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  1. ACHT is respect to those who share it with you. ACHT is your sense for beauty. ACHT is reproduction of itself. ACHT is eternity. Concentrate on inspiration. This is for the summer. For hanging around at the beach. For your bicycle trip to the next BBQ. For your breakfast on the balcony. For your way back home after the festival. Remarkable quality for remarkable situations. Download it for free at http://www.lastfm.de/music/Acht/1st
  2. - The Ambient Garden - Chaishop Music News presents "The Ambient Garden" - a new monthly journey through the world of chillout, ambient, lounge and downtempo. This show is being presented by DJ Mikadho (Chaishop.com / Cosmicleaf Records). After the show we got a chillout LIVE set of Side Liner (Cosmicleaf Records – Greece), Recorded Live at Reef @ 19 April 2008. The Ambient Garden: http://www.chaishop.com/realaudio/podcast/cmn106.mp3 Side Liner LIVE: http://www.chaishop.com/realaudio/podcast/cmn106set.mp3 Playlist of "The Ambient Garden": 1. Ovnimoon – 2 Guy
  3. Dancing in the jungle, laughing in the rain and getting electro shocks Sun Project, Raja Ram and Ticon talk about psytrance culture Adventurous journeys to remote places. Expeditions to urban jungle or awesome nature. Probably the most colorful and freaky people from all around the globe. A beloved weekend activity for thousands… Psytrance parties! But Psytrance is more then just a hobby. Its an attitude, its a lifestyle. Seen from some distance it might seem a little curious sometimes… Its that very special moment: When it starts to rain, but everybody keeps on dancing ev
  4. ** Midimal - In Search Of Water ** (FrakaSound Rec.) out now!! Listen to “Midimal - In Search Of Water” and get detailed informations at http://www.chaishop-media.com/release/fascd001/index.htm ___________________________________________________ FrakaSound Records is a new Swiss label specializing in releasing a wide range of electronic sounds and in managing promising artists. After releasing a first V.A compilation in June 2007, FrakaSound Records now proudly presents “In Search of Water”, the debut album of sound wizard Christian Merki, from Zurich Switzerland
  5. ** Klangstrahler Project- Pick Me Off The Dirt ** (Klangstrahler Records) out now!! Listen to “Klangstrahler Project- Pick Me Off The Dirt” and get detailed informations at http://www.chaishop-media.com/release/klar003cd/index.htm ____________________________________________________ Klangstrahler Project has been active since 1995 and now returns with their long awaited 3rd album. A warm feeling from heart in a universe with harmony and beauty. A creation without dark shadows or lower instinct. The waiting has payed off! Expect an unbelivable journey through
  6. Prahlad - Movements of Consciousness ( Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2007 ) complete release info: http://www.chaishop-media.com/release/yse158/index.htm Finally it has appeared: the first album by Prahlad Born in 1975 in Ecuador, then moving to the Netherlands and finally Germany, Prahlad has been addicted to music since his early youth, due his work as a drummer and keyboarder in several bands. Many years later, after a successful course to become an audio engineer at the School of Audio Engineering in Holland, he started his electronic project. After severa
  7. - JIComm / Chaishop needs support! - You are obsessed by electronic music and alternative culture. You speak fluent english and act on your own initiative. You think that enjoying work and developing your interests is more important than the size of your car. You are thrilled in working with contacts worldwide in a decentral team of individualists. You wanna take your share in developing a young and flexible company. If you see yourself here then read on! We are looking for: International Salesman (fulltime) - you love to sell - you speak fluent english - the psychedelic &am
  8. ** V/A – Analogue (One Foot Groove) ** out now!! Listen to “V/A – Analogue (One Foot Groove)” and get detailed informations at http://www.chaishop-media.com/release/1fg002/index.htm ____________________________________________________ Compiled by NoiseAnomalie, One Foot Groove presents Analogue, a collection of tracks featuring some of the top Artists from the South African scene and abroad. Featuring tracks by the Artifakt, Rabdom L, Hydraglyph, Atyss, Zion Linguist, Electric Mirror and NoiseAnomalie this compilation is sure to be a CD for your collection.
