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  1. trancylvania calling 2005 in romania. http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party_details.php3?PID=14141
  2. chris

    FSOL - Dead Cities

    this album is definately a classic for me. nice to see a post about it here, by the way what ever happened to them-any new projects?
  3. wow!!! i was surprised by this album!! i have been listening to a lot of suomi sound in the last 2 years but this is definately the best jet. all the different styles from chill to funky fast and crazy. these guys definaltely have talent. it reminds me of a mix between pelin pala, texass faggot and mandalavandalz!! get this piece of art. Favourites: 6 and 10
  4. nice one!! i really like their sound, i think this is better than hong kong nightlife.
  5. i second you on finland Daniël, i also went to that party and must say it's the nearest to hippie you can get. completely different from some indoor clubby events here in germany. and the music is just insane!!! by the way if you liked funland go to romania next summer a lot of the artists playing there were at the elixir party too. Transylvania Calling 2005 /Gathering the Tribes of Resonance link to the party: http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party_details.php3?PID=14141
  6. great review dp. thanks i am not dissapointed, this is just great!
  7. chris

    V/A - Ultrapop

    nice compilation indeed. some of the stuff is quite different from what i had expected though. i expected it to be a lot more crazy-funky, but in general i found the songs to be quite calm and easy to listen to, which is not bad at all. at first i really liked the kino oko song and the chase by loopus in fabuala. after some more listening i really got in to the dendron song and the phat kontrollerz track. the kiwa track kind of reminds me of a saiko pod song(i think it's called silent running). i'd say overall it's definately worth getting if you are open for a different side of psy trance.
  8. i love this compilation, it's fucking funky!!! definately worth listening to if you are up for something different. the more i listen to it the better it gets. good job guys
  9. One very good dancefloorkiller track : Ninja. The rest is very average, flat..but not shit!!! far away from bad music, just loundge sound while playing games.
  10. chris

    Etnica - Chrome

    i thought the psy-world stood for psychedelia... i hear very little psychedelia in Etnica's latest stuff (Nitrox, '1' and this) - only chuggy tech-trance... I understand that people don't all want to make melodic stuff anymore, great, so make some different sounds instead of just leaving it out altogether... just my 2 sense anyway...
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