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  1. 1 hour ago, astralprojection said:

    Yesssss. That's what I've been missing. More more moreeeeee 

    Although it's a rather simple track and the main melody gets a bit tiresome after a while but idc, new astral music in a time like this feels like a blessing. Does this mean the album is just 10 years away now??? 

    Exactly. Agree about the track. Want a honest opinion? Astral Projection haven't released an album since 2014, that's 8 years now, and that was an album of remixes. 

    If I am not mistaken, the last album they released producing original tracks was released in 2006, that's 16 years ago.

    Astral Projection have stated they would release an album in 2020, that's already two years... my honest opinion: I don't care one bit anymore. It's fine to tease your audience but waiting so long has a negative effect. When Astral Projection will release their next album in 2028, I bet hardly anyone will care anymore.

    And yes, the track is quite generic. 

    My opinion sounds harsh because at the end of the day, they do what they want, I mean they are accountable to nobody. I am just sharing my own feelings. 


    I am not familiar with this style but my first impression was the amazing sound quality and production, I would call it psytrance but maybe there is a subgenre. Anyway I wanted to hear your opinion. I noticed on this forum there is more talk about Goa trance but at the same time Goa trance barely evolves at all (IMO), while this track from Technical Hitch, well it is IMO a big evolution from the psytrance we knew 20 years ago.


  3. I like trance music from the 90s, or should I say the golden era (98-2005), this album does not come close, issue with the bassline (not audible) and the melodies which are not memorable. It is stuck between an attempt to copy Astral Projection and an attempt to create melodic trance but without the subtleties or deepness. It sounds too bland, cheese in your face. I am glad some like this style though.  

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  4. Afgin uses goa sounds but the whole album just sounds trance, not goa. For me this is just another attempt at copying Astral Projection but without sounding psychedelic or subtle, it is too mellow, too happy and in your face, cheesy. The best Astral Projection tracks are the ones that are bit darker and have a real psychedelic texture.

    By the way the bassline is every track is too weak compared to the kick. Probably why it sounds flat to me. Not my cup of tea and to be honest this is a style I never liked but it seems popular among the younger people in the scene. I doubt fans of the 90s will like this sound. 

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  5. Listened to it, didn't like it much. Afgin uses some goa sounds but his music is more trance, for me this is more a trance album.
    I like trance but didn't find this album was very creative. It is generic and forgettable. 

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