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  1. Yes that's true Goannes. But not all beaches in Goa are dirty, even Palolem which sees a fair lot of visitors is kept as good as immaculate most of the time.
  2. Well it's not as if Gokarna & what goes down on its beaches was a secret or anything... It's been on the map for a long time already. The parties were occasionally (often) interupted as I was there in dec. 2000 - jan. 2001. Then they (Shaktiman & co.) got into some kind of an agreement with the MiB and the situation somewhat settled down. Agreed, the beaches are ace but as I'm not interested in having anything to do with the scruffy and pre-dominant "hippie" -element there I'm not in a hurry to return. Great tips, squaffy, have to remember the one about Shiva and self-pleasing.
  3. You must be joke in, right? Where is it said this is a FREE OPEN MINDED [sic] site? I think you got it all wrong. This is the site where you'll better be ready to get your 'nads bitten off by a group of angry teenagers if you dare to note that there probably isn't anything magical or other-worldly at all about confusing your brain with chemicals, and that in fact it's not even that cool either. This is the site with an active anti-gay sentiment, or should I say individuals opposed to "filthy faggots" ruining their precisious drug... I mean psy-parties by their presence. This is the site where "open-minded" trolls/jokers, with no concept of paying respect to cultures other than their own, are allowed by the mod(s) to take over party-ads posted in the proper section of the forum, filling them with inane chit-chatter regarding their personal reluctance to cover their arses when out on public, be it in the most populous muslim-nation in the world or wherever. This is the site where "other music-styles" are regularly bashed for being "less intellectual/meaningful/whatever" than psy-trance. So I guess you really must be joke in, which I guess is not allowed either if following your rules.
  4. Ok. Not a case of having a specific theme there, those are just basic "rules" that pretty much every joint of decent reputation follow. Plenty of bars where you can go get merried wearing shorts & sandals but after the nightfall, this is not considered as a "reasonable attire".
  5. As the owner wishes to maintain an atmosphere of decency, probably. Which hardhouse parties (in Finland) have a dresscode, by the way?
  6. I believe something like 3 squids or thereabouts.
  7. After the success that was the opening night, we'll continue in january. However, something will happen on the beach @ Anyer already on the New Year's Eve's eve (thursday dec. 30th). More info later...
  8. Pardon me, seems that my initial assumption of these two, apparently separate, names to be typed as a singular entity appears to have been a hasty one, and regrettably, a wrong one at that. However I was duly informed of the correct nature and use of these two upon a sneak-peek -visit to your website, skipper. Kindly accept the sincerest of apologies. Keep it up, whatever it is you're doing.
  9. Sorry, that's about as lame as they come (one can hope).
  10. Place: Blue Oasis Entertainment, Jalan Senen Raya, Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia Time: thu. 10/21/2004, from afternoon* onwards till 5am. DJ Tri and I myself will be playing psychedelic techno & trance Admission: 50,000 Rp., incl. one beer or soft drink Dresscode: no sandals, no band t-shirts, no shorts, no singlets on men (?!, have some troubles figuring this out. But you'd really better think of something else.) Welcome. Edit: *We won't start playing until after sunset, due to Ramadan.
  11. Sure you have, your posts on the subject just ooze of knowledge. So you started DJing before or after you started sending 100MB files over Gmail? Troll. And to answer the original question, Kevin Shiu is surely among the best. Don't know about psy-DJs.
  12. There are no psyparties in Vietnam, unless a group of like-minded decide to pay off the police and arrange their own. Which is unlikely/difficult. The positive spin is that there's also noticeably less wannabe-hippy -scum out and about than say, in Thailand, probably deterred by the seemingly higher prices and the generally surly attitude towards "individuals" going around looking like dog shit (same applies for all the countries in the area, by the way). About nice places, as always it's best to find your own. Let the broke-ass herd follow the Sinh Cafe bus-trail and arrange your own transportation, this way you can get anywhere and find lots of suitable nice-place -candidates. The area around Tuy Hoa, on the coast just north from Nha Trang is interesting and pictoresque. As is the Danang general area. Never been to the extreme north of the country so can't vouch for that.
  13. Mind boggles... If you wanted to shag smelly tarts with ridiculous dreadlocks you could always go to Jamaica and get the real thing.
  14. Since we hear so little of Hallucinogen here is a eally good chance Finnally Hallucinogen close to europe. Are you serious? Simon plays in Europe all the effin' time.
  15. And furthermore, how is he supposed to be able to fix the problem if you never inform him about it?
  16. This is the most thing I have seen today. Besides, crap like this belongs in the off topic.
  17. Well no shit, sherlock: All CDs are BRAND NEW, ready for resale. This came from an online music store that closed few months ago.
  18. Well he released a new track last year on Nada Masala vol. 3, and there's a whole album-ful of new Makyo due out after summer.
  19. Hallucinogen - LSD (Oliver Lieb's remix) a great track for this purpose
  20. It almost sounds like simon is doing tech-trance, though. Come again? What, exactly, do you consider as "tech-trance"
  21. Ooops, pretty fookin' sweet if you don't mind my French! The rest of the album is lame but this, this... Something else.
  22. How about Shakta - Lepton Head (Deedrah remix) Alien Project - Midnight Sun (GMS remix) These are the best examples I can think of.
  23. Nope, you're out of luck dude. Of course there's something small going on somewhere all the time, but nothing big announced so far. Last week there was a 3-day party in Bangkok, organized by Dream-Mushroom (?, don't ask...), with DJs like Antaro (Spirit Zone), Sabai Sabai (Spirit Zone) and John (Phantasm)... So I'd say watch this space.
  24. I still have a practically unused extra copy of Pleiadians - I.F.O. (an original Dragonfly release), but I'm looking for a straight-up swap so your money is no good around here, sir.
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