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  1. Title: Reconstruct Artist: Wizack Twizack Record label: Planet B.E.N Records [PBR074] Release date: 25/Feb/2011 Release Info: 2 hot Brand new dance-floor tracks by Wizack Twizack in this EP released by Planet B.E.N Records! Tracklist: 1. Wizack Twizack - Copacetic 2. Wizack Twizack - Reconstruct Listen samples and buy here: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/337034/reconstruct Demo Sample Of the Copacetic track here: http://soundcloud.com/wizack_twizack/wizack-twizack-copacetic-demo http://www.soundcloud.com/wizack_twizack
  2. Title: Art Of Creation [sP1CD056] Artist: Art Of Existence Record label: Spliff Music Records Release date: 25/Feb/2011 Release Info: 1. Art Of Creation 2. Welcome Home 3. Data Conflict 4. The Real World Art Of Creation are the new project of Wizack Twizack & Nevarakka, both from sweden. Presenting here their new Maxi EP. Top notch fullon psytrance full of groove, sharp beats, twisted melodies and fx wich WILL make your feets dance! Beatport Link: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/336791/Art%20Of%20Existence EP Sam
  3. Title: IV Artist: Wizack Twizack Label: Ovnimoon Records Tracks: 10 Format: CD Mastering: Wizack Twizack Artwork: Dr. Spook. Catalogue Number: OVN1CD011 Full Leight Tracks Previews: http://soundcloud.com/ovnicd011 Buy Here: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ovn/ovn1cd011.html It will ofcourse be out on all majour digital Shops as well! Wizack Twizack and Ovnimoon Records Presents 'IV'. Wizack's twisted new style features classic Goa sounds fused with his unique and heavy forest groove and reminds us that true harmony can only be found within chaos. His fourth
  4. Thanks for the review man! About the 3rd track AOEX, its my new project with my friend Nevarakka from sweden, if u liked that one, make sure u download this 4track ep that was released few days ago on Spliff Music. https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/336791/Art%20Of%20Existence And also Another new 2 tracks Wizack Twizack Ep by Planet B.E.N records here: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/337034/Reconstruct cheers! =) btw, those gif's where some demented scary shit dude
  5. Hello guys! We welcome everybody to checkout a new project called 'Art of Existence' (AOEX) of the swedish duo Tommy and Phillip (Wizack Twizack & Nevarakka) You can listen to our music here: http://www.aoex.net Follow Us on: twitter: http://twitter.com/artofexistence facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Art-Of-Existence/175237652498570 Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/aoex for contact and booking please use following adresses; Tommy@aoex.net Phillip@aoex.net & booking@aoex.net Happy 2011!
  6. Finnishing my 4th album ! =)

  7. That cover looks really cool!
  8. Guys, there is still copys availible of this cd. If u haveing trouble finding one just drop me a line and i could send u one =) And there is always beatport and such for the digital freaks. thanks for support!! New stuff in new directions new dimentions are coming very soon! cheers everybody!
  9. Thanks for the nice words man! glad u like the tracks! =) Its nice to know even tho some of the tracks are turning up to 2 years old already people are enjoying them btw, u should check out the have a nice flight track, its a killer one, from their debute album. cheers!
  10. i can only help u with my track on the compilation in wav =) i just have the rest in mp3 myself.. can download it here: cheers!
  11. Looking forward to read a review from you buddy! =) cheers!
  12. well, for now i think there is no LB album in the making. But Jonas are working with ibojima as "DuoTekk" and "Nord" with some upcoming releases on iboga, and not to forget the recently released LB track South Africa on TIP White. I hope they get togheter once again and do a full LB album this year, cuz i never get tired of them =) cheers!
  13. Super thanks for the nice words guys!!! Its great to read what people think of the album! anyone else got something? bad or good, doesn't matter cheers! T.
  14. out now =) http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ddc/ddc1cd018.html cheers!!
  15. Title: Pathogenesis Artist: v/a by Wizack Twizack Label: Digital Drugs Coalition Catalogue: DIGICD018 Format: 4-Panel Booklet Jewel CD Barcode: 881034378286 Release: March 2010 World Wide Pathogenesis presents a new take on full power dance music. 13 gifted producers combine forces and sub-mental pseudopods to form a living creature out of their very dreams and collective unconsciously repressed emotions. Emotions that must escape into the world of physical reality. This mental creation given life has a hunger and volition to express itself and find a place in the world
  16. thanks. All of the track in the album is made in 09, except the huxflux remix wich is made in summer 08, i've got some damn good feedbacks on the album so far i must say, really fun to hear! Cuz most of the people that know my music thinks im all dark fast forest =) So im kinda curies to hear what ppl will think of this, more groovy melodic stuff. and Drosophila in 6 years i really think i have All the best! bOm..
  17. hey! thanks for the really nice words glad ya liked it! i really tried to morph all the remixes into my style so the album would keep its flow, wich i think it does. Made them all from scratch. More tunes, remixes and collabs are on the way! cheers! and thanks again T.
  18. http://www.badboll.nu/usergallery/19/19977...6aaeeffe%7D.jpg ^^
  19. " lol, cause its more close to 8 then 7 but its not an 8, and not a 7 and its better then 7.5 but not better then 8, but more close to 8 then 7 " hehe thanks for the good review and nice comments bOm..
  20. Stoneage Records Gladly Presents The New Compilation Nordic Mythology (Compiled by: Wizack Twizack & Dj Jonas) STONECD0012 If twisted was a fruit, and funky was an alchohol. Nordic Mythology is a toxic shake-recipe from the stone age, leaving no room for mental bargains or restrains. DJ Jonas and Wizack Twizack are this time, together, sucking your brains out of long, spiral, plastic straws. You might be able to escape them, if u can snail faster than 149 bpm, or slower than 140 bpm. Either way, your life will never be the same again. Standby for further psychic imprints and sonic
  21. one of the best albums i heard in a while!! bOm..
  22. soon its out! will be a very nice release picked out by talos.. bOm..
  23. Those guys really know their thing!! genious stuff!! best of luck on this album!!! cant wait to hear it.. and the new style looks reaaaaaaaaally killer
  24. STONEAGE RECORDS PRESENTS - WIZACK TWIZACK- BEHIND THE TREES. After a very convincing summer of parties and liveacts Wizacks album is finally ready! Wizack Twizack is the wild sonic excursion of Tommy Axelsson, born in 1981 and residing in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. After finding himself scrambling his head to psytrance in the late 90s, Tommy found an output source to his creative mental madness through the tools of knobs and sequencers. Wizack Twizack is the expression of dark psytrance and works as a storytelling mirror, taking you onto trips in the darkest hour reflecting the w
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