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  1. you can download from http://www.psyreviews.com/damion/a_very_da...ristmas_160.mp3 right click, save target etc it's chaos unlimited's server and is fast
  2. very sorry!!!!! i'll send you a ltd edition CD version with artwork and that i dont know most people on here so apologies for taking things out of context
  3. heheh i love that.. joe pesci, apparently he had a brief music career playing his character off My Cousin Vinny, there's an album out there somewhere @_@ okay, you get in for free everyone else: €60
  4. lol... dont think there'll be too many signups charge anyone who wants to join €50, and we'll split the profits. deal?
  5. Yes folks A Very Damion Christmas does exactly what it says on the tin. 40 or so minutes of shocking christmas records, comedy take-offs, and the odd actually very-good song about christmas. This was a smash hit last year, with in excess of two downloads!!! It was also played at Eastleigh Market during their christmas shopping season, by two lovely friends with a market stall selling psytrance situated right opposite KFC and Domino's Last year there was a charidee involved, and this year i'm going with www.bookaid.org ... as before, the idea is that if you get a kick out of the tunes (and lets face it, who fuckin wouldnt *snorts*) then you bung some cash to them via their donate page or better still, chuck a fiver at their reverse book club, where you buy a bunch of books that then get directly sent overseas to africa and that, where they're needed. stream or download at: http://www.mixupload.com/index.php?act=mli...ysong&s_id=3600 (hit "play" to stream and "podcast" to save) *****please consider voting for it on the above URL. I want more points than Talamasca has got for his mix bom santa-r!!!! 1) Intro - London Acid Christmas 2) Yoko Watanabe - Last Christmas 3) Kevin Bloody Wilson - Santa's Stoned At Christmas 4) Squirrel Nut Zippers - Santa Claus Is Smoking Reefer 5) Barking Dogs & Jingle Cats - We Wish You A Merry Christmas 6) The Carpenters - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Synth Bastard Would So Shag Karen Carpenter Mix) 7) Granville Williams Orchestra - Santa Claus Is Ska-Ing To Town 8) Coca-Cola Advert (Synth Bastard I Object Mix) 9) Cliff Richard - Mistletoe & Wine (Cassette Boy Mashup) 10) Chuck Berry - Merry Christmas Baby 11) Elvis vs. Porky Pig - Blue Christmas (Synth Bastard mashup) 12) Joe Pesci - If It Doesn't Snow For Christmas 13) Jacob Miller & Ray I - I Wish You A Merry Christmas 14) Jacob Miller & Ray I - All I Want For Christmas 15) Roy Chubby Brown - 12 Days Of Christmas (Synth Bastard I Hate Chubby Brown Mix) 16) Pizzicato Five - Silent Night 17) Tenchi Muyo - Jingle Bells 18) Hayseed Dixie - A Christmas Without Weed 19) Peter & The Test Tube Babies - I'm Getting Pissed For Christmas 20) Tweety Pie - I Tawt I Taw Ol' Tanty Claus 21) Chuck Berry - Run Rudolph Run 22) The MacKenzie Brothers - 12 Days Of Christmas 23) Bob Rivers - Walking Round In Women's Underwear 24) Bob Rivers - The Restroom Door Said Gentlemen 25) Horace Andy - Christmas Time 26) Pilate - The Fairy Tale Of New York 27) Closedown
  6. www.psyreviews.com : If you don?t know, Mumbo Jumbo is Mitch Davies and Bilbo Bagginz, aka Cosmosis; and if you don?t know, Mumbo Jumbo produce a kind of funk-trance that?s more like stand up comedy than anything else; there?s punchlines in the samples, punchlines in the stop-start missed beats, even the squelches are veritable psychedelic Dead Parrot Sketch. Turtlehead sets off one of the themes ? of more movie samples than the trailers at your local Warner Village ? with not one, not two (well possibly two, psyreviews lost count) Austin Powers samples, laid and dropped over a seriously funky ass beat. Techno Boom Boom Remix is so good for butt wobblin?, psyreviews politely suggests a Jennifer Lopez collaboration, and Jack Bac chucks in samples of Mr Nicholson like it?s popcorn whenever Jar Jar Binks is on the screen. Dumb Ass Groovers is hilarious, and begs to be played on a big rig, with a thousand homer simpsons all expressing anger and displeasure at something or other, over a smooth and even chunky groove. The Live Mix of Mysteronz is wicked, known before on Transient but still kicking here. The energy?s there for the taking and it?s just rising and rising; one imagines Bilbo?s synths floating around the room poltergeist stylee. Fishbone Remix (again known on Transient) is a nice, positive groove shoulder roller, and finally the title track brings things down with, yup, more movie samples. At the end of the day, this may not ignite the peak hours on a dancefloor but it?s damn funny, damn fine, and damn addictive stuff that might just leave Mitch and Bilbo typecast the psytrance equivalent of Cheech and Chong. Which is a good thing. www.psyreviews.com
