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  1. I don't like people from urban areas who keep pets. I think they do it for selfish reasons. dogs used to have a real purpose for men back then when men used to hunt or have had maybe a herd than needed protection (and still do). in ancient egypt cats were kept around to protect warehouses where cereals were stored. that was a real symbiosis of a man and an animal. it's kind of funny when you think about how people toy with animals like gods, and then you picture a guy in the park picking up the crap. and i don't like those people who keep lizzards, snakes, spiders and such. they should get their heads checked. and ZOO's should be forbidden
  2. catching waves in a puddle. 15 euro
  3. I would really love to know the reasons why are the doing it. Are they doing it just to spice up everyday life, an act of resentment towards establishment or something else?
  4. if you are in need to hate a person who's misusing the tool in any way than so be it. but it's also the right thing to show respect to ones who are using it in a good manner. it all revolves around human nature. if it hadn't been religion it would've been some other tool/tools. that's what history teach us. but we can talk whether some religion was created for a specific goal or not.
  5. Well to answer that question you have to povide more input. There are many factors which play role in determining whether such state (state in which alternative to religion exist) is or would be possible such as socio-economic, political, geographic and many more. There is a huge difference in circumstances between me,you and a woman in Syria who's in fear for her children and having no one to turn to for help. All I want to say is that religions were created by men as a tool to overcome bad situations. And like every tool it can be used for good or bad. Take an axe for example. You can use it to chop someones head or to chop some wood for fire. Sure you can say; Hey your axe is outdated, you should try hydraulic wood splitter. But the thing is that not everyone has that luxury. It's apsurd to hate a tool just because people gave it a bad reputation with their bad behavior. People are the ones to blame. You can't fight the tool but only the man who carries it. One should respect those who use the tool in a good manner and disrespect those who use it wrong. There are still many people in desperate need for a tool which will provide them with hope and sanity to overcome bad situations and you can't blame them for using religion as that tool; it's cheap and it's available. There are many people who use religion only when they are in trouble. Here, we are witnessing a tool customisation. It's not according to a manufacturer's user manual (read Church etc) but it's also okay as long as the tool is used for good purpose.
  6. I disagree with your statement. Humans had been forming religions with a purpose of explaining natural occurrences on which they could or couldn't have had some/any influence such as thunders, wind, other weather conditions, lack of water etc. Another big reason for forming religion was to keep their sanity (maybe the process of forming was conducted unconsciously- it's a fact that we have psychological immune system). Take for example this current snow storm in US where temperatures go way down to -50 celsius. Now picture indians 400-500 years back, in their tents wondering about how long will this storm last and will they have enough food to eat. btw to answer the topic question; I'm atheist.
  7. maybe it's a part of the brain where our curiosity lies.
  8. I've recently discovered ''Two steps from hell'' and like their music very much. I didn't know you could buy this kind of music. Always taught that it's made on demand.
  9. They are really comfortable. Don't need sticking too deep. however they come in one size only, so maybe there are just people with really large canals or they need a higher sound reduction. For clubbing they are great but if you are a musician, DJ etc. while performing better to get a pair of custom molded ones. Real con is that they have those pointed endings so you usually get wanting/unwanting attention (depends on a person really ) some will think that you are deaf and wearing hearing aid, and others will consider it to be a fasion accessory of some kind etc. again if you don't want attention, or want higher or more linear reduction better to get custom molded ones
  10. i've been using ER-20 earplugs for few years. they are decent enough. the feeling after you take them off at 5 a.m. when the music is down makes you remember why you've bought them.
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