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  1. Let's try again: "tour dates --> year 2002 --> september 21st"
  2. It's there... "schedule --> year 2002 --> september 21st"
  3. I'd check the backside of the covers, for starters. Good luck.
  4. Something wrong with it, can't listen to it.
  5. but it seems people there are not all psychedelic What, if you don't mind me asking, would that mean, exactly?
  6. Russia is cool, Russians in general are very cool. Trading psy-MP3s is seriously uncool. This guy is an MP3-trader. Don't be like him, stop now. Your truly.
  7. More fin-swe -translations: Ajankohta - Jag kör snart. Alkaa satamaan lounaasta käsin - Det börjar till hamnen av lunch medhänder. Hirvittää - Rusta med älgar. lman häntä - Luftens svans. Ilman muuta - Luftens annat. Joukko-oppi - Gruppen lärde sig. Kaimaani - Kanske mitt land. Kasvannainen - Jag växer kvinnan. Kesäpäivä Kangasalla - En sommardag tyget under. Kuka kukin on - Vem är med blommor. Kuuden maissa - I länder av sex. Lakkasi satamasta - Lackade från hamnen. Laskekaa lippu - Räkna biljetten. Lämmön turvin - Med värmens mular. Leivonnaisia - Jag bakar kvinnor. Minun on käytävä teltalla - Jag har korridoren på tältet. Minun tähteni hän kaatui - Min stjärna han föll. Näkyville - Visions-Vilhelm. Palaveri - Bitblod. Papukaija - Böna kanske och. Polviansa - Knäfälla. Posket pullollansa - Kinderna på sin flaska. Purukalusto - Sångspånmöblemang. Puolinainen - En halv kvinna. Päinvastoin - Med huvud och kvastar. Päissään - I sina huvud. Satakieli - Hundratunga. Suinpäin - Med munnar och huvud. Sympaattinen - Sym med båten. Takinlievettä - Rockens kanske vatten. Tietokone - Vetandemaskin. Tuhatkunta - Tusenkommun. Töin tuskin - Med arbeten och smärtor. Vaikuttaa - Fylla med öronvax. Varsinainen - Skaftkvinna. Varsinkin - Också med skaft. Vihdoinkin - Också med kvastar. Vihon viimeinen - Häftens sista. Viikkokaupalla - Veckan vid butiken. Voi kurkkuani - Smör min gurka. Voi äiti, joulukuusi palaa - Smör mamma, julsex kommer tillbaka. Voiton päivä - Dagen utan smör. Vuorokausi - turperiod. Älä tupakoi - ej stugumal.
  8. Schlabba might be fine if you enjoy listening to random noise. Full power night time music? Haha, most certainly not.
  9. Hahaaa... Yes, that seems like a logical explanation.
  10. This just has to be one of the most pathetic releases so far this year. Nevermind the commercialism, couldn't care less, but this is just blatant, uncompromised crap.
  11. Bah, I haven't heard Daily Delay. Only been released on Tantrance 5 it seems... probably not easy to find, that one.
  12. I like "Nonsense" better than "Ant Invasion". Just for the record. Planet B.E.N. kicks hiney, nevertheless.
  13. Uh oh, it just crossed to me that you were talking about the lingo. Well, the same still holds... To be quite frank, I don't know where you got this idea about us hating the Swedish language, sounds very absurd as an idea.
  14. why does every finn hate swedish? Come again? Who says we do? I personally don't know anyone who hates them. Despite the fact that they wup our arses in ice-hockey every friggin' year.
  15. Prosper - Synaesthesia Reefer Decree - Curved Air Visionary - Glass
  16. Progressive??! So acts like Parasense and Neuromotor produce progressive tunes now? That's just blatant bollocks, my friend.
  17. Well fook me if Midi Miliz, Spirallianz, The Delta & the likes qualify as minimal, and Clangour is purely psychedelic techno. Listen to "Neser D.N.A. - My name is bruise" and then listen to "Son Kite - Where's my drum". Similar? No bloody way. Ahh but who cares about the genres anyway.
  18. Nobody mentioned "Double Dragon - Continuum" yet? Won't get into naming TOP-5.
  19. Oh me, oh miney, it appears I woke up the scary beary. Just to make things clear, who are you referring to when you say "im not one of those fags? Tsk tsk, am I sensing the rancid scent of stereotyping here...?
  20. Consider yourself off the hook, then!
  21. I always enjoy watching the local news when these fucking vandals are getting convicted. It's great, skinny nerds in full Fubu-outfits, crying like little girls when they learn that all their income for the next 289 years will end up in someone other's, not their own (over-sized) pockets. Priceless.
  22. Top party-tunes for today, in no particular order. If they don't fit in your desription of "full-on", then tough luck mate. Psydrop - Fantasy Seeds Neser D.N.A. - My name is bruise Cybered - Freak Cybered - Master of puppets Steptime on Sienis - In the forest Morja - Plextrom Space Twats - Gehirnaktivität Neogen - Pochinite Radio PPS Project - Microwork Crime Association - Crime Association Human Blue - Non transparent shadows
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