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  1. Zenon is proud to present the long awaited debut album of Zeb Richardson aka Autonomech. One of Zenons most talented and original artists, Autonomech has spent the past decade developing his own unique approach to psychedelic music. While reflecting the distinctive Zenon sound, his music is also a unique and original sound collage of organic fx, epic motives and creative synthesis. Seamlessly melding genres such as Trance, Jazz, Breaks, Dubstep, Glitch and many more, Autonomech focuses on a sound diverse and refreshingly experimental yet accessible and dance floor friendly. Autonomech I/O 1. Input 2. Breathe In 3. Micro 4. The Boney Labyrinth 5. I/O 6. Mucosal Wave 7. Macro 8. Breathe Out 9. Output Artwork by Zeb Richardson Mastering by One Trak Studios Release Date: 29/01/10 Audio Samples are here: http://www.arabesquedistribution.com//index.php?option=com_artistavenue&task=singleCd&id=2126&Itemid=99999999
  2. From the depths of a valley in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia comes Merkaba, a deep progressive project from Elliot Wilmot. From jamming out as a drummer to spinning hip hop and breakbeats for 6 years Elliot has always had a healthy relationship with music. In 2004 he decided to have a go at making his own deliciously phat beats, however, it wasn't until Jan 2007 when he found himself barefoot in the Aussie bush in front of some monster speaker stacks that he realized his ultimate musical direction. The Doof had changed him forever! With a focus on positive and healing vibrations Merkaba combines deep basslines with lush melodies, tribal percussion and a focus on an overall 'organic' sound. Prepare for a vibrational journey that connects the mind, heart, body, and dancefloor! Tracklisting: 1. The Thirteenth Step 2. A Green Shade of Deep 3. Dreamscape 4. Our Place in Space Exclusive to Beatport...out now!!! https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content...irteenth%20Step
  3. this guy (thomas) offered to buy for a small fee the license for some old tracks of mine that were released on now defunct labels (crotus, zma, sub machine)...nothing to lose so i agreed. He can do what he wants with them now...same with any tracks from crotus records cause as far as i know he bought them too (?).
  4. The original Permutations released on Zenon in 2004 is considered a seminal release in the minimal-progressive genre. Permutations Vol.2 retains the concept of the original, yet takes it even further. This is made possible by technological advances and the dedication of the Zenon crew to push their own musical boundaries. With a host of newcomers aboard plus all the Zenon stalwarts, this album contains 10 tracks of fresh, technical progressive that you don’t want to miss! Release date: 05/06/2009 1. Grouch – Mayan Toolkit 2. Shadow Fx – Minimal Technician 3. One Tasty Morsel – Get Your Wide On 4. Psypox – Boon Moots 5. Autonomech – Bit Generation 6. Sensient – Chambers 7. Sensient – Madmans Playroom (Tetrameth Remix) 8. Tristan Boyle – Into My Spiral Arms 9. Meat Axe – Two Whiffs and Your Greedy 10. Vacuum Stalkers - Ironman Audio samples here... http://tinyurl.com/atbmby Cd distribution - Arabesque Digital - Beatport Exclusive http://www.zenonrecords.com http://www.myspace.com/zenonrecords
  5. OneTastyMorsel is the solo project of 23 year old Paul van den Brink, from the hills of far north Australia. The project kicked off in early 2005 after a passion to express his musical views could not be found as an artist within the live band scene. Drawing influence from many forms of music and combining an eclectic taste in electronica with a passion for minimal psychedelic trance, the OneTastyMorsel sound lies somewhere in the middle grounds of Sensient and Krumelur. OneTastyMorsel, have you had yours yet? Track List: 01. Golden Sanction 02. Psyconautical Engineering 03. Chew The Fat 04. Hold It 05. The AquaYabbie Techno Chronicles 06. Spirit Realms 07. Funky Munt Brother 08. Phenomena Audio samples here... http://arabesque.co.uk//index.php?option=c...97&Itemid=1 Release Date: 2008-11-07
  6. Yes i want to apologise to Colin OOOD that he is not credited on the cd for his mastering job. Somehow i forgot to include this important detail. He did a fine job and i would recommend him to anyone.
