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  1. Dont even know where my first post is, back here after a loooooooooooong time. Dont see many of the old faces tough
  2. Dtto on music junkie hunting for job.

  3. have left a comment at the website ..! nice track , will download it to my ipod , if its okay with you .
  4. Hey bro! Maybe next time... I am on a tight schedule this time around and will not make it down south. Take care : )

  5. Always. You?

  6. Life is going for a spinning..!

  7. Somewhat indifferent , Personally a bit less would have been okay , but there is so much diversity in indian music . rather than trap these diversities, they just stick on to the Jazzy - modern - Hindustani versions ..! or whatever they are called. a point well said .
  8. music is in your vain. you junkie

  9. Peace in the Middle-East! P.L.U.R.! See you next time I am in India! Where do you live?

  10. There are 9 letters in "Jealously". I think you mean "Jealousy"

  11. Goddamit vancbc did you have to steal my lines .... Now what shall i come up with ... Faze : technically i have to get the CD .. as it is a golden chance to return something back to da man of the Land .. where it all began ... Goa - India .. now i know that this is lame . but a last attempt .. anyway count me in for this Lottery man ..
  12. Hey thanks Mars .. All hail Mars ..
  13. Moni baby... i just love you for this list..... Great work.... Now its easier for me to enhance my personal collection...
  14. I dont care what anyone has to say in my opinion ... Infected mush's ( I Wish ) by skazi .. is a great track ...
  15. Goa... eh..? Sure . first things first . get down in goa . and head north . the party scene unfolds from aunjuna up north to Arambol . these are the places you have to be if you are looking for Rave / Trance parties . just see which places are cool for you along this strip ( frm Anjuna - Arambol ) anjuna is very wild , ahile arambo, is a little more relaxed and less crowded . so have your pick . according to what you want ... then get a bike for rent , coz it makes sense when you have to pay just rs.100 ( approximately $3 dollars ) so your transportation is solved . you can get accomodation for something like ( 200 ~ 500 ) R.s depending upon how long you gonna stay .. and which place ... To start with if you dont know where the parties are ( the good one's ) then just hang out either in ( Primrose , 9 Bar , or Hilltop ) you will meet some nice people and get to know where the good parties are ... if you want to know more ..i can suggest the places that i stay ... anyway im planning to go there this year end ... so PM me ... or mail me ... 88 Hope this info was of some use to you ..
  16. hey its not right to take some-one elses track's and like re-mix..it and call it your own ... just hope eyal bak... owuld use his talents a little better by creating his own ... his first song that i really liked was.... hmm..yes : Good Morning Isreal ..that was quiet good .. dude has some talent we have to agree...
  17. Im not sure about Vagator ... but maybe a Little up-north in Mandrem-pernem or Aswem - Arambol Area .. Quiet Un-touched by General tourist . with mainly Isreali and European Tourist ( Psy Trance -people ) if you are interested PM .Me ... Some Photos of the Place .. are available here .. My Photos Golden water , lagoon , sunset , wall painting , and wild sun ... are from Mandrem and all the Psy-wall Painting's are from Prim-rose ...
  18. ** Be advised... they are not all Psy-kinda people .... they are weird ..
  19. ** I would say yes and No.. Goa nowaday's is infected with Isra-trance... its great .. but doesnot have the Pure Goa Beat to it ... But still a great place if you meet nice People and really Look around... ** Anjuna is really Over-rated.. and Kinda- Crowded.... i hate it.. New-year end... all these Freak's show-up... The " Bombay " Who dont know a shit about Trance . let alone Psy-trance... they come there just to get high.. and Screw their Babes ... Too crowded .. so i have shifted to Either - Palolem .. Down South , Om beach in Gokarna ... or Go extreme North to Arambol .. Or Aswem .. P.s - Im Planing to Go-2 GOa this Year-end on my Enfield Bullet with a short stay in Hampi- and Gokarna ... Wish me Luck.... ** Dude .. Go to Anjuna _ Junction Near Starco ... And ask anyone .... ** The Best Part is the Local people are very acceptive , and Open Minded ... spare a Couple of things.....
  20. well well ... Ok . so guy's which was the wildest party you visited .. and if you guy's have some tips .. please pass it on ..
  21. You guy's dont really enjoy it ... now lemme show how its done .... put some nice Psy-trance Like Infected Mushroom . Hullicinogen and Astral Projection... on your MP3 player . put your helmet on and hop on your Enfield Bullet . and drive like there is no tommorow .. in My dear ol' country India Of course ... now the main objective of this is to see wether Psy-trance can safely carry you on your bike across . the Real Battelfield " Indian Killer Roads " . ( P.s - Be advised , anything and everything can and will Pop-up on the Road ) now as you wind along the Pot-holes ehmmm.. sorry Mini Swimming pool's on Road . at a 45 degree angle which would put Mr.Rossi to Shame . and if you can survive the Autowaalah , the Trucker , the Mad Fat Lady . the Old blog who is moving at 20 Kmph . and the Kid.. who pop's out of nowhere .. then my friend you can drive anywhere .. in the world .. now after you have been through a Drive like this . you thank Life for Having Psy-trance . its this Chaotic Music ( Some say ) that can get you across Life in India ... .. ---- Hmmm ... i must have bored you all ... well ..
  22. Infected Mushroom - Cities of future , X.T.C in my mind , IM vegitarian and .. Go Gil sadhu
  23. Hey i think Infected Mushroom - Cities of Future and XTC in my mind . Eyal Bakhran - Good morning Isreal D.J Micro - Sound Barrier Three Drives on a Vinyl - Greece 2000 . Ziax - Subconsious ( Buddha bar ) all these would be great outdoor music . what do you guys think
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