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  1. Both EP's have good tracks, this kid is going places with this sound.
  2. Prove me wrong. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tcj6nMMwnYU
  3. Saw him open up for Ott, he blew me away. /birdofprey-thefirststep /bird-of-prey-stargazer /bird-of-prey-atrium
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dPoAq4bPZA one of my personal favorite old tracks
  5. What he meant to say was.. On Topic: Like previously stated discogs, ebay and isratrance/psynews great places to find old stuff at usually reasonable prices (depending on it's scarcity). Not that I condone file sharing, but that is always an option and you can check to see if that artist has a working internet site where you can currently donate to them directly, because any of those other avenues stated above, the money isn't going to go to the artist anyway so it's a moot point.
  6. Thanks for posting this here Erik, thanks for Mirroring it Bas.
  7. I don't either, I know what I said was pretty inflammatory but I guess Darkpsy doesn't really fit the psy I was referring to, may be deathpsy is a better classification.
  8. I think some people definitely "exercise the demons" so to speak when they are tripping if they have some serious emotional issue they were already working through at the time.
  9. It's human nature. What do we observe that we don't try and quantify.
  10. It's a two edged sword, it increases exposure for the release while it decreases traffic to your site for the release but in the long run could bring more traffic overall. It also screws up your download statistics.
  11. I pretty much agree with everything you said there. When I was referring to darkpsy I wasn't speaking so much of the more melancholy stuff, as the darkpsy that has violent death metal type overtones to them.
  12. I'm not trying to make any specific arguments against any individual artists or dissuade people from listening to whatever they want. I'm just simply pointing out where the schism has happened in the community, and generally why it's happened and my personal opinion about the subject, which after all, was what this thread was for, wasn't it?
  13. See the edit. Also I'd point out how psychically sensitive someone can be when they are in a state of altered consciousness so any type of negative connotation being conveyed through music or lyric can adversely affect the mindset.
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