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  1. I hate Tripteaser, i don't want full-on projects to exist in Finland. They made recently a ridiculously cheesy pop track remix, the one on the elixiria.com's Avatar Compilation. Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For (Tripteaser rmx)
  2. Sorry for the long delay, had forgot about this thread. There was not really anything in your tradelist that i am looking for.. Also i have no clue what Tip Singles is worth, i rather keep it to myself than sell it because im not a collector, so it's nice to own some cd's. I would sell if i would have some albums that would be worth like 100€. Im so lazy that 15€ and likes does not inspire me to even pack it and walk to post-office to send it. Sorry and thanks anyway.
  3. I paid for all these cd's & lp's only 15€ together (shipping included), I think I made a good deal. Copy & Paste from one of my earlier posts -> CD's Ethnica- Juggeling Alchemists under the black light Man With no Name- Moment of Truth Transglobal Underground- Psychic Karaoke UX- Ultimate Experience V/A- Tip Singles V/A- Aja Huaska (Pshychedelic Trance Collection) V/A- Goa Inside 3 V/A- Psy Harmonics VOL 3 LP Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face 12" + some other 12" which name i can't remember now. Shitty CD's that was in the same packet I had to take. Active Media Disease- Lost Armand Van Helden- 2Future4U BBE- Seven Days, One Week Dune- Expedicion Vanessa Paradis - Vanessa Paradis ..ehhh...
  4. Hardfloor - Lost In The Silverbox Crazy driving 303 layers.
  5. Emuna - Emuna .. I luv it.
  6. Taika-Kim just want to ask a question.. Your album was one of the best thing to come out last year imo, just totally awesome. Why did you decide to give it for free to dl? which is even more nice and gives you much respect from me! Was it a decision from the beginning to do so? Or did nobody really want to release it?? That would be strange as i think it's one of the best finnish releases ever. Ps. You should add the whole album to bluerooms player, or even some track for promotion.
  7. Yep, i was only talking about magazines, i know about bargain cd's, but never saw bargain daily news-papers bucket hehe. So i thought that the same kind of arragment could be done with cd's imo.. Actually im not even sure if it's done that way lol, now when i think it could also be that the magazine companies pays some monthly fee for renting shelf-space in the stores. And not with the amount sold. Eitherway i agree on that ebay part.
  8. With the risk of sounding lame. I have no idea how it works with cd's, but in Finland shops sells magazines the way that they stock many units, and return those that nobody buyed before next nr of the magazine came out. Only then the money is given.. That's probably better for the shops. Wonder if it can be done the same way with cd sales?
  9. Hey.. this thread is the best one in a long time. Best discussions are always heated and have strong emotions attached to it. Read the newspapers and youll find out that disasters are what sells and interests people, no one cares about news like "George Bush ordered a pizza for a monkey that looked hungry, but later found out the monkey was just his own reflection in the mirror" Does people actually get upset for real, i mean like it ruins their day if they fight on the net.. That never happens to me, in real life i can be pissed off and want to kill someone, but not over the net. That's why this is fun imo. Can't talk about if someone other really gets upset so that it would ruin their day, because i myself can't relate to that.
  10. Bashing fullon is ok and fun. Ask Mars, he knows. Suntrip records homepage even says "Fullon is not welcome here". I don't think reporting the fullon bashing therefore would help much, Rain.
  11. GRRR - No other psytrance forum criticism ^ psynews rules (atleast used to rule ).
  12. I said i can't remember any fullon i LIKE because most fullon suck imo, there's only a few i like and those i didn't remember. It was the good ones i was gonna mention. If i wanted to give a list about fullon i don't like this server couldn't handle it. Man.. youre reading my words completely wrong sorry. Now i have to go sleep because im wasted and gonna eat a pizza. That's more important than now starting to dig my fullon list. But i will get back to it so you can do youre analyzing.
