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  1. Shulman. Go get their albums asap. They do some of their music with live instruments, a la Younger Brother. My fave is the album In Search of a Meaningful Moment, but all albums have good tracks. If you want oldschool, check out Oliver Lieb's albums. His LSG project did a lot of spacey trance and ambient that really piled on the layers of sound. Not trippy in the hippie way, but rather more about composition, production, and his mastery of synthesizers. The album Rendezvous In Outer Space will help you decide.
  2. hi my box is not full - but i did empty it a few days ago. maybe just bad timing. i'm back and ready to deal. thanks
  3. Heya **PLEASE PM WITH YOUR WANTS, NOT POST THEM IN THE THREAD** Selling a good lot of CDs. Priority goes to people who buy larger numbers of items. I priced using Discogs and Psyshop and my prices are significantly lower. PRICES GET LOWER AS YOU BUY MORE ITEMS. Most CDs have only been played a few times. Agni Hotra $9 Boo Reka - Corrupt Data Factory $11 VA - Space Mantra $22 Hujaboy - Party Animals $11 The MIsted Muppet - From The Legend $11 Twisted System - The Dealers $11 Shift - Excession $11 Shift - Red Line $11 VA - Penguin Rebellion $11 Mr Peculiar - Elements $35 VA - The Digital Dance Of Shiva $25 VA - Zen $11 Talpa - The Art Of Being Non $11 Eraser vs. Yojalka - Round 1 $15 Eraser vs. Yojalka - Tarinat $11 Artifakt - Artifakts $15 Schlabbaduerst 4 $15 Schlabbaduerst 5 $15 Steptime $11 Menog - Natural Behaviour $11 Battle of the Future Buddhas - Twin Sharkfins $11 Scorb - Scorb $13 The Mystery Of The Yeti/TIP - Mystical Experiences $14 Cosmosis - Intergalactic $20 Metal Spark - Corrosive $8 VA - 21:3 Selected Highs $25 VA - 21:3 Elastic $23 Quirk - Machina Electrica (Wasabi) $12 VA - Matsurhythm 1 $13 Planet Ben - Test/Trippy Future Garden $15 Cydonia - In Fear Of A Red Planet $11 VA - TIP Singles 2 $13 VA - Dragonfly Voyage Into Trance vol 2 $20 VA - Zoom Psychedelic Trance $8 Tegma - Avant Garde $9 Space Cat - Mechanical Dream $11 Sesto Sento - The Bright Side $11 VA - Liquid & Solid Alfa $11 VA - Neo Robotics $9 VA - Tribeadelic Liquid $15 VA - Tribeadelic Solid $12 VA - Sundaze $11 VA - Vibraspirit 23 $11 VA - Raveolution $15 Hujaboy - Sonic Tonic $10 VA - Pneumatic angles $8 VA - Digital Performers $10 Protoculture - Refractions $15 Younger Brother - A Flock Of Bleeps $13 Prometheus - RobotOChan $11 VA - Unusual Suspects $11 VA - Unusual Suspects 2 $11 Violet Vision - Unfold $10 Logic Bomb - Unlimited $11 VA - magnet $9 Wizzy Noise - Elecktro Theater $11 Synsun - Symphonic Adventures $8 Silicon Sound - Pure Analog $14 Wizzy Noise - Stereo Electric $10 Orion - Artificial Frequencies $11 VA - Holographic Memory 2 $11 Eskimo - Can You Pick Me Up? $11 Eskimo - Take A Look Out There $8 VA - Full On Vol 4 psy2k $11 Rinkadink - Rabbit From Darkside $13 Beat Hackers - System Error $11 VA - Isra/Aliens $12 Space Buddha - Storm Reaction $11 Fractal Glider - Digital Mandala $30 Voice Of Cod - We Are Free $9 VA - Wild Life $9 VA - Alien Safari Reloaded $11 VA - Bush Martians $15 VA - Empty Hand $11 Mr Peculiar - Mind Dala $13 VA - Nano - Emergence $9 VA - Nano - Dilation $9 VA - Nano - Clarity $11 Bamboo Forest - Bamboo Forest $11 VA - Psytelligence $11 Psysex - Come In Peace $20 Wrecked Machines - Blink $20 Synthetic - 100% Pure $11 VA - Clangour $11 Infected Mushroom - I'm The Supervisor $8 Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians $11 Infected Mushroom - Birthday single $5 Infected Mushroom - Deeply Disturbed single $5 Infected Mushroom - BP Empire single $10 Psysex - Hardcore Blastoff $11 VA - Radical Simplicity $9 BUS - Morebusinesslinkyouthere $11 VA - The Kiel Connection $2 Mino - Metallic Universe v2.0 $15 Mino - Fly $7 Hujaboy - Hujajoy $11 Tegma - Around The World In 80 Minutes $11 Perfect Stranger - Learning = Change $11 Vibrasphere - Landmark single $9 Son Kite - Colours remixes $15 Kooler - Open $11 BLT - God Is LOve $10 Kruger & Coyle - Randy Expander $11 BLT & Danni Makov - Anything You Want $9 Jaia - Fiction $12 LSG - The Singles Reworked $30 Freq - Strange Attractors $15 Reefer Decree - Sound Frames $15 VA - PsyBooty - Get The Lead Out $9 VA - PsyBooty - Serve Em 2Wice $9 Etnoscope - Drums From The Dawn Of Time $18 Shaman - Foretaste $11 VA - Dusty NAtion 1 $11 Phony Orphants - Symphony $11 VA - Ectoplasma $10 POTS - Creating Social Success $11 Ticon - Aero $13 Thanks
  4. Some of this is too enthno-chill for me, but overall it is quite a nice listen. I have read some negative reviews of "382 Seaside", but I love that track.
