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  1. You have great taste. There's something special in that track. Maybe it's the crystal clear sound, sharp kick and strong melodies.
  2. Merr0w - Utopian Society Here we go again.
  3. I can't get enough of this compilation. Merr0w's Utopian Society is godly track!
  4. Commercial or not, I find most hardstyle releases far more enjoyable than full on releases. I have actually listened hardstyle some years ago but then I discovered goa trance.
  5. K.O.B. - Weight Of Oblivion
  6. On another Transwave thread Dado said they wanted to be authentic and release Flamicogyre as it is on the DAT.
  7. The resurrection of goa trance continues... Suntrip did it again and released yet another superb album! All the tracks on Twist Dreams are great. This compilation is a must buy for any true goa trance fan. 5/5.
  8. 5/5! I don't think I need to explain why. Jon Cocco summed it up very well.
  9. Mystery Of The Yeti - A 'Welcome' To All Extra Terrestrials Such a fantastic track!
  10. Nice mix and thanks for the tracklist.
  11. Not a bad way to start 2007. Corridor Of Mirrors is a decent album filled with huge Prometheus basslines. 3/5 for now.
  12. Deranger


    So far I'm extremely pleased. Backfire, Corridor Of Mirrors and Twist Dreams. Awesome start if you ask me.
  13. Merr0w - Utopian Society It was a difficult choice between the tracks on Twist Dreams but Merr0w won today.
  14. Man, i find your musictaste really very good!

  15. Suntrip did it again! Twist Dreams will be one of the best releases this year for sure.
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