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  1. Curious, what have you ended up with? For FTP shortcuts I use Gedit text editor which has an embedded file/FTP browser which is later available as a short cut across the system. Not sure if it supports sftp, haven't had a chance to check out yet. Before that I used FileZilla for sftp.

  2. 40 minutes ago, psytones said:

    Found it, heaven't pushed play yet. 

    Thanks a lot! Though it seem to be lacking of 'inter-sessions-ep-like-grace-free-downlaod' which might have a closer relation to psytrance.

    Here one set is in Hip-Hop style another - techno I would say, not really that dark.

  3. 1 hour ago, deepXcode said:

    It should be very similar to the creations of, say: Nova Fractal, Artifact 303, E-Mantra, Cybernetika (trance side). To name the modern producer examples.

    Like I said, it should be very much like the sound of those New School artists, but polished out up to my demands.

    For example, lets take Perplexed track by Nova Fractal. It sounds overall pretty pretty much to what I need, but.. why on Earth would it stop in the middle and shout out "CRAZY?!" ? Plus uses the very strange "fly" sound samples which can usually hear near the smelly garbage..

    Then, if look on E-Mantra's Approaching Nibiru. It has such an incredibly and originally sounding leads (or how you call them) creating a, say, nearly divine melody but which starts only near to the end and lasts for less than a minute. Its ok to wait for the masterpiece but why to cut it off suddenly and finish it all? Moreover, he lately made a remix on this track of his own, where he just took this most beautiful part it was all about completely off!

    About the same goes to Cybernetika's Molecular Probe. Here we also have a very nice melody but just for a few dozens of seconds closer to the end. I accept that this may be a part of the 'cynematic' sound style, but what if I want to enjoy that melody fully?

    If we're take Artifact303, well, I'd say it has too much 'cheese' alongside with something really good.

    And those are the basics, not mentioning like making the kicks sounding less louder, adding traditional and (or) organic instruments and some very much more original electronic sounds.

    The very recent Triquetra's Gate to Happiness, for instance, has a flute sound and really a lot of enjoyment be can be found. In some places the ambience and filling of the music sounds really incredible. But in other parts you have those 'break downs' and 'caramel acid' sounds which bring a lot of obstacle in trying to get as much of the happiness it could give..

    After all, it sounds to me that its not a matter of my taste but rather a demand for something objectively closer to perfectly good and rich sounding.

  4. Hello.

    Suddenly I realized, why not to try to offer someone a reward (money, gratitude, anything else?) for creating, say, a track that meets my expectations?

    I now think why its not a common practice when many people still pay for the music they want? Maybe many also need a surprise, a freshness?

    Anyways, is it possible that some serious producer (or even a beginner) will agree to make a track as per my expectations? Maybe you are a beginner and looking for a practice, or a mature producer already and in need of an inspiration or trying something new? 

    And what would would you charge?


    Basicly, its not something too different. It should be very similar to the creations of, say: Nova Fractal, Artifact 303, E-Mantra, Cybernetika (trance side). To name the modern producer examples.

    The main improvement ideas that I need:

    - put more pleasure and enjoyment by not breaking down/minimizing the most beautiful parts of the track; maybe, this will require to create a 15min long track or more, but generously sharing the moments of pleasure

    - perfectize the overall sound by avoiding using, say, any "evil", "caramel acid", "shaman/tribal", "fart" and other sounds which are often used to fill the gap; try to experiment with idea "less is more" but still having the very rich sound output; carefully choosing those "multilayered" sounds by using something sounding, say, angelic or heavenly and original

    - keep the feeling of flying through the whole track

    - do not put kicks and bassline, especially kicks, to the front; this may be the most "revolutionary" to the modern production standarts, but in many old Goa tracks it was like that, if I perceived it right

    - use the sounds of traditional organic instruments or songs (but not Indian!!)


    I will not require the use of all recommendations at once. Maybe, to begin with, try implementing some, which attract you the most.

    We can try by making a remix of an existing track of someone else or your own or creating a new one.

    Is it ever possible?

