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  1. ...Sailor Pluto is the girl and wife we ever wnted....
  2. ok i sendet falsew...thats the truth shit
  3. the last album is Byzar - Gaiatronyk Vs. The Cheap Robots Best atmospheric breakbeat you ever heared
  4. and on Digital: Yen Pox - New Dark Age....heard that they want to remaster it soon :))))))))))) i am thinking of buying this one. EDIT: wtf...i swear i am not drugged! that stuff belongs to "What music you have huyed today" daaaang. i am back from running...kind of stupid in head :((( can you admins move it or...just delete it...its ok...god will forgive you...and kiss you on the forehead <3
  5. maybe i should have mentioned that i made this mix after i was canceled from my working place because of the cronos virus...i expected some feedback. But its ok...its ok...
  6. I was travelling through my very old burned mp3 CDs and Folders and found something interesting i forgot about. DJ Tiesto and Ferry Corsten had a small Goa/Psy Project back then called "Vimana Project" ...i really digget their Vimana stuff back then without knowing that is should be Goa. It felt different than their uplifting trance stuff. I am really not sure if thats Goa but anyways xD...like this 2 tracks very much. Maybe Nostalgia Isnt Sean Tyas doing Goa too nowadays?? Edit: i read somewhere that its a Goa Trance project, so i am not 100% sure that they said this...but it sounds deeper than their normal stuff for sure!
  7. how could i feorget that cutie... an absulute Masterpiece. If you are interested in Shows: My absolute favorite Show...you will laugh, cry and being afraid af. Some Episodes are the most intense shit i have ever seen. (The Trailer is shitty btw...if you dont know it already then WATCH IT!) And Maybe That one too if you are interested in Animation: There is also Ghost in the Shell, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Perfect Blue, Paprika....just google Mindfuck Anime
  8. Try this one...is in full lenght on youtube in german and english version. One of my favorites...a very quiet and atmospheric movie.
  9. some of them are more Mindfuck then philosophical but thats what i get out of my head at the moment...try Ardrey Tarkovski, he made Films like Solaris and many more besides Stalker. Have Fun!
  10. i lost my job. Worked in a restaurant and they had to close it...
  11. Kind of reflects my feelings now at the moment...if someone is interested or feels the same, join me on this journey. JIS track is an absulute hidden Jem....found it on a Set of E-Mantra. So thanks for that Mantra...Shambahla and Beyond the Universe are my tracks of the Spring for sure. There are lots of flawless classics but also very very strong newer tracks like S Andromedae. You wont be dissapointed. Yes it was automixed and is more of an faded compilation. At the moment i am just overwhelmed by different feelings. Maybe it has something to do with astrology. Thank you Guys, for this Place. JIS - Beyond The Universe Artifact303 - Ancestors Celestial Intelligence - The Oncomming Storm Centavra Project - Journey to another Worlds (2017 Mix) Skarma - Thysselian Clementz - S Andromedae Chi AD - Astral Warior(Atlantis Remix) Artifact303 - Feelings Fiery Dawn - Alien Planet Mindsphere - Fly High Pleiadians - Alcyone(Morphic Resonance Remix) Nova Fractal - Mass Extinction Psy-H Project - Exhalation Of Mahavishnu Psy-H Project - Crystal Worlds Median Project - Fractals Median Project, Nostromosis - The Sword Of The Angel Mindsphere - Spectacular Purity Centavra Project - Shambhala
  12. Its stupid AF but someone has to make the first step xD
  13. I keep it short...sometimes we need the qualities of one of the fourth elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire. All of them have qualiuties that can support us in some situations. Lets collect music that activate one of the elements. I will start with some tracks...it dont have to be Goa or psytrance. You can btw trust me, the stuff i post is tested on myselfe. it works. Ofcourse it depends...if you are arab you wont take russian or viking aryan music. its more for people like me.i cant change the wind, dragons... Earth: Water: Air: Fire:
  14. i have some nice melodies and ideas but i cant finish a track :(( and i am not the only one with that problem i assume...maybe some amateur producers can meet there and do some Goa tracks together?
  15. Yeah thats blacklight art...you are absolutely right, the Covers should Glow in the dark!
  16. Hello, Goa and Dark Ambient Music are my absolute favorite styles of electronic music that i will always love. I have times when i stopp hearing Goa Trance for 1-2 weeks and this music it is calling me in my dreams again. Artifact 303 and other tracks are playing in my head without any reason in strange situation. Goa evolved to the soundtrack of my life i belive. Its every time a bliss to hear Goa after a break...a time out of music. Anyways, there are a lot of situations in life when Goa does not fit very well. For me Dark Ambient is the perfect counterpart to balance out the soul and calm down from workout or Dancing alone in the Forest to Goa. I just want to share my top Ambient Albums here for you to try out and ask you to share yours if you are interested in that kind of Music. Sometimes i am not sure if its is music...its something else. And very Powerfull... Basically all the Stuff of Reason d etre.
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