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  1. Transwave - Arsonik I can't resist the power of those maaaaaaaad ripping acid lines.
  2. Back To Earth reminds me a lot of Transwave. Awesome track, I can't wait to hear the full version. Filtertraces has some serious potential. Again, waiting for the full version. K.O.B material sounds promising as well. I love Pitch & Chips, it's really groovy and twisted. Jannis, thank you for keeping up the goa spirit.
  3. Nope! I heard about CBL some months ago (mainly thanks to abasio ) and immediatly fell in love with Hydroponic Garden. Exactly the same happened with World Of Sleepers, almost every track is flawless and pure bliss. 5/5!
  4. Prometheus - One Cell Short Of A Brain Really groovy track! I think I have heard this melody before but I can't figure it out.
  5. EDIT: Wrong thread. I wanted to post track of the day. Anyway, I'm still listening to Corridor Of Mirrors.
  6. Khetzal - Narayana Incredible track!
  7. 1. Filteria - Heliopolis - Suntrip - 10 Feb 2006 2. Ka-Sol - Fairytale - Suntrip - 12 May 2006 3. Carbon Based Lifeforms - World Of Sleepers - Ultimae - 02 Dec 2006 4. Koxbox - U-Turn - Twisted - 21 Sep 2006 5. Various - Lucas Presents: God Save The Machine - TIP.World - 08 May 2006
  8. Shakta - The Neuromancer Crazy track, really energetic.
  9. I haven't heard many mixes either but I really like Anoebis' mad old school mix. Also, Pavel's Dreadsticles is good.
  10. GNOTR - Two Vindaloos & An Onion Bhagee Superb track!
  11. Awesome track. Eat Static really raped the original version, in a good way of course.
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