  7. Hey peeps, here is some info for the new Zenon compilation... BUSH FOOD 1. Tetrameth - Grinder Reminder* 2. SunControlSpecies - Coma Roamer 3. One Tasty Morsel - Renegasm 4. Sensient - Loose Fingers 5. Autonomech - Minimonstas 6. Shadow Fx - Session On 7. Tristan Boyle - Neshika Bavakasha 8. Decoy - Crop Circles 9. Spoonbill - Wash Cycle * remix of original track "earthstar" by SunControlSpecies Bush Food is a VA showcasing the sound of the Australian outdoor electronic scene. It is food for the mind and soul, designed to last long after the dancefloor moment has come and gone. All artists featured are part of the Australian Zenon collective, a group of like minded individuals with a common artistic direction. To take our inspirations and experiences gained from the outdoor party scene and each other, and channel them into pure audio expression. With a strong sense of musicality and a high production aesthetic, we hope to capture some of the essence of what is a special time and place to be alive. https://www.beatport.com/labels/Zenon+Records http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=6933 http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/zen/zen1cd011.html
  8. Exclusive on Zenon Digital are 2 previously unreleased tracks from Sensient. Zone Effect Ep. 1. Zone Effect 2. Sidestep Out now... https://www.beatport.com/labels/Zenon+Records
  9. Zenon is in the process of making available to beatport and itunes users its' entire back catalog for digital download. All future releases will also be online. beatport : https://www.beatport.com/labels/Zenon+Records itunes: Sensient - http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...50&s=143460 Tetrameth - http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...76&s=143460 I will update this post as more releases become available online. Thanks.
  10. Artist: Shadow Fx Title: Direct Influence Record Label: Zenon Records Format: Digipack Duration: 9 tracks, 75 minutes Cat No: zencd009 Release Date: June 2007 Zenon Records is proud to present the debut album from Shadow Fx, 26 year old James Hayes from Melbourne, Australia. Since he began producing in 2002 he has created his own unique blend of deep, funky, morning grooves that are distinctively shaped from the Zenon sound. Intricate percussion lines interplay with emotive synth lines, then pieced together in the most intelligent of progressive structures. After releasing compilation tracks on Zenon, ZMA and Cosmic Conspiracy records, Shadow Fx is ready to take it to the next level. 1. Full Floyd Rig* 2. Left of Centre 3. Funktion One 4. Alkhemist 5. Intermission 6. Altered Perception 7. Liquid Crop Duster* 8. Brain Glitch 9. Woodlander *co written and produced with Tetrameth. Distributed worldwide by Arabesque **coming soon Bush Foood V/A featuring SCS, Sensient, Tetrameth, Decoy, Phat Kontrollerz and more...
  11. Zenon Records proudly presents a new direction for 2007- an eclectic compilation of down-tempo sounds compiled by Australian artists Superfluous Nipple and Sensient. It is a sound that defies genre-definition, instead focusing on pure musicality- Steve and Tim hope to give total appreciation to this ever-evolving form of electronica. Featuring intelligent, low-bpm grooves combined with an emphasis on abstract musicality, fractured beats and a few lashings of funk thrown in for good-measure- it will be a treat for those who’s musical taste lies a little left of centre. Tim & Steve are currently on the search for artists/producers who would like to be involved with this project- due for release in late 2007. Any interested parties should contact Zenon on zenon-downtempo@hotmail.com or send demos to 1/182 Dundas street Thornbury Victoria Australia 3071
  12. Artist : Sensient Title : AntiFluoro Type : Album Format : Digipack CD Catalog : zencd008 Release: 6/11/06 Zenon Records presents the much awaited third album from Australian act Sensient. Following on from his last album “Pressure Optimal” Sensient brings you more of his deep, intelligent, minimal-progressive creations. The trademark dark-tech vibe is still evident, but a more quirky vibe is also in effect. The emphasis is on original sounds, syncopated rhythms and deep soundscapes. Updated production techniques have been utilised, and this combined with his determination to push musical boundaries ensures that this release is a unique experience in the psytrance scene. Tracklisting: 1. Dusty circuit 2. A New World 3. Simple Sex 4. Nectar 5. Motion Perception 6. Wookie Beats (Feat. Moses) 7. Madmans Playroom 8. Sona Arome Distributed by Arabesque - www.arabesque.co.uk http://www.zenonrecords.com
  13. The latest release coming to Zenon... Tracklist: 1. The Plan (Kick It) 2. A Furry Something 3. Swallowed 4. Outdoors (Radio Krasnojarsk) 5. Colossus 6. Understatement 7. Abstract Ramixt 8. The Fattest Worm Catches The Early Bird 9. On A Stroll 10. That Old Organ Info: Krumelur is 25 year old Frederik Larsson from Malmo, Sweden. He is most certainly one of the most respected pioneers of the minimal trance scene, with his debut album 'Minimal Animal' being regarded as somewhat of a classic in psytrance circles. With other releases on labels like Novatekk, Digital Psionics and of course Zenon he has continued to build his reputation, resulting in tours of Europe, Brazil and more. His new album Paramoral continues the tradition of his previous releases, but takes it to the next level. Its quirky beats, deep atmospheres and ripping leads, combined with a high level of musicality makes it perfect for release on Zenon. Featuring 10 previously unreleased tracks, this is as fresh as it gets. OUT NOW!!!
