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  1. astral projection - power gen astral projection - let there be light
  2. love them all... as always u can get back from hell and muaddib (also named mohadive) on the following compilations: psytisfaction and raveolution reloaded. mohadive is a coop with dynamic and mahamudra was made in a couple of hours live on a radio show... as far as i know
  3. maybe because it is a girl a not astrix, the person on the cover is wearing a brah and doesn't even look like avi stupid cover though... but cool font on the text anyway... the gayhel cover is the worst ever.
  4. there's like a million lame names... and a million cool ones. it's all about individual taste anyway gms - do androids dream of electric sheep is one of the coolest track titles i know of. too bad they did not make that up themselves though. gms also have a lot of cheesy ones like jaws, shrek, haloween, gladiator... wtf i that all about?
  5. that is very true actually, still u can't achieve the massive and crystal clear sound of astrix (as an example) without using compressors and eq
  6. i believe gms compress and eq their basses like everybody else, thank u very much
  7. tried messing with your buffer settings in reason?
  8. one for kick, one for bass, then i sometimes route them together and compress on top of that again to get it sound real tight. i usually compress bass, drums and vocals. no need to compress leads unless u do it in a creative way. I usually use Waves L2 or L3 on the final mix.
  9. that is very true! the sh-101 and virus makes some pretty awesome basses too
  10. if u get drop-outs it might mean either not enough CPU power or low efficiency in audio drivers. never had any similar problems with v-station vsti.
  11. i just did one with the poco 01 but i have no place to upload the sample... where do u guys usually upload samples of your work?
  12. ok, sounded cool, but too hollow... i bet they did that sound on their sh-101. i'll try to do a clone with my powercore 01 and post it if i can come up with something close to it.
  13. could u please post an audio of that one because i didn't think it sounded much like the sound in life one mars when i adjusted it with your settings. maybe i did something wrong...
  14. it would really help if you could describe it some more since these guys have been releasing stuff under like 10 different names... does it sound oldschool or not? what type of sounds? sounds to me like it's very minimalistic... maybe something from the earlier days of sfx, aban don, mantra or even dazzle pulse? hmm.. only track i can recall astral has had anything to do with star wars is the domestic remix of life on mars. ido used some c-3po and r2d2 sounds. no melodies i can think of, sorry... anyway, which star wars melody is this? the theme?
  15. it might be cliche in the way that it is their most famous track. still, genious work. if u listen to it carefully, this track has like 20 layers of different melodic themes playing throughout the track. that is sooo coool
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