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  1. Go with 280Pro. They bring MUCH better sound-quality for your money, plus they can be used for other things besides DJing as well (quite unlike the wimpy 25sps).
  2. How about Koh Pha Ngan, are you there now? For comprehensive info on Goa's "party-scene", run a search on this forum simply with the term "goa". You'll find lots of discussion on the subject.
  3. We had a wicked 3 day party in Cape Town, South Africa - phat rig and awesome scenery. I've short hair and most had dreadlocks (my girlfriend does) but no-one gave a monkey's and a great time was had! Wow, sounds great! As you sound like an upstanding young citizen, here's something you'll no doubt appreciate: After the hippies start pouring in, having read great things about SA on the psynews.org -forum, you'll never need to worry about getting your fancy Tevas (or whichever sandal-make you short-haired, upstanding young citizens prefer in your neck of the woods) dirty! Here's the trick: 1.) Get some loose exhange, preferably in 1R -coins. 2.) Now, upon approaching a pool of mud, a dog-turd, a sleeping wannabe-hippy or basically just anything unpleasant and unhygienic , reach for your hopefully plentiful stash of Rands. 3.) With one hand firmly in the coin-pocket, spot the closest up-and-about wannabe-hippy. Yes, might sound a tad tasky considering your general neighbourhood mainly consisting of young citizens not lacking in the upstandiness-department. But remember, there will be hordes of them by now, drawn by some positive opinions on the popular net-forum (www.wienerstuck.com/delphi/hotornot). 4.) Performing an arched "swoosh" with your coin-hand, chip a Rand in the direction of the obstacle vaguely described in "1.)". If your timing was perfect (read: if you hadn't started touching your penis with the hand supposedly holding a 1R-coin), the wandering flea-bag will be kissing the dirt quicker than you can spell "I do but some of my mates don't.". 5.) Hey presto! I'm sure a frisky chap of your caliber will figure the rest out by himself! For newbies, going for the "big game" i.e. caucasian-outerior-with-a-jamaican-heart -types is advisable, as brushing the soles of your pukka sandals against their dreads will rid you of all the old cat poo that has got stuck down there since last wednesday. Now, before the human-rights -brigade comes marching in, let me assure you that the poor misfits will almost never object to this kind of behaviour! After all, they just earned the day's wage and with that eternal stench, who's gonna spot the minuscule amount of groundhog vomit now nicely covering their gril. Live and let live, that's what I always say.
  4. Wow, Oprah in the house! Word up, Big W! One thing though, lose that ass and you can still be a looker. Money=power=money=power=money=power, but all the money in the world doesn't mean you can just ignore your body like that. Hollas.
  5. Isn't it obvious? As a toddler, I was beaten all around the house by my uncle Malcolm, who happened to live in a trailer parked on our backyard. He was a real number as well, wouldn't take any crap about his lack of soap-use. Crazy uncle Mac, that's what us kids used to call the old bugger. What do you mean by this "again" -notion, though? You've asked me this before? Thanks, old bean, it really is wonderful to know that someone actually cares.
  6. The men just asked for hippie places The men? Which men were those? Thanks, though, as I was under the impression this thread was about winter-proofing a wooden villa by the seaside, one that was originally built around the turn of the 20th century. It makes a lot more sense now, thanks to your prompt clarification. Go back to your pedicure... There there now, aren't you such a tease, silly.
  7. WTF, what you quoted was a genuine attempt to actually discuss this matter with someone who might have an idea what he's talking about (quite unlike you). If my point is, psy-trance is NOT what you would hear at these happening most of the time, then shouldn't I be allowed to challenge posts saying it is? Sense of superiority, what the fuck are you gibbering about? Is it a bit same like running your mouth about how great melodic goa is, and how crapy the new releases are, or how French/Italian cars are SOOOOO poor? Aren't these your points of view you ass-monkey, how the fuck come are you allowed to say them out aloud while I for some reason am not? To add to the insult, the subject discussed here is not even a matter of opinions really, as anyone who ever went to these happenings could tell you. May I kindly ask you to make your point already, regarding the actual subject, or see yourself out. Hollas.
  8. Funny, my recollection is that you were the only one making such idiotic remarks on that subject (rather unsurprisingly, considering your less than impressive track-record), and I'm also quite sure I pointed out already back then that I'm not practicing nor am I going to start praciticing yoga any time soon. This is something you simply can not understand, isn't it? the way you come here and flame everyone and try to pass youself as an expert in Full moon parties in Thailand... Again, I need to ask, who (except you, for making a moronic remark) have I "flamed" within this topic? One would guess the starter of this thread might be interested in the general setting of these happenings, not just the music they are playing? Furthermore, if this thread is solely for the experts on the matter, this obviously begs the very obvious question: Which relevant info have YOU brought to the table? Are you contributing to the topic in any way?