  14. This ones released now officially, hope you enjoy http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/zen/zen1cd006.html http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=5689
  15. Headstick Crotus Sub Machine Cosmic Conspiracy Aeon Definetly check out Zenon though, best by far...
  16. Greetings...the entire back catalogue of Zenon Records can now be purchased via download at trackitdown.net. Wav and high quality mp3 is available. Single tracks or complete cds...check it out! http://www.trackitdown.net/recordlabel/100397.html www.trackitdown.net
  17. I love Secede!! its such beautiful music with amazing melodies, probably my favourite ambient/idm group, they have a new album out i think, or soon maybe...need to hear it!
  18. After quite a long time with no releases Zenon Records is back with big plans for 2006. The schedule for the first half of the year looks like this... January: The debut album of Danish minimal act Cujorius One - "Creating a Second Sun". Its dark, deep and atmospheric psy-tech for the night hour crunch time. March: Debut album of upcoming Australian act Tetrameth - "Psychological Pyrotechnics". Unsurpassed in its pure musicality and freshness of sound - daytime bliss! April: V/A - "Bush Food"...an all Australian compilation showcasing the best af Aussie talent in the minimal/progressive style. It will feature SunControlSpecies, Sensient, Shadow Fx, Decoy and Phat Kontrollerz plus some fresh new talents. May: Krumelur - "Paramoral"...Zenon is very proud to release the long awaited second album from one of the most respected and innovative pioneers of the psychadelic minimal sound. Funky forest flavours! Also in the works are the debut album from Shadow Fx, Permutations Vol.2 plus a new Sensient album. Cheers.
  19. Thanks for listening people. Its nice for me to read the feedback here, and i appreciate your review Basilisk even thought its not so positive it made for an interesting read. Although im not sure i like the term minimal noodling Im trying to work out where to take it next - maybe i need to make it more pumping (although i thought tracks like tropicana, rythmic transposition and IDE were pretty pumping?)...but i guess overall i can understand why people might say this when compared to my older stuff. Maybe i will start to make high tec neo full on...
  20. there is a shop on smith st called Pure Sounds they gots lotsa psy, cant remember the exact street number but its 200 and something...
  21. Krumelur - "Minimal Animal" fits perfect...
  22. Hello Psynews users, my second album has just been released and if you are interested it is available at all the usual stores...thanks. Artist: Sensient Title: Pressure Optimal Publisher: Zenon Records Format: Compact Disc Duration: 9 tracks, 75 minutes Cat No: zencd004 Release Date: April 2005 Zenon Records presents “Pressure Optimal” the long awaited 2nd album of Australian artist Sensient. The follow up to his successful debut album “Blue Neevus”, “Pressure Optimal” features 9 previously unreleased tracks. Sensient continues on his mission to perfect the art of the minimal tech sound, whilst still allowing himself the freedom to explore and incorporate other genres into his music. A range of styles are on offer here including deep tech-trance, psychedelic-funk, dark minimal trance and phat break beats, yet the trademark Sensient musicality and soundscapes are maintained throughout… 1. Tropicana 2. Rhythmic Transposition 3. I.D.E 4. Guns n Ammo 5. Lather 6. Flashback 7. Where are We? 8. Multiplier 9. Immersion Distributed by ZMA
  23. ^^^^^^^ you beatmix ha? Wow cool! Usually i just put on a pre mixed cd then smoke cigarettes while i read the daily news
  24. playback nothing else? im using my brain to think up new rythms on the spot (often quite complex polyrythms or odd timing rythms) and then tapping out these rythms live - creating a riff between say a set of 5 percussion/ short fx samples at once...sure its just using my finger to tap the rythms but its essentially the same as if i had a electronic drum pad or something. Anyway wotever, i know when im playing live i am flat out (not even time for a cigarette usually - as opposed when i dj...i chain smoke then!)
  25. You dont need a synth to play live...I feel that a live act with integrity can be done with only a laptop (which is how i do my liveset). My whole tracks are arranged and premixed and then played back in cubase. On top of this i have 3 battery samplers open and each is full of samples (percussion and fx). I trigger these samples simply by using the arrow and the click pad on my laptop...i can create interesting rythms and sample loops by doing this. On top of this i will have ableton live running rewired and i use this to add new loops into the mix...bongo loops, breaks, glitch...all types of loops. Then also i will have a synth with a virtual image keyboard such as absynth which i used to play pads/fx etc. I think this is live enough...
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