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  1. I wouldnt go as far as giving it a 10/10 but its a good album. They left the indian samples behind and changed their sound. They show some courage into exploring other styles also their own singing adds flavour here and there. My favorites : 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 9/10 .
  2. It is far out, and beyond I am listening to it right now, big spliff and a big smile here
  3. Couldnt agree more. They have finally done it. Much better then their last one, mature sound, innovate and complex. this one somebody posted: FLIGHT OF FANCY PHAZESHIFTING SOARS INTO PSYDELICSPACE very pleased to inform you that the new Entheogenic is out and it rocks! there was some chitchat on the net about a new sound for this duo of psyberwizards, but i think what has happened is that Helmut Glavar and Piers Oak-Rhind have forged a new musical relationship that is the result of the world travelling that they have done recently and a reassessment of their own work to date. i can confidently say that this album will silence all criticism that Entheogenic has fallen off from the top of the game. this album proves it. they are better than the recent Twisted releases. their shamanic authenticity is only matched at this point (to my mind) by the Waveform artist, Phuture Primitive. the previous release, Golden Cup, was experimental in some ways and also the result of their being away from each other for a pretty long time while separately visiting spiritually powerful locations world-wide. on top of this, the album before that, Dialogue Of The Speakers, consisted largely of remixes in which other artists expanded some Entheogenic ideas and Glavar and Oak-Rhind needed time to digest all the wonderful ideas that had spun out from their music on that album. the album *before that* was Spontaneous Illumination, which is a near-perfect electrodub disc. all these things combined resulted ultimately in Golden Cup being perceived as a less successful release (as so many transitional albums.) and after a while, my assessment was that Golden Cup primarily had the disadvantage of the artists being apart for so long. On this current album, Flight Of The Urubus, the amount of time and care spent on it shows brilliantly. Our heroic duosages have created a work that can be proudly placed next to DOTS and Spontanteous Illumination. The signature Entheogenic sound has never been crisper, funkier or more flamboyant. They've incorporated acoustic guitar plus some tasty electric guitar work of their own device. Astutely recognizing how FAR OUT !! the piano work they've incorporated WORKS REALLY WELL. the synthesis on this disc is inspired and passionate. there are moments when the stereo field gets so densely deep with psychoelectronic patterning and the overall mix is so gorgeously sensual that the resulting thrills that course through one's body are nearly erotic! it's almost like you have your own satchel of spice from the sandworms of Arrakis! All this technical stuff aside, the tunes are just plain FUN! most would get the most laggard amongst us out of the seat onto the dance floor. the vibe is strong emotional positivity. at the same time, as on other albums, each song is like its own Ayahuasca tryp, zinging us through fantastic realms of innerspace filled with scintillating swathes of multicolored light and wild jungles of floral complexity. this is the most FUN i've had listening to psyambient electrodub in a long time!! .
  4. Isratrance has some reviews posted. Got my copy yesterday, and it ROCKS!!! Far better then their last release, if I wouldnt be so lazy I would write a review
  5. Nothing much to add then, yes this is one of the best chill albums ever. .
  6. lots of delayed albums these year, specially in the ambient section
  7. Don't like Shpongle, so it is either Shulman or Entheogenic. Would say Entheogenic. .
  8. I think the only provocateur here is you traveller, as in so many other posts of yours. Just get over the fact that many people don't like the last Shpongle album. .
  9. Yes, remove Shpongle - Nothing Lasts keep Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination .
  10. North America only 22 That includes the US and Canada right?
  11. You can easily built your own with some of the IKEA modules
  12. Today most chill artists out there are better then Shpongle. .
  13. Only Shpongle is a Shpongle copy cat, nobody is as bad.
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