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  1. sounds pretty good! thanks. what exactly would classify this style as? Night Psy? its not really Full on Night... Kind of just Night Psytrance
  2. I have recently discovered the artist Concept, and I must say that it's probably the best psytrance I've ever heard. Very well produced and composed with lots of crazy sounds and rhythms. If you're unfamiliar with Concept, this is one of my favorite tracks - (especially at 3:00)So now I ask, do you guys know of any other psytrance artists that produce music similar to this? I have a fair amount of psytrance compilations, even ones with Concept's tracks on it, but none of the other tracks seem to quite match with feel and intensity. Seems kind of unique to me, though I am still relatively new to the genre. So, if anyone has suggestions on similar artists to check out, it would be much appreciated.
  3. It really depends on the week for me. some weeks it will be all psy, some all goa. I must say, i really do like the new school goa. Goasia is amazing. I like psytrance, and the energy it has. There is, however, a lot of really crap psy out there. I'm really digging the twilight psytrance stuff.
  4. Concept and Scorb are both very, very good producers. They have a side project together called Prism. They only have a couple tracks out right now, but I'm excited for an album. But, Concept has made some tracks that literally make me lose my mind.
  5. concept - sunflare http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP25MLfTEQc listen at about 2:51 in
  6. wow I almost forgot Infected Mushroom used to be extremely awesome
  7. This sounds a lot like the song i heard. Probably the right prism. thanks a lot! now i just have to search for that one particular song
  8. Alright, so I was at a psytrance party a while ago and I heard an exceptionally cool track. I went up to the DJ and looked at his computer (yes he was using traktor) and I couldn't read it so I got his attention and asked which artist this was (not like I interrupted him beat matching or anything). From what I heard, he said the artist was Prism. In fact, what I heard exactly was "Prizz-UMM". I should note that the one thing I was able to make out on his computer was that the track came off of some sort of goa compilation album, although the track was more psy. So what I am asking is if any of you have heard of a goa/psy artist that goes by the name Prism, or something that sounds like "Prizz UM". I've searched on the internet and I've found 1 artist under the name prism, and he produces normal trance, certainly nothing like what I heard. Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. I have a question. When did the rolling bass line originate? What are the earliest tracks with a rolling bass line?
  10. I honestly don't mind the rolling bass line that much. I enjoy it, but in moderation, and when properly executed. The Nommos has that rolling bass in most all their tracks, and they pull it off quite well. I find when the rolling bass line is higher pitched, I enjoy it less.
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