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    just like dijing some good track and drink beer with all my friend et told to my boy friend he should not drink beer :D
  1. i have notice that the minimal "running" teck come over on the scene very many nostalic stuff of the " minimal year" comes out frm the groud ! look on www.psychop.com many new minimal stuff are there running running !! and i have to say that this type of music run a lot on the dance flor!
  2. this album is not a monument of music for me , sorry !! i dont like ! it is some kind of prog transe with howfull nord lead stuff on and it is make me pain to my soul sorry but it is very hard , i hate this synth
  3. it is done i have the cd at home they have just to mail the cd's...i think ... in the end of the month ! i keep in touch ! 1 -La Baaz "Scrool" <-------------------------- 2 -Motion "Interference" <-------------------- 3 -Antix&DSens "Reflect" <------------------- 4 -Clutch "Fat future" 5 -Fiction "What's your name <-------------- (OoO ) 6 -Fusi&Johnson "Stullen lude" <------------ 7 -Phony Orphants "Petanque" <-------------- 8 -Side-A "Subliminal <-----------------------
  4. the new tryptich track are very funky and the solead ( new french project of tryptich and tetraktys) is realy good a rmx of daddy cool
  5. the new Sub Machine compilation
  6. doooont by entheogenic : it is so bad !! by shulman ...shulman is so a good shpongle like .. very veryy goude!
  7. dont forget sunrise : the antidote on an old TIP V/A and moonweed and shakta on celtic record
  8. yap! tangerine is a fucking good ambiant! i have two vinyl from my mums too...maybe we have the same mum!?!!?!!!!? i have begin with vinyl ,this vinyl...but two....is a bit streight ! anyway they gonna have a new project now i have heard ...maybe i dont hear a lot !
  9. what s the fuck with biotonic ??? i remember really good album of tek trance pumpy... god why they have done that i have smell it at V/A before they slide to the darkside of the full
  10. we are the first we are the lassstt blabla i like to sing that i thing evrything
  11. sorry for the fashistic ...but i have read a post very hard i have notice your point of vue thank u
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