire bass lines below airy and cloud shredding pads. The beat is progressive in tempo and while not coma inducing like his awesome ambient work Solar Walk, this is a straight ahead dream maker. Remember Risky Business? Of course you don't, you probably only go as far back as Harold and Kumar. But Tangerine Dream had a track in that movie while they were on the subway that was also in this style. Now I'm not saying go f*ck some prostitute on the train, but if you do, put this on your iPod. Ok, ok...don't patronize me. Feller Buncher- This is Bjarte Andreassen and Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik a Norweigian ambient project and I cannot pronounce even one of their names. The music makes me feel like I am in a dream state as it drifts slowly along with tendrills of electronica and swirling melodies. Soaked in reverb. They pay tribute to famous green poet Rolf Jacobsen with a sample. Don't know who that is, but it sounds like it's a little heavier than the material I read when I'm taking a dump. The track slows down as the end like some dumb tech tripped over the power cord. Signals- Clicking and swirling pads comprise an ambient opening and then it acquires a kick along the way. This is sitting on the beach as the wind blows in off the ocean music. It's got good bounce as it floats into the clouds. Smooth. Final (Max Million rmx)- Mr. Baumann...how do you combine eerieness with tribal sensibilities along with a glossy veneer? Slow and steady downtempo with strong bass, sharp pads, and timid melodies. Goes into breakbeat mode which gives it a little swagger. That kick is pretty massive as the guitar strings fit well with the electronic stuff. Yessir, lots of layers to chew through. Loved it. Su Abir- This guy is from Malta and who doesn't want to hear what someone from Malta can do? F*ck I don't think I could even find it on a map. Is it near Egypt? His album Opus Eva is out now and I can't wait to check that out. Soft guitar strings, ethnic instruments and a very folksy vocal predominate as melodies twinkle from above. Metallic whining and twirling synths unravel in a melancholic tone as he adds more real world instruments...what the hell was that a basoon? 8th grade band geeks rejoice! Woodwinds has a place in psy! Good for you man. Another winner. Gedanken wie diese- Anyone who speaks fluent German (I'm sorry...what? When did that happen?) like myself can tell you that this is German for Lemme Smang it Giirrrrrl. See? Stick with me... It kinda has a positive lounge feel...if you were stranded on a spaceship travelling away from Earth that is. The bass is all sine wavy as a synth effect rotates through the track. More sad pads and mournful wails as the girl won't let him smang it...so you see, he is right to be sad. Goofy looking oompa loompa, I wouldn't let him smang it either. I think this was my least favorite and by least favorite I mean damn it was still good. Hundred Miles- This project is called Maurizio Piazza (Maurice Pizza?) cause his name is Maurizio Piazza. Rattling, clicking, and a general fuzziness is how I would describe this track. He's got some twinkling and the thing picks up the pace to a moderate tempo, but doesn't have a recognizable...whatever. Nothing you can grab hold of. It's an effects trip with a kick and a clap. I can see where he gets the track title. Like if your car breaks down and f*ck it's a hundred miles to the nearest gas station. OnFlow- Magnus closes the journey with more pads than that guy Bobby is kicking in the nuts. It's cloud surfing, on a euphoric high. As bass tones bubble underneath, positive vibes and heavenly pads caress you. It gets loud like an orchestral brass fanfare as more tones sprinkle from unicorn horns. A rainbow just sh*t in my mouth and it tasted like skittles. Very sunshine oriented. First off I would say if you were looking for beatless ambient then keep looking. The style represented here is more of a progressive or evolving "ambient" trance with 4/4 beats as well as some of the thumping stuff. One of the reviews on Discogs intimated that this wasn't anything you could relax to. Wait maybe he's right. If like Michael Jackson you're addicted to propafol. Maybe that individual only listened tot he first 3 tracks. It's meditative, it's relaxing, and it's thick with storytelling atmosphere. I like how it's mixed to provide one long cohesive journey. There is an insane amount of detail to be discovered with different moods represented. A quality release that should please all fans of the chill-out genre. http://www.psyshop.c.../inr1cd046.html http://www.beatspace...ven/detail.aspx http://www.goastore....roducts_id=4481 Mdk
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