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  1. Up! :posford: C'mon guys...you know...you're so good and fine producers and i'm not! My ears aren't enough to judge... Just take a listen and tell me what's worng in your opinion... Many thanx Love & Light Mastaguru
  2. Tnx Krono for listening... I heard to your new tune...but honestly i got to say that it's not my style definitly...so...i just can't say anything about... Love & Light
  3. :posford: Hi all! Here's the link to a new track called "Klobasin"....hope you enjoy! http://www.files.to/get/46947/eo5jnjmo9m Any kinda feedback really appreciated as well! Tnx in advance... Love & Light Mastaguru
  4. Anyone else? Please...i need critics to emprove... Love & Light
  5. Many tnx for you suggestions mate! Love & Light
  6. Hi matez! :posford: Here's the link to new track by Italin duo Mhead Synthaesi... http://www.files.to/get/20447/e5ypbdyb7t Any kinda critic or feedbacks really appreciated...we need to learn more to improve our style...thank to your opinions! So...take a listen... Tnx in advance Love & Light Mhead Synthaesi
  7. Nice tune you made! Really groovy... Tnx for sharing mate! Love & Light
  8. Thanks Raphael for your kind words... We're workin' hard every minute we have to emprove our style! Happy that you liked it! Love & Light Mastaguru
  9. Many tnx for listening Ozx... Love & Light
  10. Nice tune mate! I liked it....really trippy! The break part and the reprise are cool! KEEP UP THE GOOD VIBES Love & Light Mastaguru
  11. Hi all... Here i go again with a new tune... http://www.files.to/get/19423/8k50ip47i4 Any kinda feedbacks appreciated! Love & Light Mastaguru
  12. Nice music at all! Tnx for sharing... Waiting for a full length album from you. KEEP ON Love & Light
  13. Nice vibes... Many tnx for sharing your music mates... Love & Light
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