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  1. Actually if you do your research he purchased a herbal high substance from a legal store in California. It presents in a similar manner to marijuana & hence the indian officials were suspicious. After the company in California writes a detailed report of what the product contained all was ok. His wife who partook in substances has been a friend of mine & in a frank discussion said that whilst he took LSD once the reaction was so negative he has taken nothing since except herbal highs sold legally. The kind you find in gimmick hippy shops that are pretty much smoking Red Bull.
  2. Oh and mister AP, I'm allowed an opinion. I'm allowed to voice my opinion & im allowed to speak freely within the guidelines of this forum without you stomping around like a petulant child who's had his toys taken away. Grow up boy. Oh hey maybe the bloke who, as a stay at home Dad, makes cash on the side doing synth repairs actually knows what he's talking about? Why do I have to show you photo's? If you want the truth look in to it. It's not hard at all to find Andy Pledger. When he made his modular systems he was featured in Sound On Sound. Very boutique but beautiful machines. I had one for a few years.
  3. Yeah the DSI/OB collar is lovely. On the slightly cheaper end if you're keen to get the modular sound MakeNoise have made this Although the best value for money IMO is the new Pittsburgh Lifeforms modular http://www.lifeformsmodular.comwhich will be the first components in my new 9u portable case. I love the Pittsburgh sound & they're well built. To me they represent a slight less strict up vanilla version of Doepfer.
  4. Only CD if there's no other option. I like bandcamp as I can go back to my account to download again if necessary. I have plenty lf cd's but all are on my hard drive(s) so no need to use them. Especially as I only really listen on headphones.
  5. I love the Boss DS-1. I don't like it for my guitar but for some reason it's so nice with the x0x. I also have the MXR Distortion+ which was recommended to me by the dude who built it. It was used a lot in the 90's London Acid Techno sound. It's got a wonderful dirty punk edge to it. It's my choice for live performance with a Line 6 DL4 delay as well. Make it scream & twist.
  6. its possible to get a x0x built well with the original 303 components. Got mine from a Andy Pledger. Oscilloscope used with my mates real 303 & my x0x showed minimal difference. Perception is an amazing thing. Some Ppl just don't like clones
  7. Samples are for lazy producers who make generic rubbish. Nothing beats real analogue. The swing, the sync not quite right, the sounds changing without much tweaking. Sounds much nicer than the same old boring perfect sample place in the perfect spot so it all sounds so clinical the groove is dead. Oh the joke is that modern producers are stuck in the box & focus on being generic so they get a record deal which actually means nothing now-a-days anyway . Come to one of my gigs. Mistakes are made, sometimes the midi fails and the sync gets screwed up. The melodies and tweaking is 100% live. There is not a single samples or computer near me. It's even better than my mates come along and we do a live jam with modular in top of the drums & x0x. Computers beyond being a recording, mixing & mastering device are IMO the ruin of all musicz
  8. today I did some digital shopping & purchased via band camp: V.A - "Mysteries Of Psytrance Vol. 1-5" (Ovnimoon) Deviant Force Records entire catalogue Goanmantra Records entire catalogue Devils Mind Records entire catalogue Global Sect entire catalogue Goa Madness Records entire catalogue V.A - "In The Box 1-5" (Yellow Sunshine Explosion) Noise Poison Records - All compilations. I have on the way from Suntrip: Asia 2001 - Dreamland Goasia - Amphibians On Spacedock Shakta - Retroscape Celestial Intelligence - Perpetual Energy Denshi Dashi - Fluis Dynamics Asia 2001 - Psyadelia Night Hex - Viziuni Nocturne Anoebis has been very nice to chat to via messenger. With a few acid techno/trance live gigs coming up at various psychedelic & generic techno raves soon the extra stickers he promised will be handed out Lots of listening to do haha. Maybe I'll get some inspiration to go back in to the studio
  9. https://deviantforcerecords.bandcamp.com/track/7-cracked-nozes-aum-vibrations
  10. Hi all, this thread is the reason I signed up. Keen to see what people are using. So my current set up consists of a metal cased x0xb0x built by Andy Pledger, Moog Sub 37 & Akai Tom Cat. I also just purchased a 9u x 126hp Eurorack case but right no no cash to fill it. I don't like using computers in the studio so currently everything is recorded to tape, mostly done as live jams. More acid trance than anything psychedelic yet but that will change in the near future as my skills develop. I do perform live but just with the x0x, Tom Cat & a friends Avalon Baseline with some FX pedals doing acid techno & acid breaks. I guess if i start making anything really layered I'll learn to use Ableton or something but that stuff just bores me endlessly. Here's a photo
  11. Looks good. Big fan of your releases. Keen to hear to the Zion mix of Kreak.
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