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  1. Nice melodic dark traK! I love the way how the second hi hat gets in.. Bass line and synth layers are flowing really kool! the armony line at 5.35 just kick ass! A lot of potential on this trak. some more trippy soundz and you will get it...
  2. Excelent stuff! smooth flowing............NICE! for my pleasure indeed Eskeemo Knights! ThanX for sharing this classical goaish master piece! Flac is a must.
  3. Really Nice full on! specially trax 1, 2 and 4 Thanks for sharing!
  4. This compilation Kicks ASS! I extremenly recommend it ...really really daaaaark!!!! Tracks# 2 and 4 are my favorite ones! ThanX for sharing!
  5. Really nice set! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Powerful and technical Cybernetika fucking rules!!!!
  7. WOW!!! This really kicks ass! Keep it up with this kind of recopitations Thanks for sharing. Respect.
  8. Xcelent master piece!!!! Thanks for sharing. Respect.
  9. 17 years old? DAMN! i cant imagine what you will be producing when youre 20-22 .. Keep it up, keep the goa faith alive!
  10. Xcellent performance! Simply AMAZING !!!! i cant avoid smiling when i listen to such great tracks... Thank you very much guys.
  11. a new Classic Goa track!!!! A little bit repetitive and the bassline should be ¨kicking¨ more louder and a more solid beat i think, but is great....the atmosphere, the synth layers...pretty kool! You guys are headed in the right way.... Thanks and all my respect Aerosis! congrats!
  12. Excellent work. Too fast for my taste but excellent bassline and dark atmosphere.... Keep it up, congrats!!!!!
  13. You are a great artist indeed! Excelent dark atmosphere.... Congratulations thanks and respect!
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