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  1. I am expecting some financial reward for some graphics work recently completed by me. As I was not expecting the money I am looking to reward myself by aquiring some nu music. Since I have little interest in any of the recent releases I was looking for more knowledgeable heads to give me suggestions for old school (say more than three years) releases still available for purchase?
  2. You can't fool all of the people all of the time and you're right - I shouldn't let others sway my opinions so easily. Screw acceptance - this is about debate. I dig Primus's first album, the Brown album and Antipop. Really wacky lyrics and wacky music. I like them for being bizarro to the max. They belong in a class of their own really. So therefore - this post is dedicated to Primus - my favourite bizarro side of the moon band.
  3. Weak album. I thought the first 4 all had superb moments and this was the first let down.
  4. They suck big hairy donkey balls!
  5. Do you have Willy Wonka type technology LB? Like his special television cameras for sending physical objects through tv? If so, SHARE it please. I wanna work in my music too...
  6. I did indeed forget him! For shame! But if I add Bob I feel Peter Tosh, The Beatles (post Rubber Soul) and The Rolling Stones (esp. with Brian Jones) deserve to be mentioned.
  7. uuuh. yeah. doesn't quite match the caliber of the other artists. lets drop primus and then add led zeppelin and ozzy osbourne's solo work with randy rhoads. I still enjoy some primus now and then tho...
  8. Yep, another supporter here. Perhaps Duvdev is gonna realize his singing sucks sometime and we'll get more classical mushroom... Then again, perhaps blue whales are going to colonize space sometime soon. Perhaps Bill Hicks will rise from the dead...
  9. Black Sabbath. Pink Floyd. Jimi Hendrix. Primus. Tool. The Doors.
  10. Psy / prog / ambient 60% Rock / Reggae 20% Hip hop 10% Classical 5% Various Electronica 5% Would listen to psy and prog continously except my brain starts hurting eventually...
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