  5. Hello.


    I am looking for suggestions of beautiful ethnic influenced music.


    A very perfect example:




    One of the only thing I dont like about it is that its Indian. I believe 90% of goa/psytrance ethnic related music is Indian, so a very much appreciated would something from the other cultures.

    But if it would be as beautiful as this, I would LOVE to know about it!




    Another good example:




    Well, again, this cheap, cheesy Indian chants vocals, but the flute and the overall feeling is beautiful and quite unique.

    Here accent is not the chants, however, but on the violin (?), thats why I still appreciate it.

  6. Thanks for sharing!

    My hard disk have crashed and I've lost all the tracks.

    Especially was missing the 3: "The promised land", "Architect of the Universe" and "The origin". Glad they back! :)

    Also from the new (2015-2011) tracks can highlight those mainly marked with Goa. Also very good to have some of them for quite so long! And they have a very "modern" feeling into them.

    The overall thing is quite inspiring and supporting for following the own way.

    But.. you seem to have lacking the flash animation to the site..


    PS. For long enough of time I haven't checked your site. Now before visiting, I thought to myself that it either should be dead or... (some big changes) It was exactly the second thing :)

  7. You said in one of your posts that youve lived in China for 1 months and learned language, are you trying to say that youve learned Chinese in one month, now that IS impossible :P

    And yeah, change your font h@xx0r, its not 1337 :)


    I lived in China for about 1,5 years in total. It was a totally different thing from all I knew before.

    As for the font.. Probably, I'd better post somewhere else then.


    Back in about 1998 I have originated for myself a computer religion: that our world is generated using something similar to that we know as a computer.

    It was a religion because there is no way to logically/scientifically fully prove/deny it. But for me it was enough to fully believe in it and live in accordance to it.

    Later it transformed into a Game religion or a Player religion.

    With more time, I became a strong Theist and my religion related search has completely ended. Though I fully remained a follower of my own (unfortunately) Game religion.


    PS. To tell deeper, I am now (and seems forever) strongest both Mono- and Poli-Theist and the same time. I do learn and follow the important things related so the so called "Pagan Traditional religion" which is somewhat unique for each nation and the so called "Christian" religion.
    I do remain totally scientific and bind to my Computer/Game worldview. For example, where in Bible it says something like "You have to be born from above to access the Divine Kingdom", to me it means that you have to realize yourself as a player who entered a somewhat virtual world to play a mission in it. Similar to when you launch a game (or a social network for example) on a computer but don't forget you are actually sitting in front of the screen.

  9. -Russian

    I have discovered, that all languages are divided into groups and really very similar between each other within a group.

    Also the groups themselves could also be grouped into the higher groups, making it even more easier to understand all languages in the world.


    PS. I have started learning the "old Slavic language" coming from the times when Cyrillic alphabet was about to be invented. It says that all Slavic nations were talking the same language before. After finishing learning this book, I believe I would be much much more familiar with all the variations of modern Slavic languages.


    PS2. I've also discovered that it's extremely much more efficient to learn a language when you have a life-supporting need to speak it! This is how I've learnt all the languages other than my native one.


    It's painted not by me (this time I believe), but by a folk artist. The style is known as "Petrykivka painting". I've paid $6 for the work.

    These are acrylic paints covered by varnish made for glass surfaces covering..

  11. Well it works very very problematic: it is not recognized in "rich editor", not shown in "Preview Post", sometimes other text formatting enclosed gets totally missed and most of all, when you edit / preview a post it is always gone from the editor!


    And as Rotwang said few posts above, it seems to be

    ...one of the many, many bugs that exist in newer versions of the board's software.

  12. Usually I stay aside from participating in the topics like this..

    But today, somehow I've started to read this topic right when opened and starting using this.

    I can't hold myself much of sharing the magical art.







    One day I've promised to myself that I would get high not less than on "acid" without any special "things"!

    Many years have passed and I am progressing well! And miracles do happen so often now.

    And now I am going to make a big step towards making my own music which is supposed to be full of real light.

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