  7. For a chunk of last year, it looked like psychedelic London in 2002 belonged to Aphid Moon. A couple of storming singles, some contemporary-legendary live sets in east end venues... the wrapping didn?t stay on this CD for long. But, and it pains me to report this and I only do so out of duty and global compassion, apart from the singles there?s not much else to get excited about. A Lot Of Radio sounds every bit as good as it did when I first heard it and got so excited I almost dropped my sheep, the wonderfully restrained synth line is just as effective as the first time you heard it. Likewise Disco Biscuit carries on the chuggy, 21st century, slightly dirty sound that Aphid Moon made his mark with. Boo is messy and hectic and while it pounds with great effect, it lacks a little direction to get your brain moving in time with your feet. Specta has a nice punch, and a good synth hook though some of the hardhousey elements would alienate the outdoor party crowd. High Diver is a couple of shots over par (has anybody else used a golfing analogy in a psytrance review? Psyreviews thinks not!) and while its Hendrix finale crunches and crashes away, it doesn?t quite grab you by the genitals and fling you at the wall like you want it to. I still maintain that Aphid Moon has a classic album in him, but folks this ain?t it.
  8. Totally, utterly, jaw-droppinly, flabbergastingly brilliant. But enough about psyreviews --- the album's wicked as well :¬) Silicon Sound is Johannes Reginer, and if you've heard his previous output on Solstice, 3D Vision, Moon Spirits and other labels, you'll know what to expect: fluid, in-your-face psychedelic anthems with bags of quality, character, and style. Nexus 6 Remix is class and in my set for a long time to come, Analog Device I literally can't stop listening to, and the wicked groove of African Daydream is a sheer delight. Full of melodies and runs that'll have the hairs on your arms, back of your neck, and other places you neve knew you had hairs, all standing up. Trust me folks, this is what it's all about. The first truly essential album of 2003. 5/5 www.psyreviews.com
  9. damion

    V/A - 6 Stringadelica

    So there I was smugly thinking that guitars in trance were dead; that 1200 Mics’ Mescaline had taken the whole thing as far as it could go, and that the global psychedelic consciousness had realised that if they wanted to lose it to hefty guitars then Iron Maiden’s entire back catalogue is buyable for pennies per album in your nearest second-hand vinyl shack. But then this came in and completely fucked with everything. Total Eclipse kick off with a version of Canned Heat’s On The Road, and while it sounds like the most unlikely, and most ill-judged, cover version ever, it works. Total Eclipse’s broken arpeggios lend a stellar quality to the shuffled, riff-based groove. The Melovskys pull a similar rabbit out of the hat with Purple Haze, possibly a hugely unnecessary cover version but it works well enough to get a smile on your face. Eat Static and Ed Ozric’s Chronic Horde is simply awesome; sent back from fifty years in the future, the cryogenically frozen Joe Satriani is going into convulsions over an automaton solid groove. A big welcome back to Manmademan, whose Contact The Living is right in keeping with their earlier, classic sound rather than the stripped down future disco of the more recent Flying Rhino output; beautiful, hardly-there, ephemeral morning stuff that moves you in the way only they can. Morphem’s Whooky’s Wha has been about a lot since release last summer, everything hangs together in such a way that it almost sounds like your dreaming it... yummy. Finally Psycraft’s A Song For You is sleazy post-goa copshow stuff – Hank Marvin Tastic. It looks like there’s legs still left in the old guitars-in-trance horse after all. 4/5 www.psyreviews.com
