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    Producing psy and crossover.<br />Also interested in science and technology; I am a full-time student in this field.
  1. Since I am not at home I can’t try anything, but maybe I could give you some tips from my bare head. I think that very high pitched dissonant trance strings already sound quite like a mosquito. Maybe you should indeed use a high-pass filter to accentuate the annoyance To make it fly by (This is not realistic! Mosquitoes fly AROUND your head all night, they never fly by!! ) use a Doppler plugin. Waves has a very good one which allows you to control some real sound physics, like the speed you want the little creature to fly by. And the chair.. I don’t really know how they sound, so I can’t help you there
  2. Yes at some point you just have to do it, on the other hand you can drastically extend that point with FX Teleport. With FX Teleport I can run VST's on another system, so what I do is run a bunch of VST's on my laptop and some on the computer where my sequencer is running. This way I simply divide the load. This is how I work now:
  3. Actually I use cubase, so I have no idea if this at all applies to FL. I have noticed that when I run my song in 24bits instead of 16 it makes it easier for my CPU to eat. Another good way to reduce CPU usage is to mixdown just parts of your song to audio. If you're, for example, sure you won't change your bassline anymore, just mix it down and use it as audio in your track. But don't forget that the music making process is just very intensive, even with up to date computers.
  4. Reason does not support VTSi's, Cubase does and you can use Reason inside Cubase...
  5. Well of course you can edit samples too. Personally I use both synth and samples, I think it doesn't matter as long as you don't sound like anybody else.
  6. Ze zijn behoorlijk aan de prijs: http://register.waves.com/WavesStore/StoreMain.aspx
  7. No, it really is on all your tracks. I'd suggest to put the bass really in front, compress it. You'll see there will be plenty of frequency band left for all the embient effects, which are in my opinion too dominant.
  8. Have you tried to mix this on monitors, cause I hardly even hear the bass. Maybe you could ask someone else to mix your track unprejudiced, cause the ambient is very nice.
  9. Voor het masteren is fl zeker niet ideaal, er zijn veel betere plugins die daar speciaal voor gemaakt zijn. De Waves bundles hebben wat dat betreft een goede naam, dus als je daar je hand op weet te leggen.. Tis dan wel geen Vlaams maar ik denk dat je er wel uitkomt:)
  10. Also, a bitcrusher can give you a nice sci-fi atmosphere
  11. Wow, a lot of samples too! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Get some vocal/acapella CDs. You could also search google, there is some free stuff out there. My experience with vocals, however, is that they are fairly difficult to use. Making a song on vocals is much easier than finding vocals to fit with your song. One last tip I can give is to use midi-gates, step filters, pitch benders and freezers to get some of the wicked Infected Mushroom effects. Oh, by the way, you could also just buy a mic and show us some of your own magic!
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