  5. At first, I thought this album was pure sax porn. But then I noticed that it wasn't leaving my listening queue, so it must be OK. I'm not a big world music fan (wailing throat singing and whatnot), but somehow the album doesn't turn me off. I'm deciding to not over analyze my feelings and just enjoy it. For the record, In Search Of... is one of my fave Psy-Chill albums. Lots of memories tied to a couple of those tunes.
  6. just put a few classics up http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:IT&ih=019 cheers
  7. Clearly, there is only one answer: Re-release their album as a double CD, first CD is instrumental, second CD is the vocals! Then the people who wish to inflict hearing loss on themselves (and others) can find a way to blend the two CDs together. Plus, that gives terrible DJs some acapella tracks to use when shitting up their sets. It has been the only option since I'm The Supervisor, an album that would have been fairly solid without any vocals. The odd part to me is that they are both classically trained. That means there's NO way they can overlook bad vocals, melodies, whatever. I wonder if they are crying on the inside every time Duvdev launches into a soaring, cacophonous vocal solo? It's like Picasso finishing a good painting and then dropping a big, smelly deuce on the canvas.
  8. Good summary. It is even worse than I had expected. Cliche builds, horrid vocals, annoying lyrics, and just too much cheese for even the greediest of rats. Also, is it just me or is the album quite loud? That would make it an even more genuine pop music article, as so many modern albums have their volume jacked up to compete for mindshare on the radio. I'm sorry to say this, but fuck off, IM. I have been a huge defender of yours through every mutation - No more. I have no tolerance for artists who have the skill to make genuinely unique and meaningful music, and instead choose to play to the lowest common denominator and contribute to the ever-dropping IQ of humankind. Go back to your doubtlessly expensive studio hole and remember the meaning of integrity.
  9. erm... http://www.audiorealism.se/products.htm the best emulator around, to my knowledge. i've been messing with the new version and getting it to wail pretty good.
  10. **If you're interested in this old school sound, two very popular disks that played a big role in solidifying this sound are the Artificial Intelligence I and II disks from Warp that Astro mentioned. Again, they're widely available.** Yes! Buy this comp if you haven't! One of my first exposures, and I used to mess with other stoned/tripping kids in college by putting this on. Too many thoughts floating around my brain, man! A CD that's borderline is Speedy J Live. It came packed with certain editions of G-Spot. It's a really awesome live set from the mid 90s where he progresses from ambient to melodic techno/tance, then ends with IDMish stuff. I still put this on. And if you're open to the more Psy/chill stuff, get Grey Area - Absolute. THAT album will mess with your mind. I was always a bit let down with their other output, as Absolute is really cerebral. I think Orbital also fits the bill with stuff on Snivilization and In Sides. Really good to this day.
  11. I've been buying from them for a couple years with no problems, but no one seemed to know about them. Maybe it's a load issue, and the INTENSE strain of two people using the system simultaneously makes it freak.
  12. The debate seems to boil down to two points, always the same: -vinyl has "warmer" sound -MP3s will sound "bad" when played at high volumes Both are very vague and not really good evidence. I still have 1200+ records, so it does pain me to finally realize how crap the format can sound. I just got some rare Goa vinyl, and it's annoying the hell out of me. The surfaces look unplayed, but then the tracks have many clicks and pops. Vinyl can be a bit mysterious when it comes to surface noise. With CDs, you can basically see any surface flaws easily. One interesting experiment is to do noise reduction on older CDs. You can rip them to WAV and sometimes remove the background hiss from the gear used during production. Not saying it's always better, but you can actually improve the music to be purer than when it released. I'm a nerd.
  13. Just to rebirth this for a moment I have been ripping my Goa vinyl to WAV and then cleaning the sound up digitally to remove surface and background noise. It's quite impressive how much better tracks can sound after getting rid of all the noise vinyl introduces (there's a LOT, even with mint records). I was a vinyl whore for years, but for music that revolves around clear,trippy sounds, i can't see why anyone would prefer the sound of vinyl. The thing people forget is that a LOT can go wrong between the track being finished in the computer and it hitting shops as a 12" vinyl. The whole process of mastering, cutting, pressing can go really wrong (and often does). For my filthy analogue techno it's OK, but not for trance. That said, FOR COLLECTING vinyl is a far superior format. But collecting isn't listening. CD all the way, and 320 lame MP3 is also fine for playing out.
  14. Heya Need some money and just put this lot on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1 Records are as follows: CABB-01 O.O.O.D. Two Dawns Over Baleswar / Herbs & Spices http://www.discogs.com/release/147473 CABB-02 Blue Planet Corporation Antidote / Xoco http://www.discogs.com/release/116884 CABB-03 O.O.O.D. Karmic Suture / Rifa http://www.discogs.com/release/217918 CABB-05 O.O.O.D. Hairstyles Of The Cosmos http://www.discogs.com/release/155641 CELT001 Prana Message For Eastedge http://www.discogs.com/release/95677 CELT003 Lunar Asylum With Sid Shanti Planet X / Another Planet http://www.discogs.com/release/40495 TIP 009 Laughing Buddha Infinite Depths http://www.discogs.com/release/94025 AFR 024 Slinky Wizard / Jammy Wizard Jammy Mutants EP http://www.discogs.com/release/93299
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