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  1. about the cds that are piled up, i'm naming: "doof - lets turn on reissue" and moty+MysticalExperiences, both found recently for 4&5€ and there's like 10 or more of them left there. i would hate to see this happen to the D5 album. WHICH IS THE MAIN POINT I'M TRYING TO MAKE. Stop seeing me as a troll. I'm trying to make a point that this reissue thing is ok, but lets NOT make it a habit and focus on new stuff (which anubis has confirmed now).
  2. Collecting is fun if the original authors want to make more money, let them put it on itunes instead. No costs, only gains
  3. Personally i think one should not touch the holy grail of a music genre (which this cd is - apparently). i have seen this with other albums, which were once the best of the best. But are now lingering away in the 5€ bin in the local record store an itunes release would be in place, but a cd release is definitely a no-no imho. i would rather see a reissue of other out of print cds then this one (as i see this as cheap money harvesting - reissuing a classic isnt hard, reissuing a non-classic and making it a classic is). Lets keep this holy grail thing alive - same for IFO (wh
  4. yes exactly, i listened to it again and it's too precious to let go sorry... Finding it cheaper is possible, but it's gonna take luck and patience (as it did with me)
  5. try making an offer, maybe a good one will change someones mind
  6. http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...em=270022272904 auction ended now, but he'll probably relist it soon, so keep an eye on this guy.
  7. ok here is what to do a. throw away your girlfriend b. http://cgi.ebay.de/Oforia-Delirious-CD-Dra...1QQcmdZViewItem c. http://cgi.ebay.de/GOA-THE-COLOURS-OF-SHIV...1QQcmdZViewItem d. have patience the others will be there soon.
  8. i bought it for 5 £ on ebay so it aint rare
  9. i'll take x-dream - we created our own happiness 5 € hallucinogen - twisted (reissue) 5 € + shipment to europe
  10. check your pm (check if you got it cause i'm not sure they're arriving)
  11. Lots of fun to be had here.The 'Bombs come up with Part 2 of 'Panic In Paradise' on track 3,re-invent Goa trance on 6 & 9,do an Eat Static impersonation on 7,pull off a version of the modern-day Shakta/Ticon groove and finish with 3DVision in the disco and [later]outer space on 10.
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