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  1. 'An Accident In Talpania' is so trippy... A psychedelic trance of high purity.
  2. Drop some acid, man, then you'd have a chance to know it by force of telepathy.
  3. Nope. I am a member of another project. There is a place where goan spirit moved to. With all its vibes, music, parties & freaks. But I won't tell where is this place, coz don't want it to repeat the history of Goa. Sorry.
  4. I have just noticed a rather funny thread here: The most expensive cd /vinyl you have bought I find this thread funny because I buy old-school releases myself. And when I see prices for old-school releases, I am always utterly amazed because of the steep prices. I see the prices people write there & I see the prices for example at Discogs. And there is a kind of disbalance, you know. So, my question would be: how much have you ever earned from selling a CD?
  5. Last year I've bought a package of old-school CDs at Ko Pha Ngan. There's a small musiсal shop near Thong Sala. Don't you know it, do you? Xenomorph – Obscure Spectre (CD, Single), Asia 2001 – Live, Moog - Euromotors, VA - Cosmic Conspiracy, Jaia - Insomnie & smth else, I don't remember now. All the CDs were NM or Mint. So, we agreed on a price $100 for the whole package. And this is the most expensive buying I ever had. Dunno how could you, guys, pay ~ $50-100 for one disk, eh?
  6. Digital Loop – Celestial Transistors (2009) - monotonous, robotic & electric music. I think it falls under the category of cyberрunk. I'd also like to recommend the 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' score though it's not trancey.
  7. Holy cats! I'm listening to track 'Vitamin E' and it's damn good. An avalanchine track! In awaiting of listening to the whole release. Сrack on, PortaMento!
  8. what a magnificent track! thx for sharing. would be nice to hear it in WAV/FLAC though. waiting for the new tracks. best wishes
  9. venohm

    Track to id

    BlackStarrFinale, how was it? are you gonna play this year?
  10. venohm

    Track to id

    Hooly shit. It's written under the video. Ok now, thanks for your attention.
  11. venohm

    Track to id

    Hi ppl, Is anyone able to help me with finding the track 37:30-38:50 from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnExbQTKKGM&feature=player_embedded
  12. the track 2:18-3:13 is similar to tracks from 'va - temple of one', i guess. perhaps it belongs to ianuaria, but i'm not sure of that...
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