  13. Hehe, ill name some when i get home, there are so few of them i dunno right now. I'll see if i rember some when i see my mp3-folder. Edit: Audialize Vs Midival Punditz - Dark Age Rmx is one i like pretty much, because it has some nice melodies in it.. but it has part's that i dislike also. Bingo! From track -> Hope Was Closed Was once trying to google what the hell do they say in that track.. all i could understand was the word Bitch. Then i found it, and found out where it's taken from also. Ghetto Airlines
  14. Ok. This thread will never end. I don't hate all full-on, i want to be now specific so people understand me. I listen to some full-on if they don't have that one kind off bassline, the rolling-one, which tries to fit in to the rest of the track too much, like put to many different notes (or whateva you callit) and the bassline itself has allmost like an melody, it ruins the flow for me.. it just disconnect my thoughts from the other sounds. Now some could say funky-psy has also little bit rolling basslines, but it's completely different imo, they are slow-peaced and fit in imo.
  15. I was not specific enough about that, I was talking about old protoculture stuff, i have never listened to his new album or any other new stuff, im sure he has gone down the hill, but on the comp VA - Emergence (2002), where i first discovered him, he contributed to that compilation with 3-tracks and i can't find no rolling basslines there. Just listening to Protoculture - Synergism.
  16. Fuck you dude!!! We have ^ here a man (rain) who can't read and claims that belgium is a leading country in educating. Did you notice my last sentence "Argh... got a call and have to go fix a thing at work, but there's some." <- i was just writing the list when i got a call and had to stop writing and fix things here.
  17. People seem to have different opinions about full-on... i would not consider Fractal Glider as full on in anyway. Their first album is one of the best albums ever. Protoculture rocks also. When i myself talk about full-on i mean those israelian rolling-basslines, u know. They just ruin the track for me, i can't even listen to other sounds anymore after that because it's just so annoying that i must skip the track. Like after reading E.V.P - Electronic Harmonic Module review i thought it would be somekind of old-school, the first track had already this very annoying bassline so i stopped right there.. hehe.
  18. Argh, stupid me.. forgot about the South African scene, that's indeed much better, i love many artists from there. Actually my signature is from an south-african full-on? acts track.
  19. It's easier to say just "fuck full-on" than to start naming every full-on act i dislike. And yes, it's indeed incredibly original to say fuck full-on. Ofcourse there are some i like, but it's much easier to say just that the genre generally sucks. It's like with food, im very picky when it comes to eating meals, if people ask what food do i don't like, i'll just say we will spare MUCH time if i only tell you the food that i like. 5+full on names? GMS Eskimo Skazi Argh... got a call and have to go fix a thing at work, but there's some.
  20. Yeah love full-on. ...shit sorry man i can't lie to myself. Fuck full-on!!! "I always tell the truth.. Even when i'm lying"
  21. Well whatever... I just have to wonder why the sudden change. The rules are restrictive comparing to how things always have been here, that was the reason why things heated off because you started acting weird..banning people and all. People are not used to that here. You must have seen how people have always been praising this board because of the freedom of speach that existed here, and loved the allmost non-existing moderation. Your forum, you do what you want offcourse. But you should understand that your actions were one reason things went this way.
  22. Ok. But there are here are some people that should try drugs before critising all of them. Anyway.. i can't see any positive things about these rules. I would actually hope people would move to sonic-energy, im thinking of following the Sherlockalien path and post there mostly.. and sometimes here.. Sad, but i find it pretty dumb that people critised heavily when people got banned from here, and not long time and people are happy with everything.. this is the way we human work, that's why bad things can happen, people are first upset, and after a while they don't care anymore. And hey, if we can't make jokes about isratrance psynews will loose it's identity. I just hate that i have to discuss the way someone wan't me to discuss. It's like im talking with some friends and someone have implanted an device into my head that gives me electric shocks everytime i say something he doesn't like.
  23. All forums : The forum name tells what you should find/post in it - Be nice at all times - No fights, no anger - No spam, random bullshit - No racism (sex, color, religion, sexual pref) - No porn, no pedophily, ne torture chat - No drug incitation - No (mp3) piracy - No lobbying against each other - No commercial advertisement (except for artists & labels' new CDs) - No other psytrance forum criticism No other pstrance forum cricism.. ?? No drug incitation? i don't know what incitation means.. but if it's some restriction about what we can talk about drugs and what not. Then. Hello. Man. What happened, you will make this place some isratrance2. Other may agree with you that they are fine rules. Me. Want's to puke. Sorry for being harsch, but i think you kinda lost it. Im happy you got the place running and otherwise you rock! again! I just fear that if these rules will be strict then this site will be just one psytrance site amongst others..
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