  10. Chris Organic - Don't Panic Artist: Chris Organic Title: Don't Panic Label: Organic Date: 2002 Track listing: 01. Prolonged Derangement 02. Gotta Be A God 03. Samothraki 04. Cockroach Tune 05. The Finger Of Funk 06. Speaking Jupitarian 07. Motorised Maniac 08. Cable Karma 09. Plastik Demon (Deep End Rmx) Review: He's been in the scene since the rest of us were in short trousers, the record label's been around for more than five years, but this is Chris Organic's first full solo album. It's full of that very addictive Organic flavour, with smooth progressive traits almost betraying the ballsy, hefty vibe that they conjure up, with plenty of room for the tearjerker morning anthem moments. Prolonged Derangement is beefy and menacing, with ticklish FX and a huge synth riff at the close; Samothraki did the business last summer and is presented here in its full, fluid glory; The Finger Of Funk is sublime and transporting, building perfectly... truly awesome stuff (though it's a pity it seems to end a little abruptly.) Plastic Demon is a confident, enjoyable groove and while the shades-of-uro melody might be too much for some to stomach, pick the moment and this will send them ballistic. Finally Motorised Mechanic's gorgeous wobbles and massages makes the perfect end to an album, and adds a sort of full-circle-journey vibe to the whole disk. All in all an impressive collection of menacing, chilled, and ephemeral moments all viewed through trademark Organic hippy sunglasses. And the over art's sweet as well. 4/5 www.psyreviews.com
  11. damion

    V/A - Touchin Bass

    V/A - Touchin Bass Artist: Various Title: Touchin Bass Label: Dragonfly Date: 2002 Track listing: 01. 12 Moons : Nimbus 02. Shakta : Was On 03. Zen Lemonade : Dark Star 04. Green Oms : Mr Boing 05. Bamboo Forest : Step By Step 06. Zodiac Youth : Tatoo 07. Transparent : Acid Blues 08. Aphid Moon : Disco Biscuit 09. Biscava : Bass Syndrom Review: One of only a handful of the day-one English labels still around after the departure of Blue Room and Flying Rhino, Dragonfly seem to have carved a good niche in the current trance landscape. Not too hard, not too soft; not too dark, not too mellow… it's Goldilocks syndrome, folks, and it kicks. 12 Moons' Nimbus is a smooth bit of morning-prog with a perfect balance and an almost otherworldly effect, while Shakta takes things a little deeper with Wax On, a nice mover in a classic progressive vein that builds into a textured and fluid peak. The wonderful, organic runs of Zen Lemonade's Dark Star justify it's massive amount of plays over the summer (including one John ‘OO' Fleming), and it's full of their trance-fusion vibe and boiling underbelly. Dick “Green Nuns” Trevor's viral return to making music is represented by Green Om's Mr. Boing, a pacey metallic tune that makes you wait ages for the bottom-end, adds acid, then plays breakout with the pieces. Destined for big things, this is the sound of 2002. As is, thinking about it, Bamboo Forest's Step By Step, a bouncy house-trained rhythm section and wonderful analogue high-end, held together by some amazing techno stabs n' pads till a subtle growl drives it along, and immaculate pings bring it down. Zodiac Youth's Tattoo is harder, with a menacing look in its eye, a killer cinematic breakdown and a totally unique vibe and drive. Transparent ride Acid Blues on a deep, deep groove with soaring electric guitar phased in and out, before Aphid Moon's Disco Biscuit brings it all back home to the belting, gurning dancefloor material. Huge and devastating, it does have a disco feel (though imagine Donna Summer's scored a bit of DMT off McKenna). Finally Bass Syndrom, from Swedes Biscaya, is a clattering and lo-tempo bit of progressive with a killer line that rounds things off nicely. Touchin' Bass is fresh, effective, killer, well-produced, varied and not a duff tune in sight. Which can only mean one thing: five stars. 5/5
  12. Astral Projection Amen Nova Tekk / Phonokol (Israel) If you’ve never heard of Astral Projection, then you’re in need of a slap upside the face with a very large and very wet salmon. Which, ironically, is what Astral projection do. Amen is fat, bustling, uplifting and so unashamedly Goan it makes you think you’ve gone back in time and it’s 1996 again (in a good way, mind.) Title track Amen opens the album, and it’s straight in, with a kind of menacing, rising vibe. The trademark Astral full power backend is on display here like a drag queen on gay pride day – proud, happy, defiant – and you’re glad that Astral are back. Chaos is more in keeping with their sound over the last couple of albums - a kind of linear, clubby streak with melodies wibbling as the full-throttle downlayer drives it along. A nice breezy break later, and cascading melodies rise for the main section, with a filtered finale that’ll blow you away. Infinite Justice is swirly yet linear stuff, the melodies you’ll either love or hate, but this does have fantastic movement which even the slightly dodgy chord changes don’t spoil. The Nexus is what psychedelic historians will one day refer to as Astral Classique. Starts nowhere, and builds up swirls aplenty, melodies all over the place, and the definite presence of their edgey psychedelic energy that’s been absent from more recent material. Lovely. Techno Drom goes a little darker, and they manage to pull it off quite nicely – brooding chords, a huge rising vibe and peppered with a lovely 303 that gets the tears of nostalgia welling up nicely. 