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  1. Dont even know where my first post is, back here after a loooooooooooong time. Dont see many of the old faces tough
  2. Dtto on music junkie hunting for job.

  3. have left a comment at the website ..! nice track , will download it to my ipod , if its okay with you .
  4. Hey bro! Maybe next time... I am on a tight schedule this time around and will not make it down south. Take care : )

  5. Always. You?

  6. Life is going for a spinning..!

  7. Somewhat indifferent , Personally a bit less would have been okay , but there is so much diversity in indian music . rather than trap these diversities, they just stick on to the Jazzy - modern - Hindustani versions ..! or whatever they are called. a point well said .
  8. music is in your vain. you junkie

  9. Peace in the Middle-East! P.L.U.R.! See you next time I am in India! Where do you live?

  10. There are 9 letters in "Jealously". I think you mean "Jealousy"

  11. Goddamit vancbc did you have to steal my lines .... Now what shall i come up with ... Faze : technically i have to get the CD .. as it is a golden chance to return something back to da man of the Land .. where it all began ... Goa - India .. now i know that this is lame . but a last attempt .. anyway count me in for this Lottery man ..
  12. Hey thanks Mars .. All hail Mars ..
  13. Moni baby... i just love you for this list..... Great work.... Now its easier for me to enhance my personal collection...
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