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  1. all those links are not avaible
  2. aaaaah you find it, indeed cosma listened to it and recognized it directly great you found your track
  3. SINN TEC RECORDS Neelix - No Way To Leave 1. Side B 2. The next 3. Think on me 4. No way to leave 5. Complication 6. Follow 7. Of nine 8. Rien ne va plus 9. The second I'm not a long reviewer and review track by track is imo not that necessary well with some cd's it is, other releases it isn't this one isn't Neelix brings us here a perfect concept, the concept that I like, more and more are different genres coming together, most people will experience neelix as progressive but I see many fullon elements in it, this is very uplifting a
  4. very simple answer anything can be psychedelic what is experienced as pscychedelic is pure personal so you can find it psychedelic and your friend not and your both right
  5. 1998 my starting year and still my favourite year first tracks were all dj sets with no tracklist so but I can garuantee it was 100% melodic pure goatrance still have them, bad quality off course but lots of memories well I'm getting older too and the 'those were the days' feeling is around too but I try to avoid that, don't like that cause I know that's imo and goa is still superactive, in other genres maybe but still the evolution is very fast and busy comparing to other music genres, we even still have old skool releases in 2005, I'm not complaining
  6. yahel - around the world 100% the worst I've heard this year, insane
  7. if you are not working weekend, day off, doens't matter and you produce or mix... do you prefer night or day ??? must say I always prefer night the magic of whole the world sleeping and just you and the music is so high that the atmosphere is perfect to create ideas imo off course if you work it's not possible, I have to start working soon again so done with the nightmusic but then again we don't have to work 7/7 a week
  8. thinking the same thing, but taste is taste and indeed MFG is the closest to astral projection imo
  9. cool statistics... 1. khetzal 2. apsara 3. etic - feeback 4. bubble - airless 5. lamat - master control
  10. Lamat


    true friends of me make goa too, made a track two years agoo will release it soon the sample is from a movie and already been used 3 times now by other artist well yeah the track is finished, can't change anymore what is normal, so if you will hear the track some people will say 'oh now that one again' but it's just the way it is sorry
  11. LOl indeed very funny, well I have nothing commercializing goa but it's hilarious they sell it at psyhop
  12. 1. CDs that spinned in your CD-player the most (artist albums). mmmmm, hard to tell off course, to make a statistic of a whole year I think etic - feedback 2. CDs that spinned in your CD-player the most (compilations). don't listen much to compilations but I guess distance to goa 5 cd, best mixed old skool cd ever.... 3. Best label. I don't care about labels and don't know many things about labels... 4. Live acts that impressed you the most. Khetzal off course 5. Live acts that disappointed you. Derango 6. DJs sets that rocked your dancefloor
  13. Lamat

    Pleiadians - IFO

    100% goatrance indeed but this album I've listened so many times in the past and so many memories don't listen to it anymore it's a time period in my goa experience that was so cool and that's over now
  14. to noisy... can't help, it's like to overloaded for me allthough I respect the fact some parts are well done
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