  9. ** Federico Baltimore - Beleza! ** out now!! - Harmonia Records - Listen to “Federico Baltimore - Beleza!” and get detailed informations at http://www.chaishop-media.com/release/hrcd007cd/index.htm ____________________________________________________ Harmonia Records is proud to present Federico Baltimore´s first chillout/lounge Album. He has been writing music for over a decade under names such as Trancewave, Deedrah, Synthetic and GBU with more of a dance appeal with great support. Federico Baltimore is known for his sensual and alternative beats stomping out
  10. ** Sirius Isness - Trance Fusion (Phantasm rec.) ** out now!! Listen to “Sirius Isness - Trance Fusion” and get detailed informations at http://www.chaishop-media.com/release/ptmcd160/index.htm ____________________________________________________ Phantasm Records presents the third album release from Sirius Isness. This duo is a full on morning psychedelic trance project of Davina and Max. Davina, 28 years old, was born in France but grew up in New Caledonia, an island between Australia and New Zeland. Max, 27 years old, was born in California, but spent half of his li
  11. ** V/A – Highlights (Proton Records) ** out now!! Listen to “V/A – Highlights” and get detailed informations at http://www.chaishop-media.com/release/protcd003/index.htm ____________________________________________________ Proton Records is returning with their new and fresh compilation made by Miracle a.k.a Dj Bishop and Matan Kadosh (Sesto Sento & Gataka). DJ Bishop is the head of Proton Records - a quite new Brazilian label climbing fast on the dance barometer and handing out good quality trance music. Highlights is the 2nd compilation from this label a
  12. -Chaishop Music News 043- presents OOOD in Interview! After the show we got OOOD in the Mix. This mix contains tracks from OOOD's back-catalog as well as from "Free Range". It a few many unreleased tracks, a couple released on hard-to-find compilations and several that are still works in progress, including the final track which was written in 1995 and is currently in the process of being remixed. Chaishop Music News presents you the latest releases in psychedelic, progressive and chillout trance weekly from Hamburg, Germany. This show is being presented by DJ Mikadho. It features
  13. Playlist: Magical Sex - I´m not dreaming (Y.S.E.) - Mikadho Ibojima - Track 7 (yse?) - Sam Illumination & Ultravoice - Imagination (Ultravoive vs Tactic Mind rmx) (com.pact) - Mikadho X-Control - Dragonfly (Free Spirit) - Sam Xerox vs. Passenger – Science is God (Ultravoice rmx) (Com.pact) - Mikadho Delirious – Microsonic (Perplex vs. Kido Rmx) (Spectrum) - Sam Gataka vs. Perplex – Gataplex (Phonokol) - Mikadho D-Tek – Axtek (Maia) - Sam Project FM – Kickwave (Free Spirit) - Mikadho Wizzy Noize – Africa Rmx (Harmonia) - Sam Illumination vs. Ziki – Who we are (Noga
  14. Chaishop Music News 042 Chaishop Music News presents you the latest releases in psychedelic, progressive and chillout trance weekly from Hamburg, Germany. This show is a special 1-Year Chaishop Music News Anniversary Show presented by DJ Mikadho and DJ Sam @ Chaishop.com. It features an interview with Ace Ventura (Iboga / Hommega Records). After the show we got a special full-on back to back dj set of DJ Mikadho and DJ Sam @ Chaishop.com, recorded right after the show at Chaishop studios, Hamburg. check it out @ http://www.chaishop.com/musicnews ______
  15. ** V/A - Strange Frequencies (Phantasm rec.) ** out now!! Listen to V/A - Strange Frequencies and get detailed informations at http://www.chaishop-media.com/release/ptmcd158/index.htm ____________________________________________________ Phantasm Records is proud to give you their latest release, fresh from the press: Here comes the mindmelting compilation “Strange Frequencies” from John Phantasm. On this cd he delivers music from both well known “old-school” artists such as: Oforia and Eskimo, to “new school” talents: X-Noize and Timelock. John Phantasm has been
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