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  1. We're organizing a road trip all the way from Beirut, Lebanon. I'm really looking forward for this event; the lineup is fucking-crazy-out-of-this-world and the eclipse is the cherry on top.... Turkey here we come...
  2. Congrats KAA, u really make us proud... hats off......voila...
  3. so apparently no one knows about GOA here.... no one's ever been there...... hmmmmmm can't feel the good vibez in this part of the forum....
  4. hey all, i want to GOA for this comming xmas and new year's vacation.... can anyone help me plan my trip..... i don't exactly know where to go there.... i need some guiding from ppl who've been there..... thnx....
  5. There's me but hey....u never saw me even in you real life.....!!!! Common peeps, how come Lebanon is not in the list????
  6. exactly...i recommend skazi.... reaaaaaaaaaally heavy guitar tracks.... he's a crazy MOFO
  7. hey man u can always join in for some psy event in Lebanon...and the closes one is on the 27th of august hosting ALTOM (Neurobiotic - FR)
  8. Hey there, first of all to answer your question about the religious balance in Lebanon...i must admit that currently the majority is islamic which is around 75% to 25% or maybe less than 25% i guess..... Electronic music has been rising really fast towards al kind of electronic scenes. we have held many big raves specially targetting euro and ambient trance listeners: 01 Dave Seaman (Strange Fruit, Beirut, 20-09-2002) 02 Anthony Pappa (B018, Beirut, 21-11-2002) 03 Sander Kleinenberg (Strange Fruit, Beirut, 26-12-2002) 04 Nick Warren (Old Train Station, Beirut
  9. just wanted to inform some ppl specially middle eastern psy freaks about this psychedelic public event on the 27th of august in Lebanon...
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