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  1. Hey there, i use Sytrus VST in cubase. Its mastered by Colin/OOOD by the way
  2. take a listen and let me know what you think! Click here Then go to the music section, and click on the listen button
  3. Chatnik, u want 1 more track? havent read the whole thread so i dont know how far u are.....i have a nice track, my best production so far....its also gonna be on a Psylosophy records VA.
  4. Keep an eye on my new webpage, later today maybe, i reveal my new track there www.aural-invasion.com No more digital psyence, from now on, Aural Invasion
  5. 1)What programs you use, and any hardware instruments, midi controllers, etc (PC Specs too)? Cubase SX3 Rewired to Reason Novation KS-4 Korg Triton le61 Emu-0404 soundcard. No monitors/Headphones PC: 1.8 Ghz P4, 1 Gb pc3200 ram, 10 GB system disk, 80 Gb audio disk. 2) On average, how long does it take you to build and finish a Song? Well, i do take good time to listen to my projects over and over again to make sure im satisfied, but if im very eager, id say 7-10 days. (it also takes this long because i get tired og working with headphones) 3) Which parts do you find tedious when building your track (if any), if it pattern sequencing, automation, etc? Def. the percussions!! 4) Where did the inspiration come from to start producing music? i met reason almost 4 years ago, and we quickly became friends Then i met cubase, and then the fun really started 5) AND Your favourite style to produce? Melodic Full-on, Progressive trance, House.
  6. http://www.mixupload.com/index.php?act=mli...ysong&s_id=4743 First mix ever from me, made in traktor, so its filled with amateur beatmatching. Tracklist: 1.Electric universe - The Prayer 2.Electro sun ft. Brain Damage - Hypnotic Voices 3.Rumble pack - Simulated roadmap 4.Visual Contact - Natural Vibes 5.Ferbi boys vs. Bizzarre Contact - Superheroes 6.Xerox and illumination - Night Shift 7.Astrix - Oranda (Xerox & Illumination remix (Final Mix) ) 8.Black & White - Geronimo 9. Astrix - Follow me 10. Xerox & Passenger - Science is god (Ultravoice mix)
  7. there's some good reading at www.peff.com i think! he also wrote a book about reason
  8. In traktor Dj studio, u can easily change the bpm 4-5 ticks without any big change in the pitch......dunno bout mixmeister
  9. oh i know this really good!! forcing it wont help, no! i can use days, weeks even months producing only small bits of a track. My magic recepie is (works for me everytime): i go out to a psyparty, party like its 1999 and next day when im awake again, i can just feel my inspiration pulling me into the studio, and i can make up to 80-90% of a track in 10-12 hours, and i have the energy to stay in the studio and just produce like a well-oiled machine. ps. i was out partying @ 24. december, so watch out for my next track
  10. i have been searching for a good synth-stand for a while, now i found this one, does anyone know its name, or where to get it? http://www.progressivelasvegas.com/picture...rOfProphets.jpg
  11. Hey there, im not associated with any labels, im a musician like u. Just curious
  12. lets hear your stuff, then we can recommend u some labels
  13. think it 1200 mics, but im not sure wich track it is?! http://rapidshare.de/files/8683608/Psytran..._Vocal.mpg.html Ps. the guy to the left almost made me fall of the chair
  14. buy Kjaerhus golden audio compressor!! Those one's kicks ass big time http://www.kjaerhusaudio.com/ the free plug-ins is also better than most expensive plugins.
  15. Nice that psynews back up and running!! But who resized my avatar ?? I liked it big
  16. lol!!! i agree, you no talent, give your gear to us
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