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  1. Very very beautiful and complex track, man! Always loved these experiments. It is sounds like a burning of clear energy in stratosphere! Think this work deserve a thematic visual clip :) And hope to see more brilliants in this style! Thanks
  2. What are gear you have? Software only? If you do not fear challenges I can send to you some clear mixes thats already mastered and published, and then we check are results. Will be fun if you play honestly (without listening published versions) and you work will be sound more nicely.
  3. Monumental - Mayatnik EP (timewarp102 - Timewarp) RELEASE DATE 2018-11-16 Band Camp: http://bit.ly/2QOrJTJ Psyshop: http://bit.ly/2FsgDlS Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2QPu5S8 Itunes: https://apple.co/2OMKxR6 Amazon: https://amzn.to/2DM9Q4W GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/2Ka6Gs2 JunoDownload: http://bit.ly/2FspvrU 01 - Monumental - Solipsism @ 142 bpm 02 - Monumental - Shadow Shield @ 138 bpm 03 - Monumental - Chaos Calmer @ 136 bpm 04 - Monumental - Verdict Delay @ 128 bpm Timewarp is super exited to present super talented project from Russian Federation called... Monumental. Drift away with 4 new blasting tracks! The Monumental is the goa trance project founded by Denis Sedov (September 18th, 1988) in Krasnodar, Russian Federation. New tracks can be perceived as last shards from the mirror released before. They all was born in love, but taken together, may be used like a blade designed for cleaving current music reality. Enjoy! P.S. It is second iteration of my crusade to the goa gate. First was Zerkala EP, released on the Timewarp in beginning of this year. Short review - all tracks is cosmic underground. Creativity without limits - no rules and no idols. In production was used everything: samples, presets, patterns, 3rd party ideas etc. The results turned out brilliant - tracks are very different and each have a unique soul in monumental-style.
  4. In my opinion if you really like music, then technical aspects like this do not have matter. Yes, kickdrum and bassline on the same note sound nicely, but after hundreds hours of listening this concept are boring. By this reason my tracks do not have fat low end bass, it is a conscious decision and maybe it was are mistake, as result they are not popular, but I can listening theirs in headphones many times, highly recommended, haha :)
  5. Yes, I think it can be true. Key for understanding this phenomenon is acceptance human as the unique combo of unsteady psycho and physiological systems. So, why not? For some humans it is looks like form of blessing, and they even do not require any external stimulators, they have good feelings by nature himself. It is high level sensual empathy. Maybe better do not fight with ourselves, but try to focus their possibilities on something what you love
  6. Thank you for the explanation, Astral Projection, I believe in your words and Miranda's gift, and source of kickdrum does not matter, it is non material object. Seems it was a bad idea to write previous post. Anyway, situation are cute. Cheers
  7. Never attended these parties. But I have a lot of fun with watching old YouTube recordings. Funny, but I think lovest party with nice music, beach and sunrise exist only in my imagination. And if oncetime I am going to visit the real party or festival then magic of Goa Trance will be erased, and some pain will be recevied... So, I even dont have these plans. This is bad, but this is true. I hope you guys think differently
  8. Curious. Because I have a same kickdrum sample and he was downloaded long time ago from the website of Billy Cosmosis, when he shared his samples and VST presets. But sample has another name - Phat Kick. My favorites is kickdrums used by Chi-A.D. e.g. from Zero Barrier or Transparent Sea. From the recent past: E-Mantra's Leviathan. In 2015 he sounded like a was crafted in another world.
  9. Nice forum thread. I think for some people in some places this problem do no exists, because, when they deal breakfast with ham sandwich they take sandwich with taste of ham. Not true ham. Chemical food. For chemical eaters. Seems the vote does not look complete.
  10. Monumental - Zerkala EP (timewarp070 - Timewarp) RELEASE DATE 2018-01-01 Band Camp: http://bit.ly/2ClQh2Z Beatport: http://bit.ly/2qdOQ0O Psyshop: http://bit.ly/2EtFLUL Goastore: http://bit.ly/2qevxou Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2C6vAnN Itunes: http://apple.co/2zYEfqb Amazon: http://amzn.to/2lzx4k3 GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/2EpZHYK JunoDownload: http://bit.ly/2C7lYJ8 01 - Monumental - The Makers @ 148 bpm 02 - Monumental - Magma Flow @ 145 bpm 03 - Monumental - Middle Way @ 143 bpm 04 - Monumental - Unity @ 138 bpm 05 - Monumental - Error in God @ 133 bpm Timewarp arrives at 2018 early with the very first ray of light cast from our star featuring a MONUMENTAL new release by... Monumental! This MASSIVE five track mini album maxi EP will take you across time and space to visit the Makers where the Magma Flows down the Middle Way in Unity to avoid an Error In God. The Monumental is the alias of Denis Sedov, born on September 18th, 1988. First love of psychedelic & goa trance was at the event known as 'new millennium'. Years of music trials and searching true sound of goa was like are point of madness... the farther away the more attractive... And once time this experience to mirrored as music project with focus on hypnotic patterns, synergy between electronic and ethnic instruments, surprising elements and emotional messages about something... momentous. I am strongly believed - spirit of goa trance music it is not only about dance energy, it is also about impacts in to the human auditory perception with extraordinary rhythms, ambience of naked nature, a couple of effects and melodic jams. P.S. Hello friends, few days ago I looked up at the Internet and was surprised that at the largest psyforum in the world there is absent something. And now decided to fix it. I hope you enjoy!
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