1,000,000 Years From Now is a frantically-bpm’d demo of what these guys can do best. It sounds very live, very spontaneous – it has that energy right from the start and you’ve got no choice, and this is before the soaring synths and addictive stomplines do their business. Anything Is Possible sounds incongruous to the rest of the album, it must be getting on a year older than the rest of it and while it’s fine, it’s fluffier production and the fact that it’s been caned to death since its release on Transient last year makes it stick out like a porn actress with natural breasts. Heaven’s Gate features some great melodic manipulation that’ll have Yahel taking notes till Christmas. The defiant, triumphant feel might be a little too saccharine for some, but who’d begrudge Astral that. Electric Blue ends the album in an awesome style – again it’s Astral fresh from the peak time live performance slot, and full of night madness. Of the whole album, and out of anything they’ve laid down in the last couple of years, Electric Blue is one of their most classic, enjoyable, and genuinely transporting tunes in ages. All very well then, but is there anything new here? Well, yes. Most significantly they sound for the first time like a band – they’ve been out and toured the world and they brought this energy right to life on this album. Second up, there’s a more mature and progressive edge to the production that makes for an updated, confident sound. Add to this their wonderful energetic sound, done here in perhaps the most accomplished way yet, and you’re looking at one damn fine release. 5/5 www.psyreviews.com
  13. Promon Funky Fumes Inpsyde Media (Italy) Once in a while something so incredibly weird comes up that it sort of makes you very very confused indeed. And so to Promon. One of the winners on the recent psynews.org new artists contest (as displayed on Inpsyde’s Psychedelic Sparks), Promon are sample-friendly duo Lars Arne Mikael Forsberg and Sven Robin Gunning. And Funky Fumes is an oddity, full of Scandinavian mythology with the forest alive and breathing, and out to get you… After the short intro of Tenk, Beyond Contact has an organic growl over hollow-swallow bass with technoid percussion going ape as it builds. There’s squiffy sounds all over the place, and good layered squeakage over the top. Zenodorf Cooling-Fan features Terrance McKenna over the top of a particularly sharp, bed-o’-nails bit of nighttime music. But at Slemvaxt things get really weird. They have a little song – "it’s a mushroom, it’s a fungus, and it’s living all around us and among us." Some little urchins sing the ditty, before a very psychedelic, very alive bit of schitzo-minimal, with disjointed melodies all over. Very disturbing, and doubly so when the Promon guys themselves appear to sing the same song. Badly. It’s delightful in its sheer insanity. After that, we get into the insane synthwork of Defined Inside; the harsh, reality-twisting pneumaticadelia of Gnillevart Emit; the hypnotic Bruno Bandit and the brilliantly-named Throbbing Hobbits, a very bouncy and seasick-making journey to another part of the enchanted forest. Massive standout has to be Trolltyg, with Scandinavian folklore getting a real-old psychedelic workout. Mad noises and even madder voices get the pulses racing, and it smacks you around the room like nobody’s business. Plus, just when you think it can’t get any higher, it does. This is classy, quirky stuff steeped in murky mushroom mulch, with some mindblowing moments in its mythical madness. 5/5 www.psyreviews.com
  14. I'd expected this to be brilliant but not this brilliant. Freelance producer and general sonic experimentalist Ott comes from a full-blown studio engineer background, working with the likes of Brian Eno, the Orb and even James. Freelancing for Youth, he met Simon Posford at London's Butterfly Studios, and now lays down some seriously heavyweight remixes of Hallucinogen's classic tuneage. Mi-Loony-Um opens with the same intro as the floormashing 4-4 original, and then buzzes right down to a slower, heavy dub tempo signalling that you're about to be taken deeper than you've ever been before. It's jaw-dropping, with the trademark hallucinogen sound more felt than heard. It's pure dub, with hefty bass, plenty of topend splurge, a groove that'd melt butter and