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  1. NO it´s not. I nominate all the assholes in this scene. You know who you are.
  2. Sorry but Tribal vision has lost it as any other label trying too be big.
  3. Dude,Are You Compairing yourself with promeathus?
  4. Big L L. What fucking music makes you cry like a little baby. Do you sit by yourself listening too music and cry.
  5. I need Some. No of any? The older the better. Drop you´re Suggestions here. have a nice day //Detector Dude//
  6. Overrated crap. Just couse It has some pleidians track everybody Is Like WOW! I Bet Its Not Even good. Thats My OPINION. Dont like It? please press IGnore.
  7. Why is psytrance so popular in Israel? Can anyone explain this too me? Thanks Have a nice day //Detector//
  8. stfu or stfu. Coolish prosect will check that out. Have a nice day //Detector Dude//
  9. charlie charlie,...are you comparing with "twisted" and "the lone derenger" again.(shame on you ) Nothing he will ever do these days,will ever be as his first albums. Even who hard we want,but comparing will only make you feel dissapointed in simon,and its not his fault he gave us two very good albums,but that was when he was on top of his musical peak,let him be remembered for that. ...Long Live Simon...
  10. That would be a dream come true for me. Imagine having simon in you´re presence,and Farting too!! What a bliss to my ears.
  11. Ok,so the other tracks are overrated then,ok it makes perfectly sense know.
  12. But but it was so good a couple of days ago? Dont tell me that you guys allready are tired of this realese. HeHe,...That´s what happens when you listen to the same cd over and over again.
  13. Nothing really new here,But it´s a good album anyway,especially the first 4 ones. Some tracks seem awfully familiar though,especially the basslines.
  14. Jah man.... You´re right,lets kill him you and me reger lets do it.
  15. Well,it´s dark right? It´s also psychedelic? That´s basically it for me.
  16. What is you´re style? Are you good? Does you´re music stand out? Can I have a sample?
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