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    Yeah, there's some quality music on these cds. Antic was good to pass them on to me. I wish I had time to trip out. That would be sweet. I can't wait for November and my holidays. There's gonna be loads of goodies on the menu...
  2. This album, produced by some good people I know from Johannesburg
  3. Write all your songs on the black keys only Radi. They'll kick ass.
  4. Thank you. I like the few drawings of yours I have seen. I think they are intriguing. I would dig to see some more of your artworks.
  5. Aktually there are no best non psytrance tracks out there. 564718[/snapback] WTF was this about then?
  6. Moved to Music Promotion forum. My apologies for using the wrong forum (not that anyone seemed to care).
  7. Stardust


    My pleasure... Thanks for your kind remarks! I have always tried my best to be as open, honest and kind as possible. Maybe I sound like a pretentious hippy, but this world has enough ungrateful, unkind and wretched people as it is. And maybe my attitude has led me to a position where I am low down in the world of status and jobs, but I'd rather lead a humble life than an overrated and arrogant one. I feel I should point out that I am originally South African... and that has more than just a little to do with my attitude and temperament. I've only been in the land of cheese, chocolates and trains for a year now.
  8. Arabic Beats. Very smooth listening.
  9. Would definitely make a trade again!
  10. Today I received a neat little package containing The Colours of Shiva Pts 1 - 3. My thanks to Antic!
  11. She likes mostly boring pop music. I'll carry on trying but as Deepdrone says: trance aint for everyone. I have not tested those two artists, but mostly she is pretty relaxed about it. Except if she is sick or has a headache.
  12. exactly. : ah well. at least she don't complain when I listen at home.
  13. I always enjoy Technossomy - Androids. and Nervasystem - Decoder. *edit* as well as Quirk - Robotized
  14. I need to get my girlfriend into goa. Any suggestions?
  15. HA HA HA! Thanks for making my afternoon. So bad it's funny. Classic cheese. That Infected clip, on the other hand, that's offensive. Thanks again for those interesting ebay auction tips.
  16. OMG. That video clip is disgusting. My eyes and ears are scarred!
  17. Infected I have and know. No worries there Skelly... I know all too well what happened when they lost the way. Thank you for those other recommendations!
  18. Okay. Like I said I'm looking for suggestions from those more knowledgable. I have little idea what qualifies as old school. I said older than 3 years because I am not aware of what music which is even older than that is still available. I have read a lot of threads where people have been mentioning MFG. I have never heard any but I am interested. I have heard some Dimension 5, which I enjoy. I enjoy Etnica (Pleiadians?) as well. Otherwise, I like some of the early Matsuri releases very much. I would love to aqcuire some more music similar to these. Ta.
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