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  1. Four magical, kickin' tracks on this compilation - that good that I bought that CD for "only" these tracks: 3. Fake-SYMPHONIX VS MAGICAL 4. Electric problem-ECHOTEK 6. Funny fresh-FUSI AND JOHNSON 9. Endless cycle -GAUDIUM Deep driving kickin' proggi-tracks - perfect to waggle yr booty whilst your mind's hopping through some paralleelworlds !
  2. Great morning-album!!! Morningsound needs kickin' bass too & Lish fulfil this PSYWEET If ya like Lish, try Drone-23 days as well... same style, same feeling, phantastic album too, some say even better than Lish. Heard a liveset from Lish these days on webradio - phan-f***ing-tastic!!! DarkMorningFluffyPower! *respect*!!!!!!
  3. Don't really know what to think about the other tracks, but "vanilla" rocked me away... Alone for that track my review is positive!!! GREAT track, that "vanilla", & I don't giva a ... if "Skazi-guitars" or not - the guitar rockzzz and makes yr blood boil. What else do ya need?
  4. One of the finest albums this year so far! Everyone's talking about Lish - I think Drone are even that great if not better in some tracks Anyway, a GREAT, phantastic morning-album; imagine dancing whilst sunrise, your feet tired but happy barefoot on still misty meadow, DJ -so tired too- feels happy and suddenly a incredible warm feeling in his/her heart by looking at all the happy faces dancing with closed eyes a smile on their lips to tracks of Drone. A fairytale? Nope. Just happened 2 weeks ago An incredibly beautiful moment! Surely nothing for nighttime, but everyone who loves dreamdancing into the morning will like Drone-album. Hope to hear more from them.... Where they from btw., anyone knows?
  5. DeCibelle

    Cosmic tone - wake up

    Exactly what I thought by hearing new Cosmic Tone! Every track reminded me with "deep in my soul". Well, I like Cosmic Tone, mix him a lot- he really has a great hand for songs, rhythm & wide melodies. But quite equal, too equal. I found myself a simple recepy with Cosmic Tone: don't listen to the whole album through (like you can easily do with Sil.Sound, Lish, Tegma......), just pick single traxx from it & enjoy. Cos THEN you enjoy Cosmic Tone's great tones - seen as single tracks every track is a little fine & very precious piece of music - and seen as TRACKS they are surely among the finest this year.
  6. If ya like to hear the original from the GREAT Triptych-celtych track: the femaile celtic voice is taken from: Loreena McKennitt - skellig ("sit here by my side - the night is gonna be long - there's something I must tell you - before I pass along...) ))))))))
  7. Dakota - rocky beach on the orance "goa"-compilation (yellow sunshine expl. rec., 2002), 2nd CD
  8. a track of a german band (might be "Sonnenvacuum") is named "rocker". it starts with a harley-noise & is a quite slow but driving track. write me an email, i'll look closer these days. music@magic.ms Greetz...
  9. try now: 1200 mics - mescaline (live on mount fuji rmx) ever betterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ))))))))))
  10. Silicon Sound (France) did 1 album so far (look at psyshop.com to play samples), GREAT record!!!! best sil.sound track: nexus 6
  11. Delta - as a child.... IS released. Am not at my PC at the moment, email me & I'll tell ya. music@magic.ms Greetz....
  12. I'm quite sure that you're looking for: Dancing Devil - mutation Swiss act, DD
  13. yup, silicon sound is one of the best!!! btw.: Protoculture recently remixed one of Sil.Sounds best tracks- look out for: Silicon Sound - nexus 6 (protoculture rmx)
  14. DeCibelle


    Chromosome - chill thrill trooper (Soul Surfer, who IS Chromosome, used the same violin-melody on one of his album <surfers paradise> tracks, although much slower)
  15. Hi :-) Can't speak for Mountain - but why don't you ask him yourself? *smile* His email is: pilztraum@web.de Greetz.... PS: The DJ is called 'Mountain', mix name is 'pilztraum'
  16. Cosma - some wish they were there there is a whole CD with psy-remixes from pink floyd (oforia & haldolium too...). try looking at psyshop.com to find out. if you still dont suceed, mail me, i'll check it for you :-)
  17. you still look for trommelmaschine? just email me, i have an ep with 5 unmixed versions.... greetz...
  18. Hya If ya like, you can download Mountain's "you are terminated"-mix from our homepage: www.goa-project.com On Goa-Project I put frequently changing mixes from Mountain (my boyfriend) & me, changing about every 8 weeks or so. I'll wait with exchanging mixes now until you got the "terminated"-mix, so mail me when you have it Tracklist we dont have, just mixing sponteanously sometimes, not caring which CDs.... and to recall later is quite difficult- just too much good music around to know all tracks by name *lol* Greetz, love & respect, DeCibelle / Lena
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