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  1. Very good Yeah the 90s...I actually explained to my sis once, when she said she could never hear any difference between "ordinary techno" and "your goa stuff" anyway that the simplest way to identify a psytrance CD was to look at the track lengths. If there's any two-digit number of minutes, it's very likely either classical music or psytrance. Which of the two should be easy to guess from the cover then
  2. It would probably make a terrible mix like this, but at some darker time I'd want these included: Klangstrahler - Nexxus (Il profondo ... mix) Shakta - No Conspiracy Sonnenvakkum - Tiefenrausch Intact Instinct - Achtungbeschleuniger BOTFB - Scoobydoo Meets the Fluff Monster Silicon Sound - Inner Space BLT - Monolith Naked Tourist - Zombifiziert Mix Protoculture - Halusignorita Cosmosis - Weird, Sick and Twisted Transa - Recoil Tristan - Dawn Raider Kundalini - Rasa Technossomy - V.T.O.L. GNOTR - Atomic Armadillo (The Fluffening) Fluorostani Transcendance - Synchronity Converger Just noticed that there may be too much talking for many people's taste
  3. Saafi Bros. 0wn! Although my favorite is still "Mystic Cigarettes", this one is also a must:
  4. How about that for a pickup line? But as big a hit as this track has supposedly become, it has probably been tried almost as often as the one with th eyes. IMHO the track sucks though.
  5. ITIYM "Twisted" by Wayne G. and Stewart Who? Google is your friend.
  6. Thanks, m8! But only when I get back to colder climates---I wouldn't trust our mail service here to deliver vinyl undamaged. It's hard enough in the tropical temperatures, and then with the way they treat parcels... :/
  7. Hey, I should have followed that link earlier -- just learned that they are identical with Unconscious Collective which I thought had ceased to exist a long time ago. Their Fluorostani E.P. is still very high among my all-time favorites! Just downloading the DJ mix from their page...
  8. Miraculix is just too obvious, even more as it's probably Europe's best-selling blotter art. Almost like Hallucinogen, although as I said I think the really old ones have an excuse as the pioneers You can observe some "periods" of fashion in naming bands similar to many computer companies though not as clearly: from neutral business (DEC, IBM) over technoid (Tektronix, AMD) to hippyish (Apple, Kentucky Fried Computers) back to business...in psytrance it's the classical Indian or drug-related names to quite creative word-plays and a wide expansion of themes, then to more neutral technoid. Son Kite is nice IMHO (as is Fractal Glider), not a mainstream imagery but a beautiful one...it just doesn't fit their music all that well.
  9. Yup, like it. Weirdo Beardo and Midi Miliz are cool as well. XV Kilist I don't get. I suppose it's to do with pronounciation...Exveekilist...Ex-vocalist? Not too funny, must be something else. And what's "Matenda"? I know he makes great ambient sound, but what first comes to my mind is 'matar'. Not so beautiful...
  10. You bet, great pix! Another one I used to like but can't find in my bookmarks right now is Bengvall. Used to have some galleries on Lycaeum...
  11. Worst? Shiva Jörg Grapes of Wrath Miraculix Schicker Beat Bizarre
  12. Yeeeahhhh! Man, you do know your stuff inside out! That's exactly the one. I'll try to get some of the compilations -- pity Rasa wasn't republished anywhere as I'm quite sure it was my favorite on the disk. There I can only hope for a rip as I don't think any shop would still sell me 10yo vinyl, I've already looked in a lot of places. Anyway, it helped a lot already, thanx!
  13. One of the first Flying Rhino discs I bought around '95/'96...somehow it got lost on a party. It was a black maxi with the small old-style Flying Rhino logo in orange and one of the tracks was called "Kundalini". Loved it, can't find it any more. Any ideas, maybe a compilation it might be on?
  14. Yeah! Mittelstandskinder right after that. I wouldn't read BOTFB as a group name if I didn't know it is one, so it loses a bit. Hadn't heard of Droidlock b4, but I like it. Some more: Higher Intelligence Agency Klangstrahler Kopfuss Resonator Texas Faggott (especially together with their only disc I know: "Pilluminati cunt roll" ) Unconscious Collective Naked Tourist "Infected Mushroom" is too psy-standard for my taste, almost like "Space Tribe" or "Shiva Shandra". References to hallucinogens or Indian mythology suck, although the really old groups are excused
  15. I find the Mushroom so-so. Not many alternatives out there, so yes, when I get one I usually read it. But I find it flashy and commercial. Miss those typewriter-and-glue-layouted fanzines 8) WAAHHH! WTF do the think will read this? Six-point fonts to make room for the oversized title bars? My eyes are perfectly alright, but I'd like to keep them that way for a few years to come, so I'd rather stay away until they get a webdesigner. Nice idea, saves quite some trees! They don't have a sample issue anywhere, do they?
  16. Whatever you use, please, please don't use this flange-like thing that Cher brought up and everybody's been copying, even in one or two psytrance tracks. It suxx bigtime. That said, I always wondered why noone has come up with a sound input to some TB303 emu yet, I think it would be cool for a few things and not hard to implement. Like, instead of feeding a rectangular or sawtooth wave into the filters, just use a sample to make it squeak and roar
  17. @Jeff: My view exactly! I wouldn't even completely rule out Duvdev "dissis de taimov, serrrewollushn", that was cool (even though not really psytrance...), he just sucks in the Supervisor and even more in "Cities of the future". Shpongle, Banco de Gaia and others make fucking great tracks with vocals.
  18. ITYM the "Já sei namorar" by Tribalistas? You look less than convinced The original is quite commercial, but I like it, so I'm curious about the mix...
  19. Sounds Galego to me I wonder where people usually get these samples from, if it's just a coincidental sample that they happened to like or if stuff like this gets specially recorded for the tracks. The guy in "A New Way to Say 'Hooray!'" is McKenna, isn't it?
  20. Psychosis, you have a fucking fantastic way of describing tracks! I'm just halfway through listening to this album and already have to say yes, this is one of my highlights of this year, too. Only thing that irritates me once in a while, mostly in track 2 and no. 4 towards the end, is this "rave sound". Sometimes it fits in nicely, as in Dragon Tale, but in places it's this high-pitched sawtooth-modulated something that IIRC found its way into techno from some Korg box and has been overused so much by commercial <censored> that I've come to expect the next thing to be a screaming "Scooter" when I hear it. But, well, nobody's perfect, and I still love this disc. BTW, can anyone understand what the Serbian? Russian? text in track 1 says?
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