  9. Yes, I must've forgotten all the posts I've made claiming I'd be practicing yoga or anything such. I'm afraid you just made that up, for some foreign reason I'd really rather not know anything further about.
  10. Well, I suggest you return to meditating and finding your inner-calm Return to? Uhh, which ever dreams you're having, please leave me out of 'em, you drooling creep. As long as you find it difficult comprehending with very simple written English, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do for you, really. after all, you're simplistic offensive remarks show everyone that you're a confirmed expert in the matter Ok, I could do with a translation here. Anyone?
  11. What are you on about, I'd like to think I'm at my holiday-merriest at the mo.
  12. It's actually Koh Phangan, as the spelling varies, and I have just returned from there. Well, since we are getting anal about it, it "actually" is NOT Koh Phangan, it's เกาะพงัน, and when translitterated, you can add a - or put a space in between if you may, without any version being any more "actual" than any other. Of course, you can call this island King George the III if you wish, no problem for me.
  13. It's very difficult to see why you would make such a claim. Are you perhaps organising these muppet-fests? Which islands are you mostly referring to, now?
  14. Well fook me if the phrase "If you like watching MTV... [clip]... you'll like these happenings." doesn't "really answer her question". The relevancy might seem a tad hazy to you, but let me assure, it's just you.
  15. If you like watching MTV and if bad-smelling broke-ass piss-drunk fire-juggling clownset with orange bodypaint applied on their naked torsos is your idea of a seriously cool crowd for a party, you'll like these happenings.
  16. "Ko pan hagen", is it now? That's the Danish capital, nowhere near Thailand. Just in case you're talking about Koh Pha Ngan, it's a rather small island, go there and it'll all become clear.
  17. Look, you simply can not make party-plans like months in advance when a country like Thailand is concerned... Anything can (and probably will) happen between now and march, what with mr. Sinawatra's current politics & all. I suggest you'll check back closer to the actual date.
  18. Grow up mate. Suggestion duly noted. Not saying this is your exact point but you sure as hell dont sound like you got an open mind. How about not worrying about my point as you don't seem to have one to begin with?
  19. No techno/trance at "Speed", though it's ok for a casual night out. Bangkok MOS is no more, they are busy turning the venue into a more typical Thai-disco (Called Double O or something like that now). Q-Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 11 (a bit tasking to find for 1st timers, it's easy to miss as it's actually round the corner deep into the Soi. Taxi-drivers know it though) is always good for a relaxed drink or three, with stylish coffee-drinking house on the speakers. Ditto for Bed Supperclub, nearby, which is also an acceptable place for a late dinner, and sports the most eye-candy (read: the vast majority of the clientle is nothing short of stunning... Which is understandable since the Indian-English guy who owns the place is also among the more influental figures in the city's fashion-scene. So it's models models models hanging around over there). They DO have "full moon parties" at Narcissus (Suk Soi 23), meaning there's likely a semi-decent promotion on JD and higher-than-normal amount of sandal-wearing morons straight from KSR. Narcissus is worthy a visit if you dig Sasha/Digweed/Oakenfold/Van Dyk -sounds. I don't. For the best hotel-club, try 87 at the Conrad -fabulous. Spazzo at Hyatt and Rivas at Sheraton are also ok for some low-key merry-maiking. Club 20 on Ratchada is very popular among the younger Thais at the moment, together with the older favourites such as Phuture and Sparks. Prepare to look a bit out of place in these venues. DJ Station on Silom Soi 4 is also trendy again. While it's a no-nonsense gay-disco by it's nature, the crowd is very mixed these days (same for The Balcony and Telephone, nearby). Orbit on Suk Soi 26 and Forte on Suk Soi 24 are two similar bars/nightclubs catering mainly for well-to-do Bangkokians, but are fun for visitors alike as well. Go there with company, if possible. For straight-up beer-drinking, my list of recommendations is as follows: Bull's Eye (Suk Soi 33/1, some 100m into the sub-soi and by the Phrom Phong BTS-station), Londoner's (corner Suk/Suk Soi 33), The office (Suk Soi 33), Gulliver's (Suk Soi 5) and Cathouse (Nana Entertainment Plaza). Ok you asked for none of this but you never know, after all, one night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble and all that. There are several parties a week on Koh Pha Ngan, but this subject has been well-covered before, so you could run a little search. The infamous Full Moon Parties are absolute crap (literally: the beach is not a sight to behold for those faint of heart the morning after...) with piss-drunk bodypainted muppets swinging their earthly temples to tunes by Eminem, Britney, Linkin Park and all those. Tommy Resort keeps on playing Psy, though, but the atmosphere is non-excistent. It's a pity, as it's a nice island otherwise.
  20. This is such a superb idea, I mean it's not like there were enough free email-providers around already.
  21. I take it you meant to say "because you seem so kind...)? Thanks.
  22. There's sort of a gap between feb 1st and may 1st, yes? Is this two separate trips? I won't be around until early june. Have a good time.
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