at eleven minutes plus it's a perfect duration to get one on, light up, and float back. Solstice uses a more discernable skeleton of the original, and builds up some insanely gorgeous patterns, with rhythms shifting all over and melodies coming in and out of nowhere. It's got a heavy druidic vibe, and a more complex set of atmospheres than you've ever heard before. Gamma Goblins and things get very, very good indeed. The pixielike main melody is underset by fat, red-eye rasta pure dub and it's a sheer fucking delight. You always had the suspicion that Hallucinogen's stuff would lend itself well to dub and this proves you right. It's a dub circus with flecks of the original souping in and out, and the effect is truly psychedelic. Spiritual Antiseptic uses the original's cutup vocals with a more traditional dub arrangement melodica, clattering drums, and reverb to hell and back. Meanwhile LSD takes the intro and launches straight out into an insanely gorgeous bit of dub the clatters and spaciness make this possibly the most shpongle-like on the album, and the new vibe and melodies Ott prescribes give it a trippy Celtic vibe. Twisting and turning, the way the main LSD melody surfaces is pure sonic poetry, and certainly gets those brain chemicals flowing. Finally Angelic Particles with swirling vocals and sweet guitar (specially recorded by Simon Posford) creating a sort of timeless dub full of rich psychedelic harping back to Floyd, Gong and the Grateful Dead. This is an absolute triumph: it's original, it's brave, and the sounds are truly transporting making this a release that truly deserves the "psychedelic" tag. Not just an album to enjoy, but one to experience and for a damn long time as well. 5/5
  15. damion

    Oryx - On The Run

    Oryx - On The Run Artist: Oryx Title: On The Run Label: Tatsu Date: 2002 Track listing: 01. The Man 02. Mesmorized 03. Jones Bassweaver 04. Sergio 05. Mount Neverest 06. Naptune 07. Mesmorized (Think Bigger Mix) 08. Once Upon A Time Review: Oryx - On The Run - Tatsu (Germany) As one half of hallowed Reefer Decree, Oryx certainly knows his stuff and this solo outing takes the Reefer vibe and passes it through a more linear, conventional gateway before mischievously touching-up the results. The Man opens proceedings, with a simple bassline that sits nicely and some nice tribal parts, while Mesmorized has an almost disco-vibe, it’s focused purely on the club floors rather than the outdoor madness-gatherings. Jones Bassweaver has, erm, a weaving bass that’s sort of reminiscent of an underdeveloped Jam & Spoon, and while it all site together nicely and effortlessly, it’s kind of uneventful. Sergio kicks off with some very cute pads and develops into a mid-set, nicely uplifting little ditty with some nice melodic twinges. Naptune is more psychedelic, having a gnarly twistathon at the bottom, and rising proggy sounds across the higher-end while Mesmorized (Think Bigger mix), once it shakes its very dodgy intro, is a dubby bit of analogue-house-hop that’s sort of chilled didigub that would only suit the most stoned of dancefloors. Tacked on at the end is Once Upon A Time, which was featured on the first Iboga compilation and became a bit of a psy-hit, it’s a strong piece of laid-back darkish prog and works well despite its almost comedy-goa melodies. This album’s okay, it’s clearly designed more for the club than for a psychedelic floor (and you couldn’t really call it psychedelic trance). But what it does, it does with a sort of confident ease. 3/5 www.psyreviews.com
  16. This oddly-titles, oddly-packaged and (spiritually) oddly-scented release from Shulman is a delight. Whether you like to think of it as one man's soundtrack to an increasingly crazy world, or (like me) you prefer to think of it as music made by some kooky alien chaps (like the Star Wars Cantina Band messing about with Cubase), its quirky headiness and rootsy beauty are magic. On tunes like Small Grey Creatures and Avant Garden, Shulman creates a sublime unfolding atmosphere and almost manages to out-Shpongle Shpongle. He brings in huge beats (Aion), trip dub (Take A Walk Outside) and even offers half a nod to the dancefloor (fromage). Overlook the nasty taste of Jan Hammer-esque vibraphone in Shigo, and instead divert your spliffy attention to the filtered arpeggios, cut up vocals and cute dubby reflections that make this an album to soak up and enjoy. The fractal alien chorus singing yogic mantras (really) on Elements will make you weep, and the knowing and meditative groove throughout this album is world class. Love it.
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