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  1. For oldschool goa (pre2000) check out: Hallucinogen - Twisted, The Lone Deranger Etnica - Alien Protein, The Juggeling Alchemists...... Astral Projection - Trust In Trance, Dancing Galaxy Cosmosis - Cosmology, Synergy Doof - Let's Turn On KoxBox - Forever After Electric Universe - One Love, Stardiver Other good stuff - Man With No Name, MFG, Dimension5, Prana, Pleiadians, Total Eclipse, Miranda, Shakta, Transwave, Deviant Electronics, Eat Static, Juno Reactor.
  2. Bacca

    Choice of cans.

    Just picked up the DAC, waiting for the headphones. I read a little bit more yesterday about ASIO. Don't know to much about it yet, but you supposed to use it with your mediaplayer (foobar, winamp) so the sound goes direct from example Foobar->DAC->Headphones, so the windows sound dosent interfere with the music. You can have the windows volume either on 100% or 0% dosent mather cuz the ASIO skips it when using foobar. Its gonna give you a better sound. Like I said dosent know too much about it yet.
  3. Bacca

    Choice of cans.

    Yes, I'm aware of that, it,s "the old one" not with USB but i get a M2Tech HiFace USB with it so i can run it with my PC. Another question if you may know the answer I've been reading about ASIO, do i need to play it through it to get good quality from my mp3 files?
  4. Bacca

    Choice of cans.

    Hey, thanks for your input. The outcome however got a bit diffrent, i hit the big drum and go all in . Tomorrow im gonna pick up a used Benchmark DAC1, older version without USB but with a M2tech HiFace USB so i can run it with my computer. I've read it's a bomb DAC with a very good headphone amp. Gonna get it for 450Euros. And im also gonna bid for a used AKG Q701 and hopefully get them somewhere between ~110-150Euros. I've read a bit of them too, they should be pretty the same as the K701 but with slighty better bass and some other small changes, ala Quincey Jones touch Can't wait to hear the sound with this stuff thou i've not even test listened to either the DAC nor the cans. So what you think guys, used Benchmark DAC1 + used Q701 for <600Euros. Is it a good deal? Anyways I hope the sounds gonna be awesome!
  5. Bacca

    Choice of cans.

    Sounds promising, though i never been a fan of wireless stuff and think non-wireless stuff is more solid, this could be a nice alternate if listening to an album in front of the cumputer and need to go to toilet or get something to drink. I dont need to pause the music and interrupt the mood. Though i think im gonna pick a non-wireless cans, this was a interesting alternate. How do you compare the sound to a non-wireless cans in the same pricetag?
  6. Bacca

    Choice of cans.

    Interesting, never really thought on wireless. How do you charge the battery? And how long do they last? And can you listen while you charging them?
  7. Bacca

    Choice of cans.

    Hmmm...well maybe i should go with the hd 25 instead, gonna try to test the both pair in a shop first before i decide. Thanks for your help man.
  8. Bacca

    Choice of cans.

    Thank you for your quick answer. Ok then i understand better about the circumaural and superaural. I only gonna use the headphones at my computer for listening music and soundleaks in or out won't be any issue what-so-ever. I don't really know to much about the sound card but i've heard it can "handle" cans up to 600ohm if thats what you mean with hard to drive? It also got headphone amp. And the price is about 170E so i think it can drive the k701? I turns more towards the k701, cuz i like the design and they seems very comfortable.
  9. Hello, im looking for a new couple of cans, and would like to know what type of cans you like. So what kind of cans do you prefer for your psy/goa/chill or whatever you listen to? Circumaural (closed-back) or Supra-aural (open-backed)? I heard that many people like the open-backed cans best for all kind of music, but i thought for psy maybe the closed-backed one can be better because they sealing off the outside world? But the open ones give the impression that sound is coming from around you? And if you can recommend any cans? I got a budget of ~200E I've been looking for a couples do you have any input about those? http://www.thomann.de/se/akg_k701.htm Open-backed, very popular cans, heard much good thing about these ones. http://www.thomann.de/se/sennheiser_hd25_c_ii.htm Closed-backed, heard much positive stuff about these too. So have you tried any of this cans and which would you pick, or would you pick some other cans? I'm also gonna get a sound card for my pc. https://www.asus.com/Sound_Cards_and_DigitaltoAnalog_Converters/Xonar_Essence_STX/#overview Anyone got that sound card, i reckon it's good? Thanks in advance.
  10. Sheyba - GaneshSubcouds - On Red. Space Angel and Greenflow are pretty good too though.
  11. New Juno Reactor compil/remix - From the Land of the Rising Sun - Inside the Reactor II. OnT: They are both very good specially, Bible Of Dreams, Beyond The Infinite, Forever After, Dragon Tales and The Great Unknown.
  12. Hallucinogen - Twisted Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger Etnica - The Juggling Alchemists Under The Black Light Etnica - Alien Protien Electric Universe - One Love Electric Universe - Stardiver Har-El Prussky - New Pagan World Juno Reactor - Beyond The Infinite Koxbox - Forever After Transwave - Hypnorhythm Total Eclipse - Delta Aquarids Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation Asia 2001 - Live Asia 2001- Strange World Asia 2001 - Psykadelia Asia 2001 - RA Chakra And Edi Mis - The Promised Land Elysium - Moonzoon Man With No Name - Moment Of Truth Planet BEN - Trippy Future Garden Psychopod - Dreampod Shiva Chandra - Spicy Moments Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala Transwave - Helium Transwave - Phototropic California Sunshine - Imperia California Sunshine - Trance California Sunshine - Nasha Green Nuns Of Revulation - Rock Bitch Mafia Juno Reactor - Bible Of Dreams Koxbox - Dragon Tales Orion - Future Prophecy Space Tribe - The Ultraviolet Catastrophe SUN Project - Drosophila Tandu - Multimoods Technossomy - Synthetic Flesh Ubar Tmar - Fusion X-Dream - Radio Deviant Electronics - Brainwash Is Child's Play Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Twin Sharkwins Darshan - Awakening Elysium - Celestial Sounds And Tribal Beats Somanton - Future Memories Elysium - Master Of The Rainforest Oforia - Delirious Pigs In Space - Pigs In Space Shiva Sidpao - The Album Synchro - Science Friction The Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing Tarsis - Vacuum Ubar Tmar - True VA Tantrance VA Goa Head VA Distance To Goa VA Destination Goa VA Pulse VA Order Odonata
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