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  1. Ooh me like! :posford: :posford: Keep it up bro!
  2. Nice nice nice!! luvd it Very melodic
  3. Just listening to Mafia Family. I like the sound of that bassline
  4. Oh ye! Trak makes u trippin hehe Good work, cant wait for final!
  5. Hehe I once made an entier album in about a month. Of course nothing too serious mainly funny sampled music. Nowadays tho it takes me months for a single track heh.
  6. Hey Guess what? I LIKE IT Yeah it's not bad at all nice werk!
  7. It's nice of them, but it's gonna end up that they have classic music and some rock music on the playlist.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, doesn't FL Studio have a subprogram called Collab? Is that it or is it just to upload your music? Not a bad idea u have there tho Btw. you better upload that file on yousendit, less chance they will remove the file and they don't have all teh spam if you know what I mean
  9. I've recently got this ambiental album from Monolake - Plumbicon Versions Check it out here >> http://www.monolake.de/releases/ml-019.html It's not psychedellic but very good atmospheric/ambiental style of music. A must have.
  10. Yeah I got the same impression. Btw. glad u added the covers Nolaxx. Any way we could get the fullsized versions of them?
  11. You made that in just one day? Nice. Keep building it it's got potential there. Btw. are you using any hardware synths? Like virus or the likes? Can't find an 'equipment' page on your site so I'm curious.
  12. Oops. 404 Error. Fix the link for us so we can have a taste, aight? Edit: Well the mp3 player works on your site so I'll have my taste there then Btw. that's a pretty nice site you got there, made it yourself?
  13. Hehe I like how you play with the bassline. The tracks is kind of mysterious at start, but groovy Actually the track reminds me of some of my old work that I used to make in fruityloops. Overall I like it, maybe a bit more mastering would do. Or maybe that's just .wma's fault.
  14. Very nice, I've enjoyed this tune very much. I like how clean the beginning is and developes thru the track. Nicely done!
  15. Yes it is Let there be light. About the mahadeva remix, there is one I think its called Mahadeva '99. It's either that or the John 00 Flemming remix of it. Not too sure tho.
  16. It's working fine for me. Did u try right click>save target as?
  17. Ahh I wish I was famouse, that Angelina Jolie was 10 years younger, and she listens to Goa Trance, and she was my GF. Ah well, sweet dreams everyone!
  18. Could you stop doubleing your posts all the time. And the UPPERCASE CHARACTERS DO NOT WORK! hahaha ...lol
  19. There's no debate for me on this one. AP was the first goa I heard, and I quickly fell in love with their music. AP all the way!
  20. Yeah I wasn't impressed by the presets myself either. But when I started messing around with it it turns out it can make alot more then what's there in the presets.
  21. Wow. You remind me alot of AP in their early days, but in your own unique style. It's a really short preview so I can't comment much. I think you should add a lush pad to your track somewhere about 1:46. Something high-octave, 16 beats on a lower key then 16 on a higher key, or the other way around, depends on what 'effect' you want to make. Well you don't have to take it from me, thats just something what I would have done anyway
  22. Yeah I immediatly got shocked on how good this synth is. But it's not really The best. There's still some things missing. I'd really like it if I could draw filter/any other envelopes right from the synth. Sort of like Rhino's interface. But Zebra 2 really is powerful, so it's on my toplist
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