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  1. I tottaly forgot abt thus zirrex track. Really dreamy sound
  2. I discovered psytrance in 2005 with a set. I remember only few tracks of the mix. Maybe you know this mix from somewhere. Im trying to find the other tracks. Equilibrium - exersis Dark nebula and scatterbrain - mexican jesus Scatterbrain - space invaders Exited - lirik on outer space Electrypnose - oscillate Para halu - sirens fiction Thankx for your help i really appreciate it
  3. Thank you all for your suggestions Yes tranan is excellent. Reminds me of 1200 mic but less cheezy ;-)
  4. Looool. You are funny my friend. 1. Psytrance is so creative of a genre , you can find anything. 2. Why would i invent such thing ?
  5. Hi psytrance nerds I prefer youtube to soundcloud cause you have better choice. Can someone tell me about a good playlist that he likes ?
  6. Hi psytrance nerds One of the psytrance track thst i listened was a beaugiful masterpiece that infortunely i dont have the title name It begins with an explosion, like a nuclear explosion, and some indian atmosphere. I love this track so much. Can somebody help me ?
  7. Talamasca - overload This track has killer bassline
  8. Error corrective - fade instinct Circuit breakers - fragmented reality Sonic species - unleash the beat
  9. Freq - stone shaker (protoculture remix) The end of this track makes my heart in pure harmony. Really good energy fullon
  10. @colinoood thank you You know your track eyes of the beholder is one of my favourite goa track.
  11. @vinvonvantz1 its a good track very psychedelic but its not what im talking about
  12. @exotic your track is perfect for a mushroom trip. Im sorry but i love too much psytrance to just pick one track
  13. @john820 yeah talamasca has a good usage of bassline This track is also good talamasca - odyssey The pattern change a lot in this track.
  14. After one minute approximatively, the bassline in this track kick ass. Perfect music for dancing Scatterbrain - space invaders
  15. Thank you @recursion loop !! The laughing buddhas track is exactly what im searching for. So groovy !!!
  16. @padmapani You're right. Oldschool full on have those kind of basslines Its reminds me of deedrah - reload This track is the bomb
  17. Terrafractyl has some really good psychedelic inspiration. I didnt knew these two tracks thank you
  18. Im searching for something like this Thank you !
  19. Yeah i know this track, chi ad has some very good goa productions. You might check out the full on remix by lani. I remember also his tracks eye am the i, serpent fire, those were days in outerspace for me. This goa ages very well.
  20. Hi everybody Im so happy that i found a place where psyfreaks still gather. Facebook festroyed forums infortunately. Im from morocco, i dont speak english usually, so excuse me if i sound a little bit funny So... im starting this topic cause im trying to find some fullon tracks that got dynamic and kind of sophisticated groove. Bassline with patterns that changes frequently so that my ears can achieve orgasm (did i just said that lol) I dont have a lot of examples, except maybe these two tracks https://youtu.be/4Yip4HT2eIg https://youtu.be/8wLxX6_rrGY I dont care if its oldschool fullon as long as it got this energy in its guts... Thanks everyone ! Have a nice day
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