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  1. some updates, some sold, pirces changed etc
  2. added Electric Universe - Blue Planet enjoy
  3. just awesome, i love your style altough i prefere the ancestor but man, i can't wait for more stuff from you don't stop producing
  4. added goa classix vol. 3 some cd's sold and zodiac youth unmarked as reserved coz the guy who wanted it still hasn't paid after about 2 weeks, so the others who PMed me write again please coz i lost your messages
  5. a very nice and trustworthy person stays in touch through the whole transaction no problems at all just perfect
  6. added destination goa first chapter
  7. added Planetary Nation 002 - compiled by Dj Planet B.E.N.
  8. thumbs up i can deal with this guy anytime everything went smooth thats the spirit my friend
  9. Hallucinogen sold, zodiac youth still avaible
  10. added a rare promo cd of hallucinogen - the lone deranger
  11. everything went smooth anytime again
  12. so here i got some cd's i'd like to trade or maybe sale pm me if you're intressted MY WANTLIST ON DISCOGS: http://www.discogs.c...ist?user=psyhoe I'm open for trading for new CDs, like Suntrip Records etc. aswell HIGH PRIORITY WANTED: Pleiadians - Alcyone PROMO VINYL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The List Shpongle - Tales Of The Inexpressible (2xLP, Album) http://www.discogs.com/Shpongle-Tales-Of-The-Inexpressible/release/73839 VG+ Hallucinogen - the Lone Deranger (Rare Promo Cardboard Version) http://www.discogs.com/Hallucinogen-The-Lone-Deranger/release/906419 mint condition Dimension 5 - Second Phaze (Blue Moon Digipack) http://www.discogs.c...release/1687358 Almost mint BUT: got it from a dj friend who got the cd back around 2000 as a "promo", hence it has 2 holes punched, otherwise perfect, can provide photos if someone interested. trade prefered Electric Universe - Blue Planet http://www.discogs.c...t/release/66750 NM VA - Under Construction http://www.discogs.c.../release/124339 M/NM Deepside - Deepside EP http://www.discogs.c...P/release/81532 NM Ka-Sol - Ghost Story http://www.discogs.c...release/1297770 played only once, like new Morphem - Out Of Focus http://www.discogs.c.../release/101791 CD NM, a few light marks, Cover VG, a bit wavy Transistorhythm - Transistobeats 01 http://www.discogs.com/release/381297 NM Vasilisk - Sixth Darshan http://www.discogs.c.../release/349265 some light scuffs, plays fine Various - SWIV 3D http://www.discogs.c.../release/427188 NM, contains the rare Hallucinogen track "Night Flight Through Babylon", a musthave even only for this one track Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland (Vinyls 2xLP) http://www.discogs.c...release/2285169 never played. just the way ingot it from Tiwsted, No. 185/350 Celtic Cross - Hicksville http://www.discogs.c.../release/238537 some light scuffs, plays perfect Bypass Unit - Dropz Of Obscure Eclipses http://www.discogs.c.../release/186183 some scuffs, plays fine, can provide EAC secure mode test if wanted cover has some dents from the case VA - Eclipse - Psychedelic Trance http://www.discogs.c.../release/363706 NEW still sealed !!!! Ketha Minh - Ketha Minh http://www.discogs.c.../release/402387 near mint Four Carry Nuts - Mechanical Age http://www.discogs.c.../release/262609 CD NM, some dents on cover from jewelcase Various - A Taste Of Free Form Vol. 1 http://www.discogs.c.../release/121845 some light marks Various - Tshitraka Project 2004 http://www.discogs.c.../release/238067 NM- Various - Goa Transmission http://www.discogs.c.../release/213100 as new Various - Technobotanic Tryptamines http://www.discogs.c.../release/356404 some light marks Various - Flip It Vol. 01 http://www.discogs.c.../release/988204 NM Koxbox - Stratosfear http://www.discogs.c...r/release/76404 some light marks, no cover Various - Distance To Goa 4 (Limited Neon Edition) http://www.discogs.c...4/release/51946 some light marks, a few teeth broken in jewelcase Various - Destination Goa - The First Chapter http://www.discogs.c...G/release/40425 minor scuffs. plays fine Delysid - Holo Movement http://www.discogs.c.../release/402735 NM Centric - The First Strike http://www.discogs.com/release/1479440 new, mint condition, very rare, wasnt even on discogs before Various - Mojave http://www.discogs.c...release/1301941 NM TXM Project - The Ethnic Story http://www.discogs.com/release/1227824 mint condition Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Jammy Mutants EP http://www.discogs.com/release/350676 very rare misspress from flying rhino. a true collectors item. near mint condition.
  13. agree, his music is the "pill" keep the spirit alive, really great work mate
  14. simply amazing i love your work, can;t wait for more please send me a pm with some links to your music muahahaha all those corridors and labirynths in my head :DDDDDD keep the oldschool style, and don't you dare to pass on to all that full-on crap
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